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It's been some days since my last post, and I probably should come up with something else than a haul again, but I've had this one in my drafts too long. So today, it's time to talk a little bit about makeup:

TAM beauty haul

Earlier this autumn, I did a little haul of TAM Beauty products. I had hesitated buying all this, but learning they are cruelty free after some research, I decided I had to give them a go. So today, I'm showing you my haul and some swatches, and reviewing the ones I've actually tried properly out so far.

sfx & brushes

Firstly, I got some little SFX stuff (fake blood and latex) and a couple of brushes. I was optimistically thinking I would use the SFX products for this year's Halloween looks, but that ended up not happening. Luckily they can be used next year though. 

The brushes, however, have been in almost daily use. The eyebrow brush works very well with the NYX brow pomade I use, and the blending brush is the best one I've got so far. Although, to be fair, I don't own any real high end brushes so far so I can't compare to those.

TAM beauty blushes

I also got a couple of blushes and a highlighter. I haven't tried the blushes yet because I've been loving my NYX one so much, but the highlighter is a daily item. It looks like not so wearable color here (because let's face it, it is purple), but it actually looks really nice on my face. Not that obviously lilac at all. I have had this same highlighter in golden tone before and I love that dearly as well. The only thing is that this might apply too flakey for some tastes, and I believe there are highlighters that build up more easily and look a bit more smooth. But for my use, and for the price, I think this works well.

blush swatches

Here are the swatches, the one on the left is for the Makeup Revolution (can't remember the shade as I'm typing this, but will try to remember to update it here later!) blush, the middle one is for the I Want Candy Blush (shade Sugar and Spice) and the right one is for the highlighter.

ghost stories kitghost stories palette

The Ghost Stories palette is another one I bought thinking I would use it for Halloween. Obviously this will also wait until next year's looks, but it's a great contour palette with ghostly shades to create so creepy looks. I try to remember to do an actual review once I truly get to use it. The shades on the middle are powders and the rest are creams. I believe you use the powders to help set the creamy colors, but can't be too sure before trying out.

ghost stories kit swatches

And here are the swatches. The two horizontal swatches are the powders and the other ones are the creams. I think they look decently pigmented here, but I am curious to try these next year once I start doing Halloween stuff.

Unicorns are real & romantic smoked palettes
Apologies for the not so clear shot here, but this was literally the best one out of the ones I took of these. I hope you can still somewhat see the colors, but don't worry, I will probably feature these in coming posts because I've been using both this autumn. The one above is called Romantic Smoked, and it has been my go-to eyeshadow palette the whole autumn so far. The one below is called Unicorns Are Real, and I used it for my Mermaid Halloween look as well as for playing with my eye look couple of other times. Those are not really everyday colors for me, but rather accent colors and something to use for more creative looks.

romantic smoked swatches
Here are swatches for Romantic Smoked, and as you can see it is full of neutral shades. Half of them are shimmery, half are matte. So it is quite versatile palette and like the name implies, it can be used for smoky eye looks of all sorts. I've been using this almost daily, and I feel like for the price, this is awesome. It's quite pigmented, the shadows - especially matte shades - build up so nicely, but they also blend neatly when using a proper blending brush. This one I would warmly recommend for everyday use.

Unicorns are real swatches
Then the swatches for Unicorns are real. These shades are all shimmery, and not quite as pigmented as matte shades would be. But I think you could create all sorts of fun looks with these. I may try to do something holiday inspired next month with this palette if I have the time, because I feel there are some nice colors for Christmas makeup looks.

welcome to pleasuredome palette
Next one is a palette I must admit I kinda bought because of the packaging. Also the shade names are quite fun. This is another one with so many neutral shades, but I feel like this has fun accent colors that make it more interesting. I haven't tested this one out apart from swatching it, so I can't fully review it just yet.

welcome to pleasuredome swatches
But what I can tell from the swatching, the shades are nice and quite pigmented. The palette has nice variety of shimmery shades and mattes, and I believe you can make awesome looks with it. I will let you know more of my thoughts once I play with it more.

Rock n roll queen palette
Lastly there's another palette I've only used a little bit. It's called Rock & Roll Queen and purely the name is enough to get this. But I did love the shades, because I feel like this can be used for some cool edgy looks that are totally appropriate for a rock queen. I've only used the green shades on my eyes - for my Poison Ivy Halloween look - and they worked very nicely. But once again I need to give you more thorough thoughts after using the palette more.

Rock n roll queen swatches
Again the swatches are decently pigmented, and the shades have nice variety in finishes as well as colours. I feel you could get super creative with this, and depending on how much you build up or blend the shades, you can make both everyday and dramatic looks. I'm excited to play more with this later.

Have you ever bought anything from TAM Beauty? And what do you think about the products? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all I have for you today, but I will be back as soon as I can with another post. I actually just got a new camera yesterday, so I'm pretty inspired to take more pictures now. I just need to update the software and do other preparation to it tonight, but then I get to use it. I will talk more about it as well once I get the hang of it and can actually say something constructive about it. I will see you all in my next post!
Have a fabulous week lovelies ♥

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