Pink Nails x2 ♥

Hi lovelies

How are you all today? ♥

I had a great day, I once again started it with a jog, and in the afternoon I had a date with my friend L. It was so good to get to gossip about things and just get a laugh with a girlfriend, I totally needed it. Thanks L, you rock! ♥

Anyway, today's post is just a quite short one with nail art pictures - as I'll have a longer one coming up tomorrow or the day after. As usual, I have two looks for you here, hope you like them!

 photo DSC00620Large.jpg

First one is a bright pink mani with gold glitter. Again I was doing a leopard print, since I just love it so much.

 photo DSC00624Large.jpg

The polishes I used were China Glaze Escaping Reality (two coats over a white polish), China Glaze I'm Not Lion (two coats over a random gold polish) and Essie Licorice.

 photo DSC00629Large.jpg

I was pretty happy with these nails, they have all the great elements ;) My cuticles aren't at their prettiest here, so sorry about that!

 photo DSC00630Large.jpg

And for once, the two manicures have something in common. They're both pink!

 photo DSC00635Large.jpg

...this one just isn't quite as bright. So here's a little half moon mani I made with white (Essie Blanc) and soft pink (Sally Hansen Sweetie Pie).

 photo DSC00639Large.jpg

Again, sorry about the cuticles, they were in horrible shape back then, but I've gotten them better since.

 photo DSC00641Large.jpg

I should've done these with the help of stickers, but I tried to practice my free hand painting - you can never do that too much! Also, my top coat was running low, so you can see pretty ugly stripes here and there :P Lesson there: when you have a fast dry top coat, make sure there's enough of it before using or it'll end up looking nasty!

But, your turn: What do you think about the manicures here? And, what are you wearing in your nails today? ♥

This girl is off to bed now, but I'll get back as soon as I can!

Have a fantastic day ♥¨

Blog ya later,




  1. Very very nice! :-) Love your nail-art soooo much, I cant tell! :-D

    1. Thank you sweetie! Glad to hear you like it! :) <3

  2. Both are fantastic , but the second one is my favourite! Love the colours :)
    Well done Johanna :*

    1. Thank you Anastasia! That's such a nice thing to say :) <3

  3. The half moon ones are gorgeous. You've got such a steady hand to do that. I wish I could that.

    1. Thanks babe, it takes practice but anyone can learn ;) <3


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