May Day

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How are you all? ♥

I'm currently sitting on a school computer typing this text, as I was supposed to do a school project, but the computers that have the program I need are all taken, so I decided to make the most of my completely empty trip here.

So, I'm writing a post about out May Day - or as we Finns call it: Vappu. As I mentioned before, Vappu is a sort of working class holiday (originally, at least) but nowadays everyone - especially the students - celebrate it. It's the holiday when kids get big balloons, adults enjoy some sparkling wine - and students just get wasted. We have usually spent our May Day with friends, but this year we just enjoyed our time at home, eating nice food, watching some TV and simply relaxing.

 photo 3bf189f7-5d04-45df-acd0-bbf78380ce3e.jpg

This is the time of the year I always want to start the barbeque/grilling season, if only the weather makes it possible. So, that means we spend the holiday eating not-so-healthy foods, like hamburger and such.

 photo c6d1a51c-f30c-4b06-a968-1e1c8d2afaa0.jpg

Traditionally, Finns make a big pile of sugar coated donuts for Vappu. These are called "munkki" in Finnish language, and this one is one of the few Finnish traditions I personally cherish. I love baking and frying the donuts, and the awesome smell of them, which lingers in the house for days after making them.

Vappu, as most of the holidays in Finland, is mostly celebrated on the Eve of the holiday itself. I don't know why exactly we Finns do it that way - for example in Christmas time, the Christmas Eve gets more noticed than the actual holiday, the Christmas Day. I'm a Finn, and even I can't explain this habit to you. Anyway, we spend the Eve at home, and on the May Day, we headed to the center of the city to see the May Day market.

 photo 39ea9dbd-a3f5-4732-ab73-db7263055e9f.jpg

The spring seems to finally be starting - though I can't wait for the grass to get more green!

 photo 41db6131-32b0-4c94-a986-92af02cfa146.jpg

In the city center, there were so many people - and big part of them were wearing black-and white hats. Why? Well, I'll tell you soon enough.

 photo 28273253-52dd-44ea-bb4e-de62e814af45.jpg

On the market, there were plenty of booths selling all kinds of stuff, like licorice, candy, cotton candy, salty goods, clothes, toys etc.

 photo 9945bd74-78f4-4a21-a0ee-719086696d0a.jpg

 photo cf671c5c-2d4d-4a64-ad4c-c9c278b1f2ac.jpg

 photo de9bc665-7c3b-4eb2-8029-c07d67bbc49a.jpg

 photo ae3e91cc-e140-4803-86d4-07ca65d6d91a.jpg

And by the channel, Tammerkoski, there were hundreds of people gathered to have picnic. But having an outside lunch wasn't the only reason people were there.

 photo 174d661e-416e-43ae-8e67-3c7450cdd19e.jpg

The thing is, on May Day, a little student event takes place. It's called "Teekkarikaste" and it's a sort of rite of passage for the first year students of the university of technology. The students go there on their overalls (more on that later in this post) and their black and white hats (also, I'll tell about those later), and then they're lifted to the channel to get joined into the student community after one year of studying. That's as much as I know about it.

I can only imagine how cold the water must've been, but the fellas and ladies there seemed very happy, so...

 photo 50337d3d-072f-4ded-a774-e761c6e5e8ae.jpg

 photo f623359c-eda4-4d9e-b677-2b97a7fd5ca5.jpg

A small group was also entertaining people with live music. They had different drums, and they were playing a pretty catchy beat there.

So, now to the fashion part of the post. I decided it was time to start the spring properly and slipped on a dress. I was having a crappy hair day, but luckily the day encouraged wearing a hat so it didn't matter.

 photo 43ffc458-96bd-4499-ace6-3dd53fe7c5a1.jpg

 photo 2942bb6b-7774-4eac-8b4e-ba29e5976945.jpg

 photo 5b15df49-7c01-408a-a062-f4febdfc6d91.jpg

 photo d5528cef-9d4c-4d76-a1dc-396b97b87a3c.jpg

 photo 85f79750-e5f2-484e-b0a3-f09d774200fb.jpg

 photo af0703ba-f8cb-4dc3-9805-1262fb8ffc29.jpg

Okay, so about the white hat. The white hat stands for having graduated from high school/gymnasium in Finland. Those who have graduated from vocational school/career college don't always have similar hats, but in my understanding they still have the option to buy a hat like that when they graduate. It just has more color and a different symbol in the front. In the old times, it's been a big deal if someone had a white hat, but I don't believe it has the same value nowadays, as it doesn't guarantee a career for you anymore.

