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Hey babes!

How was your weekend? ♥

We have been having some alone time with my fiance at home, watching movies, eating great food and enjoying each other's company. I've also been taking lots of photos for future blog posts, and I can't wait to share those with you all!

Today I'm sharing with you one nearly ready room from our new home (if you haven't seen the first sneak peek, check it out here!). I'm still not completely satisfied with the details and such, but I'll just write an update post once I am. ;) This room is a sort of extra room in our apartment, and it's a corner we can place our guest bed (read: mattress) when someone's staying overnight. It also serves as my "office" for blogging and school work, and as a sewing corner. So it has many, many purposes, but it still has to be somewhat organized because you can see there straight from our livingroom - there's no door in between the two.

 photo DSC09634.jpg

Sorry about the couple of random cardboard boxes, I have yet to go through them ;) This is, however, the view you have entering the office corner.

 photo DSC09636.jpg

The back of a big bookshelf, turned into a small reading corner. ;)

 photo DSC09637.jpg

My little Hello Kittys, a childish little detail I couldn't resist adding. ;)

 photo DSC09639.jpg

Where I read magazines and books. Totally comfy. The cube serves also as a guest bed, as it opens up to a mattress. :)

 photo DSC09642.jpg

A corner I'm not entirely happy with, but there's my clothes rack, and too big pile of accessories. I'll need to do a little cleanup there. ;D

 photo DSC09644.jpg

A writing/sewing table. As you can see, I was being busy with blogging things while taking these photos, but that's how the table usually looks like: Laptop open, cell phone by my side, and a big cup of tea in hand. ♥

 photo DSC09645.jpg

As a major hockey fan, I was all too excited when mom and dad bought me this fan shirt of my favorite hockey team! I placed it on my mannequin for now, but I guess I need to move it before it gets ruined by the sun. But ain't it great? ;)

 photo DSC09647.jpg

Using the windowsill as a place to put some glass items. I'm not done with this, either, but showing it to you anyway.

 photo DSC09648.jpg

And last but not least, the view from the window. We have a better view from the balcony, but more on that once we get it done. ;)

So, what do you think? It's not exactly what I'd want from a home, but as long as we can't paint the walls and such, this is as close as it gets, I guess.

Now, I still have some school stuff to do before getting to bed, but luckily I get to sleep in in the morning. ;) And to top that, my boss told me I had some days of paid leave I should use away, so this week, I have the nights off to focus on school - and I get paid for that. How great is that? :D

Have a great start for your week! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Your home looks beautiful. I love how you've decorated it.

  2. Looks very beautiful and I like the hello kittys.
    Have a great week

  3. OMG Your place is great ane Hello Kity collecton so cute <3

  4. Awesome post, my dear.

    Love Hello Kities :))

    Have a beautiful week,



  5. Hi!! :)
    I really like your blog and your style!
    I´m following you! :D
    ...maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too,
    and if you like it, follow me back!


  6. Thank you! I'll visit you back soon :)

  7. Your hello kitty miniature collection is interesting. It surely unleashed the child in you. Nice home by the way!

    Patrick Tan


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