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Note: This is a sponsored post, but all the statements are my own. If you rather read about my style or my life, check out the previous post or come back tomorrow. ♥ Thank you!

So the other day, I was contacted by the lovely people from Anjolee, and they asked if I would do a collaboration with them. I have seen their pieces in different posts around the blogosphere, so I gladly took the chance to know more about them.

Anjolee offers classy, timeless jewelry, that, in my opinion, could be worn i any occasion. You can play around with the designs on their site, and choose your favourite from the cute options available. You're able to choose metal type, carat weight of the metal, diamond quality, and the size of the piece, so it's definitely customer-friendly. My wallet couldn't exactly afford their pieces at the moment, but I will definitely check on them once I get a hold of a full-time job. ;) That's not to say their prices would be super high - because their materials are the real deal - but I'm not exactly rich at the moment, hehe.

Anyway, there are few pieces I could show here, and also tell a little bit about them. As I said, I think the pieces are classy, and even though I'm a GinaTricot/Mango girl (meaning, everything I own doesn't cost about anything...) I really admire Anjolee pieces. There's just something about the classic diamond jewelry that even I can't resist. ;)

Firstly, Anjolee offers a nice selection of earrings. They have gorgeous Diamond studs, and also beautiful hoop earrings, Diamond drops and so on.  Here's a few favourites from their earring collection:

 Diamond Centered Square Studs

Classic, but edgy. You know I like that, right? And look at those diamonds, they're gorgeous! I really like the design, because these don't look like your typical pair of diamond studs. Instead, they have this glamorous edge to them.

Circled Gemstone Diamond Stud Earrings

 I love how you can choose the color of the stone in the center from six different options. There's gorgeous stones like topaz and amethyst, which I think look amazing with the yellow gold. I could see these ones with any bright Summer look, as the gold really fits in to any Summer style.

 Wavy Journey Round Link Diamond Earrings

Totally in love with these, the wavy shape and the whole design of this piece is lovely. I keep imagining these with a classy cocktail dress, and super high heels, that would make a lovely little evening look. I mean, if you are one to go to parties and stuff a lot. I'm not, but I like the idea anyway. :)

Another thing Anjolee offers is a beautiful selection of Engagement Rings. There are so many different designs to choose from, and here are my personal favourites:                  

This must be the most beautiful diamond ring I've seen in a while. I would happily except that ring from my beloved man - as a wedding ring, maybe? ;) This ring really has a princess feeling to it, doesn't it? I love it.

Another very stylish piece, and I chose it in gold here, because it looks quite stunning. I've only recently found a real affection to gold jewelry and accessories, and quite frankly, I don't even know why I haven't liked the metal before. Just look at this ring, if you can say no to gold, looking at this, then you just really don't like gold.

Splendid Romance Two Row Diamond Engagement Ring

This one is a little different than the two above, but I thought it would be more interesting to you all if I chose three rings that really looked different. This one is a bit more delicate than the other two, and would maybe be a better option if you have very slim fingers, like I do. (Honestly, when I was choosing my engagement ring I nearly had to choose something from childrens section, because all the real rings are too big for me... True story.)

Even though the two categories mentioned above are gorgeous as they are, there's something that I loved just a bit more. Can anyone guess what that would be?

Yes, bracelets. I'm totally obsessed with bracelets, and from Anjolee website, you can find sweet Tennis Bracelets. There were so many pretty ones I had to choose four, instead of three, to show you here. I'm just that obsessed with bracelets. Any bracelets. :D

Classic Princess Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

I don't know if it's because of the Nomination trend that has been going on - at least here in Finland, it has been a trend - or what, but this little cutie caught my attention immediately. It has a lovely edgy shape, but it's still very, very classy, so it's a perfect piece in my opinion.

Diamond Solitaire Ring Illusion Tennis Bracelet

This one looks a lot like a chain, but it's not. There's just a lot of rings. And I think it's so cool. :) I could see this piece easily with many, many outfits, from casual demin short ensembles to cocktail dresses. I will definitely check this one out again once I have some extra cash. 

Z Link Diamond Tennis Bracelet

You know how I love things that have something different about them? Well, this Z Link Bracelet sure has that something. I love the idea of using Z shapes and filling the gaps with diamonds. It's just so gorgeous.
Timeless Dreams Tennis Bracelet

This was just so classic I couldn't leave it out. The simple design that centers just around the shiny diamonds is a safe way to make a bracelet like this. You just can't go wrong with it. And like the name says, this one truly is timeless.

Are you already familiar with Anjolee products? If you are, do you have favourites among the lovely pieces they have? Share your thoughts with me. 

I know some of you might find sponsored posts annoying, and I truly understand. But I just want to make it clear that I wouldn't praise a company/product I didn't really believe in. Anjolee is a brand I was already interested in, so that's why I chose to do this post. And I honestly recommend you to see out their products yourself, if you love diamond jewelry.

And who wouldn't love? I mean, aren't diamonds the girl's best friend? ;)

As promised, tomorrow I'll have a normal post up, and I hope I have the energy to post something to other sections than this as well... We'll see. I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it's very different than what I usually do but hey, I try nearly anything once. ;)

I hope you'll all have a fantastic start to your weekend!

Blog ya later,




  1. Beautiful!!!!!
    Love the bracelets!!

    1. I really love them too, they're just gorgeous :)

  2. Wauw.
    Visit and if you want to.. Follow me!

  3. Replies
    1. Jep, paljon timantteja ;) Näistä oli kyllä ilo kirjoittaa kun sai seikkailla Anjoleen sivuilla katselemassa kauniita koruja :)

  4. Diamonds really are a girls best friend. Looks like they've got some great pieces. I love all those tennis bracelets.

    1. I love them as well. And yes, they really have lovely pieces, I was very happy to collaborate with them :)

  5. A lovely GEMSTONE DIAMOND is so beautiful and cool that nobody could be forgot it.

  6. I can't believe these are handmade! these are awesome. i really like them. In diamond jewelry i always prefer Cartier Diamond Jewelry they are also handmade.


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