Studded White & Stripes With Roses

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I've been enjoying the start of autumn and the little things in life so much lately, and I really hope you have too. Like mentioned, the autumn really makes me feel alive like never before - which I actually talked about with my cousin yesterday and she felt the same - and I hope that will translate also to my blog and social media content.

Today, we're digging the archives a bit and checking out these nail designs I've failed to post earlier. But now is as good time as ever to post them. I think.

Gold stud nails

So the first design today is this simple white one. Some of you may remember seeing this long time ago on my Instagram, but whether you do or not, here are some pics of them. Hope you like them.

white mani

This really is such a simple design with just white base and some gold studs on it. Also, I added a diamond decal to make the design look a bit more special.

white studded nailsdiamond nail decals

The white polish I used here is Snow Me White by Sinful Colors. The studs are from Born Pretty Store and the decals from ShopKeeki.

Shopkeeki decalsspring nails

The second design today is this striped one with roses all over them. I remember how few years ago it seemed everyone was loving this print. I think I haven't seen it so much lately, but as they are quite a classic combo, I feel there's always room for them.

floral nails
The roses here were freehanded, but as I can't draw a straight line neatly to save my life, I used tape to get them nice and somewhat even.

striped nailsrose nails
The more I look at these right now, the more I feel like painting something inspired by them. Maybe soon, once I'm through trying out the Rebel Collection polishes by China Glaze.

rose mani 
The polishes I used for this design were Snow Me White and Black On Black by Sinful Colors, and Treble Maker, Glow With The Flow and Float On by China Glaze. I also used a thin nail art brush and a dotting tool for the roses.

stripes and roses nails
What do you think about the designs? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed this post and that I could maybe inspire you at least a little bit. If you want to see more from me, follow me on social media, where I try my best to entertain you all daily. Or you know, at least posting daily. I also have a separate account for the nails in case you're only here for that. (It's @silvertigonails, if you haven't stumbled on that yet.) I will be back soon with another post, but don't forget to follow at least one of my social media accounts so that you will get notified when a new post goes up.

Have a fantastic day ♥

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