How to wear high waisted shorts (sponsored post)

Hi lovelies, today's post contains hints on how to style your pair of high waisted shorts. I liked the styling ideas presented here, so I thought I'd share it with you. As mentioned, this post is sponsored, and I agree with the points presented here. The winners of the Birthday Giveaway will be announced after I've had a good night's sleep, and I'll be back with normal posting after a day or two...

How to wear high waisted shorts

Summer is already underway, and this time round, high waisted shorts have found themselves at the forefront of street style. But there’s more to a pair of shorts than just letting your legs see a little sun. They’re super versatile, and by teaming them with a few basic items, you can create a multitude of wonderful looks.

Try them with plimsolls

If you’re feeling a little ‘on show’ in your shorts, you can always dress them down with a pair of ballet shoes and a shirt dress for that trendy boho-chic look.

Try them with wedges

If you’re looking for something a little slicker, you could try them with some wedges and a vest top. Let your hair down for this one too. Going full Valley Girl by teaming high waisted shorts with a pair of high, chunky wedges is sure to turn a few heads.  This look is simple, sexy and ultra-glamorous – a perfect way to dress for a night out, without feeling overdone. Shoes with a high heel often make your legs appear longer too, so go for it.

Try them with flip-flops

For that ultimate, unfailing summer look, wear your shorts with a pair of flip-flops. As with all types of shorts, it’s often up to the footwear to dictate the style and the setting you’re going for. As long as the sun’s out, flip-flops and shorts will always look great – whether you’re shopping in town, basking on the beach or jumping about at a music festival.

Remember, you don’t have to go bare!

Yes, they’re shorts and they are designed to show off your legs. But if you don’t want to go bare, you don’t have to. If you feel a little exposed with your legs out, try teaming your shorts with a pair of black tights. If you’re worried about your figure, tights will also help to pull everything in a little. And as ever, you can always build yourself up to bare legs by gradually decreasing the denier of your tights.

Tuck them over

There’s a whole host of other clothes you can wear high waisted shorts with. Just remember the golden rule – keep it simple. Classic colours work best and never risk going out of fashion. Show off your new shorts, as well as your figure, by tucking them over a flowing white silk shirt, a vest top or even a bathing suit. 

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  1. Nice tips, I like them with wedges :)

  2. thanks for the ideas! I love the high waisted look-it's so vintage!

    The House of Shoes

  3. Great post dear and very nice tips!!!

  4. Great tips! I've never tried high waisted trousers before, so will use these tips.

    1. High waist shorts would look amazing on you :)

  5. Great post!

    Thank you so much, thats super sweet of you!

    Stop by soon!

    /L from sweden

  6. Awesome advice! They look great if styled correctly.


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