Leather Meets Turquoise

Hi lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

I have just started my weekend with boys, and for that, I thought it's only appropriate to share photos from the last time we got together. Okay, it's not a lot, since I'm nice to boys and don't photograph them that much, but still. (Though I'll be stalking them with my camera through our Midsummer, hehe!)

We were in Pori that day, and our plan was just chill out, eat well and watch some hockey. A combo that's always fun and rarely goes wrong.

 photo 511217d8-00d6-408f-9482-9cbcfafd1a11.jpg

We decided to try out a somewhat new restaurant Miami, where none of us had been before that. The place itself was pretty cool with the warm-toned furniture, (fake) palm trees and friendly staff. I was trying to keep up with my detox-like diet, but gave in to temptation as the menu sounded so amazing.

 photo DSC01124Large.jpg

Boys ordered some basic burgers, which they told me were delicious, and they sure looked good.

 photo DSC01125Large.jpg

I opted for something with little less carbs, though I would never consider this detox food either. :D The chicken was good, nevertheless.

 photo DSC01126Large.jpg

...and there goes. I saw the dessert menu and ordered super unhealthy slice of overpriced cheesecake. It was so yummy - but homemade is better. Seriously, if I ever needed to diet hard, I would probably fail. And that's why I push myself to jog a lot, so I can eat whatever. :D

After eating we watched some hockey (no pics of that, sorry!) and then it was time for me and my fiance to head home. On the way home, we stopped on a parking lot to take some outfit photos:

 photo 9c9be424-2ab0-40c3-9a65-15bb846366fe.jpg

 photo d3552356-7319-4c6a-b4da-43959b531159.jpg

 photo 22bd17a5-ab70-492c-888b-4f61b4a80978.jpg

 photo 1bac804b-b4e7-4421-817c-6dd92b32e16e.jpg

 photo 931aac73-6a70-482a-9921-4554bc23c435.jpg

 photo 2cc3c3e4-07dd-4158-a703-0170e0482073.jpg

 photo d7230957-30ed-4a5d-a632-287610f85a85.jpg

Leather pants: H&M White shirt: H&M Shoes: Boohoo Cropped leather jacket: VILA Scarf: Mango Bag: Mango Necklace: Gina Tricot Bracelets: Gina Tricot

Reminding myself why I should wear more leather items. Because they rock. And combined together with softer materials, and a bright color, they create amazing outfits. This is one of my personal favorites so far, and I think I will try to do this again with a bit of modifying later on - like in Autumn or so. ;)

But I would love to hear your thoughts: what do you think about this outfit? And, are you a fan of leather - or do you have some other "go-to material" that you could wear every day? ♥

I should get to the boys now, but I'll be back as soon as I can - and you can find me on Instagram as well (@silvertigo).

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. I like your look and charisma...and the food...yummie :D



  2. Your shoes are absolutely amazing! Love them so much.

  3. Ihanan pirteitä kuvia upeus! <3 Ja asu iskee kyllä muhun ihan täysin. ;)

  4. ive been looking through your posts and i LOVE your style! Can't wait to see more :)

    1. Thank you so much! I hope my future posts live up to your expectations ♥

  5. Ahh, those bracelets are my favourite, I love the aqua colour! Great outfit!/Madison


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