I love my nails.

Hey beauties,

I finally got the time to sit down and write something... The business plan writing in the school is killing me! But not to worry, I still haven't forgotten you all (and Kiz, that includes the eyeliner tutorial, I'll write it on Saturday, babe ;)). I have planned some future posts, and I'm confident you'll like them. :)

But, to get down to business, here's what I wore today:




Bow shirt: Only, Brown top: H&M, Skirt: H&M, Tights: Only, Boots: Andiamo.

I kept it kinda simple today (especially for hair and make-up) since I was busy with other things when dressing up this morning. Then I actually looked in the mirror in the middle of the day, and realized this was actually very cool outfit. :)

So, when I got home (for 20 minutes before running to work) I took these pictures for you. not the greatest quality, again, but you'll get the idea of the outfit.

Those boots are actually a huge favourite of mine.They've got broken many times, and every time I'm willing to pay to get them fixed. (My shoemaker, or well, I should say cobbler, is a genious!) I always have the same guy fix my shoes, since I can trust that he makes them like new again. These boots got broken about 18 months ago. I took them to the cobbler, and the guy promised they'd be ready in a week.

And how ready indeed they were. Oh my, they are actually better now than they were when I bought them. :D So, always find an amazing cobbler/shoemaker in your hometown, the guy might turn out to be a lifesaver for your fave shoes.

Also worth mentioning today, I think, is...

Manicure of the day:


Base: Kicks - shade Electric Blues (nr. 030)


On top: Make Up Store - shade Asun Sparkling (nr. 002)


In my opinion, they make a cool combination. The photos don't really do the manicure enough justice, but the small sparkles you might see are really pink and sparkly in the normal light, and the whole thing kind of reminds me of the space or a starry sky. I love it, but what do you think? :)

And, for those who might wonder: My nails are real. Meaning that they just grow like that, I don't have fake nails or anything like that. They just happen to grow into beautiful shape, and I'm more than grateful for that. ;)

A little short post again, but I think it'll be better tomorrow, Friday, when I have the time to actually post properly ;) And on Saturday, it's time for a little (funny even) tutorial :)

Until next time,




  1. The bow top looks amazing, and I love those shoes. Great outfit!

  2. A gorgeus shade of blue on the nails! Can't wait till Saturday!


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