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Hi guys,

Sorry for being more quiet than usual this week, but I've been trying to fix this blog. As most of you might have noticed, it's been painfully slow lately, and the reason is that I've been linking overly large photos. Sorry about that, but hey, life is for learning, right?

So, now I found a way to make my photos smaller without losing that much quality, and  hope it'll fix the problem. ;) I still need to figure out how to not lose any quality, but that's something I can fully commit to after school's out. So, bear with the not so amazing photos before that, okay? Thank you ♥

So, today I figured I'd post one of the outfits from the archives. I usually don't go all black, but that day it somehow felt right. Again, these are photos with my old hair, but I promise there aren't that many of those left, haha. :D

 photo DSC09906Small.jpg

 photo DSC09932Small.jpg

 photo DSC09921Small.jpg

 photo DSC09931Small.jpg

 photo DSC09926Small.jpg

Skirt: thrifted Top: Gina Tricot Boots: Ebay Tights: H&M Necklace: Boohoo Bracelet: Europehouse

So, another take on girly, edgy style. I love adding a little rock edge to my looks, because somehow it just feels right. I've only gotten back my inner rock chick just weeks ago or so, when I realized that no matter what the trends are, this is what I love to wear. This means, you'll be seeing more my own style here, which I'm personally pretty proud of. ;)

But now I'd like to hear from you: What do you think about the outfit here? ♥

I'll go now to write a little school assignment in English, but I'll be back very, very soon, as I have loads to post for you all!

Have a lovely day babes!

Blog ya later,




  1. That necklace is awesome, I like the edgy look.

  2. Great look and I like the necklace!

  3. hmmm, the pictures aren't loading for me :( i see the text but that's it.

    1. There must have been a connection problem with Photobucket - sorry to hear you suffered for that :/ Let's hope it won't happen again! ♥

  4. Onpas kaunis musta asu, tuo mekko sopii sinulle todella hyvin! Kiitos kiltistä kommentista! :)


    1. Kiitos itsellesi kauniista kommentista ;) ♥


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