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Hi lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

Today the post is a little different, since I'm giving you to ask me anything you want - till the end of July! So, leave your questions below this post, and I will answer to them in the beginning of August. Whether that post will be a video or a traditional post, I don't know. You can leave suggestions about that as well if you want to. ;)

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Note: The questions have to be within the limits of good taste and nice manners - no spam! I will let you all, even the anonymous ones, to have the chance to leave questions and comment. But if this leads to misuse, spamming and hate mail, the option will be removed. So behave yourselves! ;)

Keep the questions coming here for the next four weeks!




  1. If you had to choose 1 piece of clothing that you can bring to your holiday destination, what would it be?

  2. many times a week do you change your mani?

  3. Will you drop everything and travel, the world for one year, if money wasn't the issue?
    Do you believe in miracles?

  4. Where do you work? :)
    Could you do more nail tutorials? :)


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