Monday Spirits

Hey beautiful people,

How are you? ♥

I'm happy to tell you that our car is working again (this is for those who remember me complaining about it before) so, I got to work easily, I'm not exhausted, AND I can stick to my personal schedule.

Pure awesomeness.

So, what are your plans for this week? Are you busy, will you have fun with friends, attend amazing events or cook tasty food? Please tell me, I'm interested to know.

I'll be working a lot, but hopefully I'll have some me-time in between. (Thank God my school schedule isn't killing me!) Also, on the weekend I'll get the chance to rock a party look, as we're attending my fiancé's friend's party (Christening of his child). *Excited to wear a party dress for once*

Now, some of you may have noticed a little poll on the right-hand side of this blog. It's there because I'd like to know what you think: I'm changing my blog's layout soon-ish, and I thought I'd ask what you like. Because I usually just see the Dashboard pages, so... I'm keeping the style somewhat original, but I want to know what you think would be the winning colour combo for the layout.

I appreciate if you take the time to vote.

And when it comes to voting, I'm proud to tell you (as some of you might know from Twitter) that the candidate I rooted for as the next president of Finland did indeed win the elections. I'm kinda thrilled about it, though I must say, I would've ended well either way.

Can you tell that I'm a little more talkative today than usually?

If so, you are absolutely right, I'm so full of thoughts and energy - yes mom, you were more than right about the vitamin D - that I feel I could write a whole novel. (It's completely another point whether it would be any good :D) So, because of that, I wanna share some things that have made me happy today:

Heart-shaped donuts ♥



I usually avoid stuff like this on the week, but as today is our sort-of-anniversary (we've been together with my fiancé for exactly 2,5 years today), I thought we could splurge a little. And the Valentines Day box from Arnold's seemed like the perfect way.

Flowers ♥


I bought some flowers today just to make our living room look more spring-inspired, plus, they were awfully cute. I'm not even a tiny bit a florist, but I think I did an okay job on arranging the flowers. ;)

Crafting ♥



I've been working on some DIY projects lately, and I can't wait to get them done so I can show them (possibly with directions) to you! Above some sneak peeks of my projects.

Bookshelf Kittys ♥


Some of you might remember that I got a Hello Kitty advent calendar last Christmas. I thought it'd be a shame to put the little plastic HK figures on the bottom of a storage box, so I put them on top on my favourite books in the bookshelf. Not very mature, maybe, but seriously, I don't care. ;)

What has made you especially happy today? ♥

One thing I also got done, finally, was to photograph this outfit I wore already in last month, but never got around to take pictures of it. So, today, I asked my ill fiancé if he could possibly take a few for me. Seriously, that man is pure gold ♥ He was Happy to photograph me, even with a sickness that gave him (at least) two days off from work. I mean, I give the guy a flu, he feels horrible, doesn't sleep enough at night, and then his happy to take photos for my blog? 

I don't know if I've pointed this out enough, but he truly is my Superman.

So, to the outfit:

Outfit of the day







Jeans: Bershka
Tunic: GinaTricot
Necklace: Christmas present from a dear friend ♥
Bracelet: Seppälä
Headband: Accessorize

The best part about this look must be the girly accessories. Pearls, lace, shine... To me, that pretty much equals perfection ;) And I know you've seen the tunic before, but it's comfy and warm, and that's exactly what you need in the middle of Finnish winter. Along with vitamins, that is.

What are your thoughts about this look?

Oh, and the desk and things you're seeing are my little crafting/sewing/blogging corner. After bed and kitchen, this must be my favourite part of our apartment ;)

Now, I wish you a great week, and I'm hoping I'll have the time to post again on Wednesday. That mostly depends on my school work load, which shouldn't be too hectic, but you never know... But anyway, I'm going to get an evening snack, tidy up the kitchen and head to bed.

Have an awesome week, lovelies! ♥




  1. lovely flowers and yummy treats. love your bracelet

  2. Is that an inspiration board behind you? Maybe not. But either way I love it! lol

    1. It's a board of memories, more likely :D Movie tickets, concert tickets, photos... Kind of a scrapbook with only one page.

  3. Great post!!!
    Love the flowers and treats... oh mine!!!
    Your headband is so cute and amazing!!!

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Loving the accessories in this post!
    xx, M

  5. So nice! I liked (:
    @ vanespp
    kisses V.

  6. Oooo a site overhaul! I can't wait to see what you'll do with this blog! And it sounds like you've got quite a busy week ahead but it's all your own agenda so that's awesome!

  7. I am glad you are so energetic today! I love all of your accessories - they really make the outfit. I want one of those donuts so bad - they look delish!

  8. Cute donuts!

  9. I love your jeans, and accs!
    This is an inspiring post<3

    Following you.
    Visit and follow my blog if you feel interested:)

  10. hey lovely :)
    great post and a nice blog you have!
    would you maybe like to follow each other?
    melina from melina-lajolie

  11. I loved your pics! And your outfit too! xoxo

  12. so nice photos and accessories! check out my blog and if you like it we can follow each other xoxo

  13. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog =)
    following back <3
    keep in touch =)

  14. Hey Johanna! I love this look. Rockin outfit and your headband is absolutely adorable. I love headbands. I think those heart shaped donuts are the cutest...YUM! And I love fresh flowers :) You did a great job arranging them. Glad you got your car fixed. Was praying on that! Going to vote now. Constant change is always good. ((HUG))

  15. Everything sounds like so much fun! Those heart shaped doughnuts look delicious and I love how you put the Hello Kitties on your favourite books.
    Also love the outfit. The top look so perfect for the cold.

  16. Johanna, happy "sort-of-anniversary" to you and your lovey! Those donuts are super adorable. They look so cute with the heart shapes! And I can't wait to see you wear the crafted goodies you've just made. I also love your girly lacy necklace and headband!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  17. Glad your car is working!!!

    Love the chillaxxxing outfit!


  18. Great outfit!! I really like it!

  19. mmmmmm those doughnuts look uhhhhmazing. so u just had an anniversary?? Happy Anniversary! cute outfit too, I especially love the pretty flower in your hair.

    The House of Shoes

  20. Such a cute post. Those donuts look so delicious! And I love your outfit. The ripped jeans and headband combo are fabulous! :)

    I would love for you to stop by and check out my latest trend report. Xo

  21. I love everything about this outfit. Especially how the jeans toughen up the sweet look.


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