 photo 1818f334-ea10-4d85-a914-756ed589e2a4.jpg

Dress: Gina Tricot, Tights: Sokos, Boots: SpiritStore, Leather jacket: H&M, Scarf: Cubus, Belt: Gina Tricot, Necklace: Boohoo

After the trip to market, it was time to make some food. Again. Some days I swear I spend most of my time with food... How scary is that? Haha! :D

 photo dd463b16-e974-4332-abaf-e4b3656bf44c.jpg

So yes, I got to use the grill, yay! I was so happy to cook some lamb with red onion and mushroom.

 photo 02e8e9f5-5cd5-4bc5-bb36-071e4fbe3f98.jpg


And now, ladies and gentlemen, I'm showing you (for the second time ever) my fantastic purple overalls. All thanks for this you can send mentally for my friend S, who practically forced me to post these. Okay, I was grilling the food on these anyways (they're warm and comfy, so don't you laugh!) so it was the same to take a photo. Sorry for the lame-ass mirror pics, I just took a quick snapshots.

 photo ee8aaaa9-fbb1-4a0e-930c-f149c31af1dc.jpg

 photo e0844031-bfae-4acd-bee5-dadb94040736.jpg

Usually people have a lot of different badges on these, but I've been unable to attend all the events where they hand them out, so mine are kinda empty. I'm going to fix that before graduation, though. The color is what it is because of my major (business) I wouldn't have chosen that otherwise. They're also too big for me, as I thought S would be a proper size - though XS would've been better. But hey, I can almost use these as a tent, so it's not all bad. I can fit anything under these. :D And one more thing, as my school is university of applied science, the overalls are worn only as bottoms.

Okay, so have you had enough food pics already?


Good, because I have more! :D

 photo 96639b48-64cc-4d31-84c1-85f9d19ee627.jpg

I was craving for a summer dessert already, so I made us fruit plates with two dips. The brown is dark chocolate sauce, and the white is marshmallow dip - I can post recipes for both if you wish so.

 photo bbdee885-0563-4028-91e5-71289f76f78a.jpg

 photo 7c9ea62f-81ec-4090-8baa-8f1db6743eac.jpg

This totally completed the holiday for me, and it was nice have all the alone time with my loved one. Of course, next year we will definitely spend May Day with friends, as this would get boring in the long run, but for once, it was kinda nice to take it easy at home. :)

Were you celebrating May Day/Vappu/Vappen/etc.? What did you do? ♥

Now, I'm off to work, but I'm glad to tell that after this weekend I'll have more time for blogging! Yay! I'm so excited as I have far too many posts waiting for you, I'll start posting them next week. But this week, I'm at least posting another "That's Who I am" post, so stay tuned! ♥

Have a fantastic day!

Blog ya later,




  1. OI miten kauniina oot ollu liikenteessä! Ja noita herkkuja ihastelinki jo IG:ssä. Namnamnamm! :)

  2. Holy God!
    Jo You made me so hungry with all the food in the middle of the night!!
    I like your overall and I think you can also make a sleeping bag out of them lol.

    1. Lol, true! That's a good idea if I ever go camping, lol. And sorry for making you hungry doll! ♥

  3. Its 3 in the morning and I decided to have a look at my favourite blogs (including yours) and then I see the first two pictures! Mouth-watering and being already hungry! Are you trying to kill me girl?

    1. Sorry babe! :D ♥ Not meaning to kill nor torture anyone :D

  4. I'm just drooling over all that food, what are you doing to me?!!! Love your cute outfits, i am also hoping for a gorgeous sunny weekend as I want a BBQ too!
    Have fun!

    1. I hope you get your BBQ! :) And I just enjoy my cooking, apparently that shows well :D

  5. Yummm! Why do all your food pictures look so good?!


    1. Haha, why does everyone keep going on about the food? ;D I love food, and I enjoy taking photos of it. Weird, yes, but fun as well :D

  6. everything looks so yummy and you look gorgeous! This overall remind me of norway! they also wear these overalls when they graduate.
    MaryFashionLove on Bloglovin

    1. Thank you - and it's possible they remind one another, as they are so close to each other :D


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