Our Easter ♥

Hey lovelies!

Happy Friday! ♥ I hope you're getting a nice start for your weekend. :)

Today, I finally got the photos from our Easter - there's not plenty, as we were just chilling home the most of it, but hey, I have the highlights for you! :)

On Friday, I had my first ever attempt on making an Easter dinner all by myself. I love how my mom makes a lamb roast every Easter, and even if we weren't going to visit them this year, I wanted us to have a little roast of our own. So, after a trip to grocery store and gazillion phone calls to mom, this is what I managed to create:

 photo DSC00180.jpg

 photo DSC00183.jpg

 photo DSC00184.jpg

Of course, it wasn't as good as mom and dad make it, but it was good for the first attempt. (Though, my fiance were darling enough to say it's one of the best he's ever tasted, but I guess he was just so happy I cooked especially for him, lol.)

On Saturday, we went shopping and ate out, and rented a couple of movies, and Sunday, we just hung out at home and relaxed. But on Monday, we headed to see my parents at Jyväskylä, in a big gardening store called Viherlandia. We had decided to eat lunch there, and then do some Spring shopping. And of course, I tried to get few nice photos along the way. ;)

 photo DSC00250.jpg

 photo DSC00251.jpg

 photo DSC00252.jpg

 photo DSC00253.jpg

I think cactuses (or cacti, however you feel like spelling it) are so adorable. Spikes on the outside, but with soft insides. Such interesting plants!

 photo DSC00255.jpg

And some flytraps. I'm telling you, I'll totally get one for our balcony in the Summer!

 photo DSC00254.jpg

Viherlandia also has this little section for Iittala tableware - which are pretty popular here in Finland. I totally  love their black and grey "Teema" items, and I hope I'll get some of those to our kitchen some day. :)

Now, to the outfit. As the Spring is finally starting to get here, I get more inspired about clothes and style - and with my new hair, I seriously feel like a better blogger (yes, I know it's silly, no one has to come and tell me ;D). So, for this casual little road trip, I wore this fun outfit:

 photo DSC00267.jpg

 photo DSC00271.jpg

 photo DSC00295.jpg

 photo DSC00283.jpg

 photo DSC00301.jpg

 photo DSC00284.jpg

Jeans: H&M Biker boots: Ebay Top: New Yorker Cropped cardigan: H&M Leather jacket: second-hand Bag: Mango Scarf: Cubus Sunglasses: H&M Necklace: Gina Tricot Bracelets: Gina Tricot

Very simple outfit in grey tones - with a little pop of color in the bracelets. And those biker boots were a bargain, similar cost here like 60 Euros, but from Ebay I got them for 20. Not bad, huh? Also, can you tell when you know it's Spring? I start the serious armparty layering again! ;D

What do you have to say about this look? ♥

Of course, as I mentioned, we did some shopping. I got three new plants to our home, which totally helps to brighten up the place. And here are the new "babies":

 photo DSC00312.jpg

A little green plant that my mom claimed to be "idiot-proof" - and which I (clumsy as I am) manage to drop upside down into the cart five seconds after. But, it didn't die yet so we might be on to something.

 photo DSC00313.jpg

A new little citrus tree to hang out with our older one, totally adorable!

 photo DSC00314.jpg

And last but not least, my second attempt to not kill hydrangeas. Wish me luck, okay? :D

Have you gotten any Spring flowers yet? And, do you have certain things that really make Spring to your home? ♥

Now, this girl is off to try and get her nails done. But I'll be back soon!

Have a lovely day, everyone! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Oih, ihania kasveja, ja mikä asukokonaisuus! :) Upeaa! :)


  2. Oi mikä herkkupäivällinen! :)
    Ja nuo flamingot varasti kyllä nyt mun huomion, hihi. ^^

    Kiitos kommentista! Pystyn nykyään vastailemaan myös omaan blogiini joten sinne tulee jatkossa vastauksia, jos jotain vaikka kysyt =)

    Indie by heart

    1. Hih, noi flamingot oli aikas sööttejä kyl ;) ♥ Hyvä tietää!! :)

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    Steven Brown

  4. WOw! these photos are just gorgeous and you're looking stunning.


    Style of Purity

  5. You sure are a good cook, you look great!
    No spring flowers for me since I am super allergic :-(

    1. Thanks babe - and I'm sorry to hear that, I know what a bitch allergies can be :/


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