Thursday, February 9, 2012

Black and White, Simple. Right?

Hey lovelies,

How is your week going? ♥

I for one am very excited, I spoke with my mom today and we agreed on a date when she and dad are going to come visit us. (I gave them a "bed & breakfast" ticket for Christmas, which is for my place :D If you think it's stupid, think again. My parents have absolutely anything they need, and mom says every year I shouldn't buy gifts. So, for once, I was a good girl and didn't shop. Apparently, it was the best gift in years. Go figure.)

As you can understand, I'm always super excited to see my parents, because we are really close - plus, I'm the only child, remember?

Since the phone call, I've been constantly thinking of restaurants and places I'd like to visit with them - though I can only pick a handful due the time limit. I'm kinda obsessed with giving them a wonderful mini vacation here, and luckily we've got the place redecorated already. I'm sure my parents are going to love this.

But enough about my family - well, for this post, at least - and let's focus on fashion. (or, well, style.) I want to share with you my outfit of the day. (and apologize for the not-so-fresh look, I was home today and the pictures were taken after my work shift... Not a photogenic combo, but... Oh, well.)

Outfit of the day







Jeans: Stocker
Top: GinaTricot
Bow belt: SpiritStore
Bangle: Only

I kept the concept pretty simple today, and the black and white theme comes straight from my manicure:

Manicure of the day




I don't usually really use leopard print, but I think it makes one darn great manicure. And now, looking at this post, I promise to bring in more colour next time ;D But anyway, I was once again using my Konad set, as it is such an easy way to make a pro-looking mani without much trouble at all. The bases were Mavala (white one) and IsaDora (black one). Oh, and does this count as a half-and-half manicure?

And if it doesn't, just wait for the next post ;)

So, coming up this week: On Friday, I'll post an outfit and a little food post (plus the nails), and on Sunday, I try to cover the parties we'll go to this weekend (plus the weekend playlist). In the meantime, I'll be checking out your amazing blogs ♥ My favourite pastime. ;)

But y'all have an amazing day/week!

Blog ya later!




  1. love the big bow top

    nice nail art

  2. Absolutely love that bangle and your manicure!

    Thanks for your comment, and I hope you stop by my blog again!

    Step into Estherina's World

  3. Unique nail style you've got going on here Johanna! And adorable bow belt! And I see you with the 'half-and-half' manicure hahaha ;)


  4. Johanna, I'm an only child too. Spend time with your parents. I lost my father in 2007 and only have my mom. That is why we're so close. Your black and white outfit is really cute.

  5. Johanna, you look so cute! I love the bow belt and your amazing mani! It's so cute that you love being with your parents. I have 3 other siblings, so you know, time was pretty much divided among the 4 of us. You're making me miss my parents!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. I love those nails! I'm going to do my nails today too! :D

  7. I am in envy of your perfect manicure!! Looks awesome and I love your outfit, especially the bow, looks so cute! x

  8. That was such a thoughtful present for your parents!! Such a god idea.
    Love the outfit and your nails. The black and white leopard print looks amazing on your nails.

  9. Me encanta la combinacion de colores
    Un besito!

  10. ho sweetie,
    oh dear you are just so sweet! i love spending time with my parents too! yeah they are amazing.
    dear, i always love your nail art. do you do it by your self? i cant do nail art as good as you do. i always mess up the color on my nails. if you do your nail art by yourself, you are amazing. i think you need make a tutorial video for your nail art. really. your readers need it, dear.
    dear, i love your top, it is so cute with a big ribbon on it! and as i said on your previous post, i looove your bangle!xoxo

  11. Beautiful nails!!!! I love your Bangle!!

  12. Love the bow!! And your nails are fabulous! xx

  13. I think that is a great gift for your parents. And I am sure they absolutely loved it and will greatly enjoy it when they visit you. Love your outfit. Your nails are adorable.

  14. i LOVE THAT BOW BELT,and those fab nails, You are sooooooooooo gorgeous, my dear Johanna

  15. these are too cute! those nails are amazing x


  16. hey, j! you look amazing in your b/w wardrobe! great nails... and love that bow belt. you have a beautiful figure. :)

    have a nice wknd!

  17. Great...I love those nails!!

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  18. ROAR!!! Look at those gorgeous nails in black and white? I love it!!! You did an amazing job and what a cute outfit in classic white and black!

  19. wow!! amazing nails :) love them


  20. You are looking STUNNING!! Totally loving the nails!!!

    ♡ from ©

  21. I love black and white, simple and chic! :) Cute nail art ^^

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  22. fun bow!

  23. Ihana rusetti!


  24. This is so cute and i LOVE your nails

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