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Hey lovelies! How has your week started? I surprised myself yesterday by not being on a computer at all, but then got up a bit earlier today to write this little intro here and schedule this one to a humane hour of the day. (And didn't publlish it before 7 when I was writing this.) Today I wanted to share another Nail Stash post. The point of these posts is to give you a chance to see some the different colors there are out there, and to scare myself out of buying new ones. (Which so far isn't so successful, oops.)

But let's get started with it:

DSC08989 (Large)
 From left to right, all by China Glaze:

Razzle Me, Dazzle Me is a part of Glitz, Bitz 'n Pieces collection, and although it's supposed to be light pink and black, the pink is so pale I totally sort this to greys. And yes, I will be a bit irrational with my sorting since I try to sort the glitter ones under the colors as well. 

Glitz N Pieces is a sister to the first one, and instead of pink, it has silver. What I didn't mention in the first one is that these polishes have different sizes of hex glitter and some bar glitter in them. It's a cool combo for glitter sandwiches and for topping solid colors as well.

Lorelei's Tiara a beautiful silver glitter polish with some light blue glitters in it. This one would be perfect for some winter/Frozen inspired manis. There's so much fine glitter that you can actually make it opaque with couple of coats. Which I love in a glitter polish.

Some Like It Haute is dark grey glitter mix with some holo silver glitters in it. Like the previous one, this also makes an opaque finish alone - although this as well needs the couple coats to not show the nail through.

DSC08991 (Large)
Fairy Dust. My true love. This one is perfect for topping your manis and make them extra cute. I love this top coat with fine silver glitters so, so much.

I'd Melt For You is a cute silver chrome polish. I gotta say that the chrome finish is not my favorite, but nevertheless I like this one a lot. I think the shade of siver is so pretty in this that the finish isn't a problem for me.

Gossip Over Gimlets is an interesting one. Some say this finish is called foil, but I don't know. It's pretty and metallic so I'm game with it. It has some gold flakes here and there, and they are maybe more obvious in the bottle than they are once you get it on your nails. This one is absolutely one of my go-to silvers.

Elephant Walk is a medium grey (not light, not dark) polish with some little shimmer in it. This really is a shade that reminds me of an elephant, and it also looks nice on. Even if the storing (in dark, not too cool place) has made it look a bit weird. I promise you it's much cuter in real life.

DSC08994 (Large)
Then to other brands:

O.P.I. Shine For Me is a nice glitter polish with silver and blue glitters. This is still not very similar to Lorelei's Tiara, because the glitters and the colors are very different from one another.

Make Up Store Greta is a holographic silver polish that requires a special base coat to work the best. This is absolutely gorgeous on the nails and I swear that if I had the budget, I would probably get all their holos.

Essie Set In Stones is a famous silver glitter (I feel) that has different sizes of hex glitters in it. This is something I feel everyone and their mother used a couple of years ago when it was a new one. It also has beautiful sisters in different colors, some of which I will show in future posts. This is so good for the glitter gradients that I've yet to find a replacer.

Rimmel Disco Ball is a top coat with holo silver, blue and even some purple in it. This one has different small glitters in it, and it's good for topping dark shades and even galaxy manis. A great option for those unable to get Fairy Dust, although this certainly isn't a dupe.

DSC08996 (Large) 
Konad sliver glitter topper tries hard to be like Fairy Dust, but isn't has fun. Much of this is because the consistency is so thick (also, mine is quite old already) unlike in FD. Does the job okay, definitely protects the stamping once it tries, but I would choose FD over this.

Konad silver stamping polish is exactly that. a silver stamping polish. Not much to say about that except that it's good for stamping. 

Kiss nail art pen in silver is again exactly that. It's generous amount of fine silver glitter in a clear polish. I use this one to add effect on hand painted stuff, and it can be used for painting anything. As simple as that.

DSC09000 (Large) 
IsaDora Holographic Nails Disco Ball was a discount find I have used embarrisingly little. It is a silver and blue/aqua glitter in holographic shades, of course, and it shines very beautifully in real life. I believe you could layer this enough to make it opaque, but I would use it more like a topper. I think I need to challenge myself right here, right now to actually find the perfect mani for this polish.

IsaDora Silver Sparkles is a silver foil, I guess. It's quite similar to Gossip Over Gimlets but without the gold in it. This is pure silver. It used to be my go-to silver before China Glaze took over my heart and my soul.

Ciaté Vintage  is a greenish grey that kind of goes to same family with Elephant Walk, but it's bit more green and it doesn't have shimmer in it. Not really my favorite, but it's quite a pretty shade still.

Depend grey is a cute light grey polish without shimmers or other fancy things. It's an easy-to-wear shade that looks great with most skintones. Great basic grey.

That's all for my grey nail polishes. It's quite fun to do these posts because it makes me to go over my collection and I can really see how freaking many there are, but also what shades I already own so that I can minimize repeat shades (between brands). Fun fact: I actually usually know which ones I own by just seeing the name (especially with China Glaze, Essie and O.P.I.) because so many brands make them quite funny. 

What is your favorite grey nail polish? Let me know in the comments!

I will see you all tomorrow in another post, but till then, you can follow me on social media because I love updating especially my Instagram many times every day. Also, if you have any requests for posts, let me know down below so I can add them to next month/January. I'm always looking for new ideas so request away!
Have a fabulous day ♥

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