Dotty Dress (Ps. GFC is still there!)

Hiya babes!

How are you all doing? ♥

I've been having a fantastic day off with my dear man, we went out to eat, shop and spend time outside the apartment - followed by healthy snacks and workout. ;) You remember how I got into the training and such earlier? Well, after my fiance has been home more, I have not been as motivated to run and all. I haven't exactly gained, but the muscles aren't as defined as before. So, we both decided together to have a healthy July.

Meaning, we won't eat any fast food the whole month, we'll only buy candy, soda, unhealthy snacks once per week, AND we will both do a 30-day exercise challenge, targeted to abs. Also, I decided on 30-day squat challenge and regular running and my dear bf challenge us both to make Fridays "staircase days" so we have to take stairs whenever possible on every Friday. So that will be a lot of exercising, and I'm super excited about it. ;)

Okay, that's all about the exercising for today. If you want to ask something about my exercising, or anything, see this post where you can ask me absolutely anything (within certain limits that can be seen on the post).

But today, I really want to share another summer outfit with you, so let's get to the pics already, shall we? ;)

 photo 4f12ce2d-5d95-43d4-b8a8-9b803373840e.jpg

Near our apartment is this amazing pond around which I love to run, but it's also beautiful enough to serve as a background for outfit pics.

 photo 9c5ba1c9-6202-4f1d-be12-e5f80bfaa868.jpg
Family of ducks ♥
 photo 2e88ba3b-e924-489c-84f4-6f4c591aa62f.jpg

 photo 0c36835d-ff65-4dd3-9309-3fd33b3050ed.jpg

The outfit itself is very not typical for me, but well... Guess it's okay for sharing here, though. You have to try something new every now and then, right?

 photo de5b8796-1083-402b-b772-2cf2af0022a4.jpg

 photo ca6eeee6-16b1-4f92-8af8-acd08b2f5348.jpg

 photo 0ddf13a3-b893-4b84-8b53-d936303ba14a.jpg

 photo 8e68468e-fa74-4e17-94a9-85e280fde900.jpg

 photo c7e7de15-fa0a-4107-a087-48f8d39e0936.jpg

 photo b34aef08-e6e1-4322-bee4-c62d70bfba8e.jpg

Dress: H&M Biker boots: Ebay Bag: Boohoo Bracelets: Gina Tricot Necklace: Gina Tricot Sunglasses: so old I honestly don't remember... sorry!

So, a simple look, nothing really fancy to it. It was one of those days when you have no idea about what to wear, and you just throw on something. But it's not that bad, I really need to work on my wardrobe so that I cold just throw on anything, and it would always somewhat work. I mean, think how much time that would save!

But yeah, enough blabbering I guess...

What do you guys think about the look?

Now, like the title said, I think most of you noticed that GFC (Google Friend Connect) is still there, even though there's been a lot of speculation it would be gone with the Google Reader. So your Reading List should still be there, and every blog you follow through GFC should be safely there. Nevertheless, it's always wise to back up. Hence, I strongly recommend you to follow your favorite blogs also on Facebook or Bloglovin' (or any other platform) just in case Google decides to do big changes again in the near future. :)

Okay, lot of things on my mind today, apparently! :D I should probably save something for the next post as well, so I'll be off now!

Have a fantastic day, lovelies! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. This outfit is different in a great way!!1
    I like the dress and background!!!
    Proud of you for your exercise planning!!!

    1. Thank you so much honey! I'm proud of this month's exercise plan too ;)

  2. I really love this outfit and such a beautiful spot for pictures! I'm thinking of starting up some mini challenges of my own, so you're helping inspire me! <3 Love you babe! xo

    1. Aww, love you too dear!!! ♥ I'm so happy to inspire you, and I promise I will do an update post on the exercise ;) ♥

  3. Beautiful pictures! I like the ribbon :)

    1. Thank you Dajana, the ribbon really is pretty cute :) ♥

  4. Such a pretty dress girl! I love polka dots!

  5. Kiva asu, vaikka ei olekaan ihan sitä, mitä on sun päällä tottunut näkemään... mutta vaihtelu virkistää.. joskus sitä vain haluaa pukeutua ihan eri tavalla päiväksi tai pariksi :) Vielä pakko sanoa, että oi miten ihania kesäisiä kuvia!

    1. Joo tää oli kieltämättä vähän eri laitaa, mutta välillä pitää tehdä asioita oman mukavuusalueen ulkopuolelta ;) Sitä paitsi munkin on hyvä saada vähän tyttömäisyyttä tyyliin välillä :D ♥

  6. Beautiful pics! And I love your dress <333


  7. Good luck for your healthy July!
    And I love this polka dot dress so much. So pretty.


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