Small Nail Polish Haul ♥

Hello everyone!

Again I'm blogging at an insane hour. Like seriously, I'm kinda supposed to get up in 5 hours to go run some laboratory tests on me - nothing serious though, I promise - but I'm guessing I'm mentally rescheduling that to Friday morning. I will try to get up tomorrow but I think Friday will be better for my body.

But more about that if and when that's relevant. Today, I've been chilling home, playing a bit Sims 3 and making little things like homemade granola and such. This weekend, one of our best friends will be spending time with us which will be totally amazing. Anyway, today I just wanted to show you these cute nail polishes I picked up a while ago - like I've told in Instagram already.

 photo DSC08481Large.jpg

From left to right: IsaDora Holographic Nails Disco Ball, IsaDora Holographic Nails Glowing Beetle, Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Top Coat Urban Vibe and Essie Belugaria. I was going to buy an eyebrow product but ended up with these instead. The IsaDora ones were half off so I had to get them, even though I didn't really need them. You know how it is.

 photo DSC08483Large.jpg

Closer look of Disco Ball, which is a very pretty holographic glitter polish that is silvery blue with different size glitters. Absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth the half off price.

 photo DSC08487Large.jpg

Next up, Glowing Beetle. This one is Disco Ball's greener sister that isn't so, so different, actually you can't tell much difference even in real life. But it is kind of more green than the previous one.

 photo DSC08489Large.jpg

Urban Vibe, like mentioned before, is a top coat with black and orange in it. It has glitters of different shapes and sizes, so it will surely make a great finish on many spring and summer manicures. They have so amazing polishes in the same collection, and I hope I can pick up some later on before they're sold out.

 photo DSC08490Large.jpg

Lastly, Belugaria. A polish I've been obsessing over so, so much since Essie launched it. It kind of resembles caviar with glitter in it, but then again it is a completely unique thing. Love this so badly.

 photo DSC08491Large.jpg

Swatches of Disco Ball (bottom) and Glowing Beetle (top). Can you tell the difference?

 photo DSC08494Large.jpg

And then, Belugaria and Urban Vibe. Very nice ones, and the pictures really don't do justice to any of these polishes. But once I get a proper lens for closeups...

So, that's all today, I hope this post wasn't completely lame and all - I promise there'll be more interesting ones up later this week!

Let me know what you think about these polishes in the comments below!

Now, I'm going to get some sleep as I will wake up early no matter what. See you soon though!

Have a fabulous day ♥


  1. All of them are interesting but Urban Vibe won my heart! I am curious what kind of combos will you make with them!

    1. Well I hope I can post something to satisfy your curiosity soon! ;) ♥

  2. wow love all the range!!! sparkly!!!!
    Btw do check out my new post
    stay in touch'

    1. Thank you, I will check it out as soon as I can!! ♥

  3. These are such pretty colours. I love the glitter.

    1. As you can see, I love it too. Maybe a bit too much though. ♥


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