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Today's post is a tiny bit different than usually. I was tagged by the lovely Yolanda to tell a little something about my makeup preferences and such. So, here we go!

Blush or Bronzer?

Tricky, because I usually use a bit of both. But if I only could choose one, it'd have to be blush. Just because I have such a fair skin tone.

Lipgloss or Lipstick?

I prefer lipstick, because most of the glosses are so sticky and they don't have as amazing shades than the lipsticks. 

Chapstick or Lip Butter?

I have to say chapstick, because at the moment it's more convenient for my hectic lifestyle. (and for my long nails...)

Matte or Sparkle Eye Shadow?

They're both necessary for different things. I would say "a shimmery one", but if these two are the options, I will say sparkle. I love anything sparkly.

Gel, Liquid, Cream or Pencil Eyeliner?

Liquid. Definitely. I love my winged liner.

Foundation or Concealer?

Both. At least, on Winter. On Summer, concealer is enough. But the concealer is more vital of the two.

Liquid or Powder Foundation?

Liquid. I love BB Cream from L'Oreal. It's perfect for me.

Neutral or Statement Eyes?

Statement, of course. With statement eyes, you don't need much else, ever.

Pressed or Loose Shadows?

Pressed are much easier to use (no mess, no fuss), so yeah, pressed. But of course the loose ones - especially eye dusts are cool for party and runway looks. (or should I say statement looks?)

Waterproof or Non Waterproof?

Unless it's your wedding, or some other random occasion where your face might get super wet, I think non waterproof works just fine. It's so much easier to wash off.

Brushes, Sponges or Fingers?

Fingers for foundation, brushes for all the rest. Sponges are for nail art and special effects. (In my opinion.)

Powder, Cream or Liquid Highlighter?

Cream. That's the #1 option for me, at least.

I tag: 
All my readers who like doing tags like this (leave me a link so I can see your answers!) and the ones on the list below. And honeys, this is just for fun, if you don't feel this is your thing, then just don't do it.

1. Juli Ann from Glamsprimadonna
2. Noora from Curiouser & Curiouser
3. Kertu from Not For Sale
4. Adeola from She Got Her Own
5. Sherin from HiFashion 

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more this weekend! ;) Also, don't forget to check out the previous post4, which is all about nails (once again!).

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  1. I love knowing what other people use for make up! I've recently gotten really into make up, so am loving seeing what everyone uses.

    I can't wait to do this!

  2. Thank you so much for tagging me dear, you are so sweet and great post too!
    I love learning all these about your make up routine

    1. No problem sweetie, I really want to know what you use to look so fabulous ;)

  3. Kiitos haasteesta kaunokainen. :) <3

    1. Voi ole hyvä ihanainen ♥ Ajattelin että se sopis kivasti sun postauksiin :) En malta odottaa sun versiotasi tästä haasteesta :)

  4. Funny post!
    And yes blush for me too :)

    1. Hehe, sometimes you just have to do something different, right? ;) ♥


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