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I'm pretty much over the moon since (even though I try to stay the heck away from heavy subjects) we finally took a big step in Finland towards completely legalizing same sex marriage. As I'm all about loving whoever you please - as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, this is pretty big for me. But you know, it's all over media so I will not go too much into that. I'm just pro human rights, not taking any other side considering the subject.

But in today's post, I wish to show you these two new nail designs. I really loved them both and I hope you will too!

DSC03194 (Large)

First up, some leopard print, stripes and studs. I liked this unusual color combo which I wouldn't have even thought if it wasn't for the studs here. The whole manicure was built around those, and I think I did quite a nice job with them.

DSC03208 (Large)DSC03214 (Large)

After the brown nails, I had no idea what to do for the rest three. Finally I did decide on doing stripes, but now that I look at these I think it would've been fun to do some saran wrap. Maybe next time though!

DSC03202 (Large)

Shades used here were China Glaze At Vase Value, China Glaze Desert Sun, Essie Licorice and Ciaté Heirloom. As you may know, I don't usually use browns on my nails, so this is that way very different than most of my creations. The studs used are from Born Pretty Store.

DSC03201 (Large)

Then, something little more party-like. 

DSC03247 (Large)

This one is a mani with lots of sparkle and all. As it is holiday season, I figured the right thing to do is to create a design that might inspire at least some of you to do silvery nails for parties. I loved this mani a lot, and even though many might say they're over the top, I personally don't think so.

DSC03269 (Large)DSC03252 (Large)

The shades I used here were China Glaze Elephant Walk, China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara and IsaDora Disco Ball. I think I was kinda inspired to do this because I actually watched Frozen for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I know, I'm so late on that train. The rhinestones I used are from Born Pretty Store.

DSC03259 (Large)

I absolutely loved the ring finger nails, somehow that all glam felt so nice for once. And, the rhinestones stayed on pretty well, even though I was afraid they would fall off right on the next day. Luckily that wasn't the case. The matte finish felt like the right one for this, just to make it a bit different. This would look gorgeous with a shiny top coat as well, but the matte one was more me.

DSC03248 (Large)

So these are my things for you today. I hope you enjoyed this post at least a little bit. ;)

What are your thoughts about these nails? Let me know in the comments below!

Tomorrow, it's time for a little Pori road trip again. I'm so excited for that as it actually means we are outside during daylight and can finally take a round of outfit pics. Yay! I can't even decide what to wear, there are so many looks I'd like to photograph but I can only wear one. First world problems, right? But anyway, I'll talk to you tomorrow, or on Sunday, depending on how long our trip takes. But follow me on social media platforms for more material, if that's what you like.

Have an amazing weekend ♥

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