New Hair ♥

Hey babes,

This is not really a meaningful post, but this happy blogger really wanted to show you a beautiful new hair my favorite hair stylist Hanna created for me. I'm finally really trying out the ombré hair, and I'm in love. And, for once, you see me without extensions. I think that'll be more usual during summer as I'll give my hair a rest - which is partially why we dyed my hair this way. But anyway, I think that's enough about the hair.

Just look at the photos. :D

 photo DSC00167.jpg

 photo DSC00172.jpg

 photo DSC00173.jpg

 photo DSC00174.jpg

 photo DSC00178.jpg

Yeah, I'm silly with the poses. Never mind that. :D

But hey, what do you think about the hair? Pretty neat, huh?

Nothing more to say here. I promise a post with more sense next time.




  1. I love the new hair doll!
    You look amazing not silly!

    1. Haha, thanks :D I mainly meant the poses are silly - but hey, I'm not even supposed to be a model, so who counts? :D

  2. Your new hair color and style looks great Johanna. Have a happy Easter!

    1. Thank you love, hope you had an amazing one as well! :)

  3. The new hairstyle looks great on you. Love the full front fringe.

    1. Thanks doll! I love the fringe too, it makes the look more versatile ♥


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