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Hey babes!

How are you all? ♥

Today - and especially tomorrow - we're celebrating a holiday called Vappu here in Finland. It's a holiday for the "working class" people and university/college students, and it involves kinda lot of drinking, some great foods, and balloons and stuff. I'll make a little post about it in a couple of days, so you can see for yourselves. This year, we're spending the holiday at home, having a party for two (more drinks for me, though, lol.) as the past few years we've always been celebrating somewhere with friends. But seriously, more on that in the next post.

Today, I wanna share a few photos from the last time our friend T was visiting us. The boys and I went to eat some Italian food in a chain restaurant called Rosso - nothing fancy, but kinda nice anyway.

 photo 1bdc383c-09d9-48ca-aa48-2d0be257883a.jpg

The fresh bread there ♥ I know I shouldn't eat carbs like that, or white flour, but you know, I don't really care for those rules - you can always work out the extra if necessary. ;)

 photo 336ea81b-fd1a-4ea0-a170-d19d12a5df6a.jpg

My meal, a lovely chicken dish with a crazy artichoke side, which I ordered without having a clue what artichoke tastes like.

 photo 6fa9349a-2b61-4c1a-bfb3-3f80969cf40d.jpg

Artichoke. Not my worst enemy, but definitely not my best friend. :D

 photo ae5db578-9aef-4e93-ba58-cc7e753c6edd.jpg

But the chicken was awesome!! Look at it, it's gorgeous! ♥

 photo 8ac49750-4ae9-4f90-9b9d-0680a5552e68.jpg

Fiance's ice cream. Good, I'm sure, but as it wasn't gelato, I ordered something else.

 photo 20c3503c-7c04-4a27-b04e-73ab2d255f05.jpg

Tiramisu ♥ One of my personal favorites of Italian kitchen. I absolutely love it, in any form, any time, always. It's so good.

I didn't quite capture boys' meals (sorry) but they we're eating pasta and pizza, and the meals looked absolutely gorgeous as well. I was dressed pretty casually for the occasion, as it was just us three, and both of the guys have seen me without makeup and all (talk about no pressure!).

 photo 29d005eb-6984-46d2-b9cc-93282c6a6aef.jpg

 photo b1a7ac72-855e-495a-a876-86264b3a06ee.jpg

 photo 3b86c194-b4fc-4472-b1f7-35a1ffc88353.jpg

 photo 4f3785d2-a4f8-4576-adf5-70c5be0c1dd1.jpg

 photo 1cb694c1-5ca1-4e95-9cab-c095271f759e.jpg

 photo 9183a9fd-0c1d-41bc-8f8e-dc015b474aa0.jpg

 photo 2e092eb7-a54d-4ad2-8005-cd6a621ee328.jpg

Pleather pants: H&M Skull top: Cubus Cropped lace blazer: Mango Biker boots: Ebay Bag: Mango Rosary necklace: Gina Tricot Spiked necklace: Gina Tricot Bracelets: Gina Tricot Hat: Gina Tricot

Thank God there's no snow anymore, even though the pics suggest otherwise - but they were taken some weeks ago. I love wearing leather, skulls, and anything black. I know it's not very obvious, looking my photos along the way this blog has existed, but I think it might show a bit more nowadays. Those pants are such a must-have, and I'm very happy I bought them in autumn. Now that the days are a bit more warm, I can actually start using them - I have a lot of outfit ideas! What else...

Have I mentioned I love those boots? ;D

Okay, so that's all for now. What do you guys think? ♥

I'm off now, for some baking, drinks and video games, but tomorrow I'll be covering a lot more (with a camera in hand) of what this Finnish Vappu is all about. Stay tuned! And Hyvää Vappua to all my Finnish readers, stay safe while having fun!

Have a fabulous day!

Blog ya later,




  1. Johanna, that food looks so good girl! Gosh, I'm hungry right now. HAHAHAHA If only I could just come through the screen. I love your outfit! Lace and leather looks so good together. Glad everything is well. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks honey, hope everything is well with you too! ♥

  2. YUMMY! Love the foodie pics! I love love love that hair with your hair, gives it a nice rock and roll vibe xx

  3. That food looks so delicious. And love the hat on you so much! Suits you so well.

    1. Thank you - and of course you love the hat ;) ♥

  4. Oh my yum!!!!
    You look fab dearie!

  5. mmmm looks so delishious!!! Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  6. great look, the food looks so yummy

    Elegantesque Blog

  7. Food looks yummy and so does your outfit


    By the way stay in touch with me on instagram! Username is "Maldwani".

  8. Nice photos, your outfit rocks!!

  9. Wow! Johanna you look absolutely gorgeous,love your boots. The food look so good.Here in New York has a very famous place called Artichoke, they make the best artichoke pizza in the world,you have to try this pizza when you come to New York.

    1. Thanks for the tip, honey! I'll keep that in mind ♥ And thanks for the sweet words, too :)


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