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How are you today? ♥

I'm having an extremely busy day once again, which is why I had written this one beforehand for you to read. I can't believe that in couple of days we will be already living in our new apartment! To make everything easier, I'm cutting classes this week so I can use the time for packing. And no, I don't recommend cutting classes for you, my younger readers, and I assure you, I'll be keeping up with the study material after the move when I will have the time for that. ;)

This week is also different because I will be having nude/bare nails for the whole week (from Monday to Sunday) to let my nails breathe - but that is why I have these nail posts in store for you. Even if I don't have the time to create anything for posts for one week, that still doesn't stop me from blogging. And that's a security I love.

Now, today's post, as the title suggest, is about nail art I've done with Ciaté products. Some of you might remember the calendar I had for this Christmas (if you want, you can see it here!), and might remember it was full of nail art stuff. I was very, very curious to try Ciaté, as I had only heard about the polishes. They are so pricey to get in Finland that I haven't been able to get them. Until I got the calendar.

 (And speaking about nail polishes and prices, I might just have the perfect thing for you all later on. I'll be testing an online store that sells one of my favorite brands on great prices - and I'll be sharing the whole experience with you next month or so. Stay tuned!)


First up is this girly little mani I did with baby pink Ciaté polish, topping it with some Konad stamping, and creating a nice sparkly accent nail with two silver polishes.


I've somehow taken my nail art down a little bit - not as many colors and details in one mani, and more classic elements. I don't know if it's affected by the simple and classic Spring fashion, but does that really matter? :D


I wish the stamp would've been more visible - later I discovered it's more efficient to use other than Konad polishes.


The other mani today was even more simple than the first one. I used this gorgeous black polish with gold glitter in it, and topped off the accent nail with a golden crackling polish from MUA.



This was one of those rare occasions I tried to take a daylight shot for a comparison to the ones taken with flash. I don't know if this really gives anything more to you, but I decided to add it in anyways.


So, two simple manicures, both based on amazing Ciaté polishes.

But, what do you think about these two manicures? ♥

I try to write another post or two this week, but no promises as I'm extremely busy - like you already know. If nothing else, I'll be back on Monday.

I hope everyone is having a fun week! 

Blog ya later,




  1. I love both! very pretty :-)

    Check out my latest post on new perfumes!

  2. I love both nails and the black one more!

  3. That pink colour is so girly and pretty. Possibly one of my favourite shades. I love the stamp design on it.

  4. The pink patterns are beautiful !

  5. so pretty! i love that nail art is such a big trend right now.

    PS-visit my blog to enter my Jack Rogers giveaway!

  6. Tuo musta lakka on mun mieleen, näyttää tosi hyvältä :)

  7. The black+gold polish mix is my favorite

  8. That dark and gold is perfection. Seriously. I might have to steal you and hide you in my room to do my nails for me.

    1. Haha, I would do your nails any given day :D It would be fun! ♥


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