Outfit of the Day (actually, of Friday, but anyways.)

Hello everyone, time for some, well, maybe not fashion exactly, but style. This is what I wore on Friday, when I was chilling out at home, enjoying my day off/beginning of the weekend.

And yeah, sorry if I look funny in the pictures now or anytime, my face seems to get a stroke anytime someone takes out a camera. Trying to learn to pose naturally, be patient and look the clothes, not the face :D

It's a simple long jumpsuit from H&M, costed next to nothing but it's heavenly comfortable on. Couldn't get a better picture since the mirror is in a kinda dark corner, but luckily in the future my boyfriend promised to lend a hand with the shooting. (And yeah, I'm planning to get a better camera, too.) Anyway, back to business... Usually I wear this without much accessories, but now I felt that for the sake of the photos, I'll dress it up a bit. The glasses aren't fake, that's what I have to wear to be able to see anything. Or contacts. Not much makeup, if at all, so nothing to say about that. Let's look at some details:

The bow necklace. (Seppälä) I love all kinds of bows very much, I think they are girly, classic, timeless and an effortless way to spice up outfits. Many times you can make your outfit look more feminine by adding a bow or two. This particular one I have in two colours, light, peachy colour (in pic) and light silvery grey. Totally cute to my eyes.

 Metallic bracelet. (Gina Tricot) This is something my boyfriend bought me from sale since he saw me looking at it for long. :) It's very cute, but as I have very thin wrists, I had to bend this one to fit. Luckily that was an easy task. Though it's made out of some sort of metal, it's very light and easy to wear, even though it's kinda massive. To me, this is a nice touch of elegance.

The wide belt. My favourite belt, it has  three press studs in the front, and these round and square rivets (or studs, what's the correct term in English? Someone please fill me in...) in the back. 

And another shot of the belt. I think it's cool, what's your opinion?

No pictures of shoes, since I don't wear ones at home (that's how we do it in Finland, world) and I was bare-feet when shooting these. But as the shoelover I am, there'll be lots of photos of shoes along the way ;)

But this time, nothing to add to this subject. I'll post another piece right away, but since it has different subject, I won't put it together with this one. ;)

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