Blazer Love. ♥

Hey beautiful people!

How are you doing today? ♥

I hope everything is fine with you, and that your week is great so far.

Mine is, though I have an exam on Friday - not happy about that - and fortunately after that a week long break - which I shall spend studying, blah. :D

So... Anyone else having problems with Bloglovin'? Because I signed in as usual to see what my favourite bloggers had written, and what to I get? "You have 581 unread posts"


I never, hear that, never have that many unread ones. Not even when I can't post for 4 days. So that was strange. I thought it was just my account freaking out until Sherin told me others were having issues too. I really hope it gets fixed soon, as I'm an addict.

Just kidding.


Anyways, as much I would like to go on and on about everything, I just get to the outfit. (Because I need sleep so badly!)

Outfit of the day





Jeans: VILA
Top: GinaTricot
Blazer: H&M
Necklaces: H&M
Earrings: H&M

As you can see, I'm still rocking the blazer. I tried pairing it with bright top and black jeans - and of course long necklace. To me, this totally worked. What do you think? 

I'm really waiting for the Spring already, lots of dresses, shorts and skirts in my closet are begging to be worn but due the storming snow out there, I really don't see a dress as an ideal piece. :D But maybe when it calms a bit, I could pair shorts with tights or something...

Are you already rocking Spring looks? (Let me know, so I can get inspired by all you talented people out there ;))

But now, I'm going to hit the bed once again so that I'll be up early tomorrow for school stuff and more...

Blog ya later!



ps: I'm trying to be more active with the Facebook page, so check it out every now and then to keep up with the stuff that don't make it to the posts ;) Also, I really love tweeting with you all, and have always my phone with me - so feel free to contact through Twitter any time you feel like it :) ♥


  1. i love the color of this top

  2. The blazer looks so good. It's such a classic piece. And love how you added some colour to your look.

  3. Loving the sleeves on your blazer and the color of that top. This is a lovely and chic look.

  4. LOVE the bright top! I am starting to shop for the spring already with pastel dresses and mint tops. Can't want to wear them ;)

  5. Blazer looks fab on you Johanna! Oh no. You have an exam on my birthday? SUCKS :(


  6. I love the energy on your blog -- it is so positive and fun!

    The Queen of Hearts

  7. Hehe mulla on taas varmaan sama jakku kuin sulla mutta beigenä.. :)


  8. Hi dear! I love this, the pop of color is fabulous!! xx

  9. Hey Johanna! I love that coral top and necklace you're wearing. Girl get some rest! Everything seems to be acting up lately: blogger, bloglovin. LOL

  10. love the color of your top, it goes really great with the all black outfit. good luck on your exam!

  11. Adorable outfit! I have been searching for a good blazer every where - you've just given me an excuse to pop into H&M!


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