Bright and colourful.

Hey lovelies!

So, finally, I got the time to go through pictures and could make an outfit post.

Hurray! :D

Oh, how are you all doing? ♥

I've been actually a bit feverish today, but that didn't stop me from writing a pile of postcrossing cards, though it will probably stop me from going to school tomorrow. Oh, well. I can always do my independent studies work, so it's all good.

At the moment, I'm wathcing Gossip Girl, trying to get the temperature right on my body so that I could actually sleep - we'll see how that goes :D

Okay, enough of the whining.

You wanna see what I crafted during weekend?


You can see the full story here!

And then the thing that made me most happy during the weekend:


A flower bouquet from my fiancé, which I placed on the livingroom so that I can admire it all times ;) I just snapped a quick photo, so it looks a lot darker than it really is... But you get the idea!

But then, to the main point, the outfit. It's a bit of a 2-in-1 again, and I hope you like the colourful simplicity of it:

Outfit of the day


It must be admitted, that on school days, I really couldn't give a damn how I look. Hence, in many of my school looks, you'll see little to no make-up at all, simple combinations and lots of comfy.

This outfit isn't an exception.



So, what you see above is the day-time look, but when we, business students of Tampere university of applied sciences, go for drinks at night, it looks like this:


Spot the difference?


That's right, we switch our pants to these übersexy overalls, whose colour is termined by our major. (Mine is business, if you didn't know that already.) 

And, well, technically we just usually throw these overalls on top of our outfit, but we never - yes, never - wear them like one piece. Never. We just casually wrap the top part around the waist.


And which kinda doesn't show here, the overalls are supposed to always be worn in a way that the school logo and, most importantly, the name of our major shows. After all, we are more than proud to belong to the school community. And why wouldn't we, as I can say I have really met amazing people there already, and I only know like 30 out of our year.


Nothing to add there. Just, I loved the colours!

Jeans: Cubus
Shirt: GinaTricot
Shoes: Puma
Socks: H&M
Earrings: H&M
Blue necklace: second hand
Black necklace:  GinaTricot

Do you like to make a simple outfit more special by adding plenty of bright colours?

I know I do. ;)

But hey, I must go now, time to get some rest for tomorrow! ( though I swear I can feel the fever rising by just thinking about it.)

Blog ya later!



EDIT: P.S. If you want to know random facts about me, check out my previous post ;) And don't forget the face mask giveaway, which is still open for a week or so. ;)


  1. Beautiful and simple outfit,
    and in some weird way i was watching Gossip girl half an hour ago now am catching up on 90210
    Get your temp right and drink a hot cup of camomile they say it works but i haven't try it yet.

  2. you look so cute and comfy

  3. Hahaha well don't you look HOT in those purple overalls. Haha I love the gold coating of the LOV.. (where's E, I wonder haha just kidding)

    but that's so sweet of your fiance!


  4. you have such a cute blog! stop by sometime x


  5. Those are some awesomely bright overalls Johanna! Love the hello kitty socks :D

  6. ur photos r amazing i lvoe ur style!! keep it going!!
    come follow us :)

    in Love and Happiness

  7. I just stumbled across your blog! Cute :)


  8. Hope you feel better. Love the bright colors - they really spice up a simple outfit. A pop of color can totally save the day!

  9. I do adore those colors together. Haha, those overalls are just fabulous. I like your jeans as well, I love colored denim, there's so many fun colors!

  10. The DIY project is amazing!! Never thought about it!! Its really really useful and designed!!

    Bisous Christina xxx

  11. Great Blog. Love your posts. I use a Sony camera, too.
    Follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin?

  12. Wow, you had quite the productive weekend and I love the flower boquet. The bright colorblocking is gorgeous. Great post! AND I really like how you outfit switch, hehe


  13. love it!!!

  14. Lovely outfit, you look really nice. Orange is one of my favourite colours.

  15. i love the colors! :) and i'm obsessed with gossip girl

  16. Love the outfit. I'm such a huge fan of bright colours. Lovely bouquet of flowers...lucky you ey. Hope you feel better soon xx

  17. Hope you feel better soon! At least you have gorgeous flowers to look at.
    Love the outfit. The colours are perfect together, and you Hello Kitty socks are so adorable.
    And the overalls definitely look really cool!

  18. great outfot dear!!love that top!!=)
    so nice!!
    kisses pretty!!

  19. cute outfit and ohh Gossip Girl.. such a guilty pleasure of mine!!

  20. I love the color blocking outfit! Really beautiful!

  21. Really cute jeans, like also your cute Hello Kitty socks :)
    Beautiful header !

    Lovely greetz from germany.


  22. Feverish, Johanna? oh noes! hope you feel much better soon! I do like the color blocking going on here! Orange and blue are good together. and I love your hair pulled up like that! I actually didn't know you were a business major! NICE overalls! ;)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  23. Love seeing your crafts! You look great in the photos dear! xx

  24. Hi dear! I love Gossip Girl, and your outfits! I hope you feel better soon. Your blog is lovely, if you want to take a look at mine it’s at, if you’d like we should follow each other! :)

    xo Gillie

  25. Love the bright colors and love that bouquet! So beautiful and romantic!

    xx Ivana

    This is the last week to enter my "Perfect nail polish" event on Facebook! Check it out here

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  26. Hey - we have the same blue jeans! Mines was from H&M though. I love it. I like how your wore it with another colorful top ;) I think I am addicted to color jeans now!

  27. wowww lovely color of the tshirt
    Love if you follow me back
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  28. Such an adorable look dear! You look a bit like Avril Lavigne!

    Have a lovely weekend! xx


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