Family Trip pt. 1

Hi everyone!

How are you all? ♥

Today's post is a little bit longer than you're used to here in this blog, but I hope that's okay. This is more of a "day with me" post than an outfit post or so, and it has a lot more pics in it than a regular post. Just a warning, haha.

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Okay, to the current post. As I may have mentioned, in the beginning of June we went to see my just graduated cousin and his mom, my godmother and had coffee with them. I hadn't met either in years, so it was very fun to catch up with both of them.

 photo 4db62db0-629b-47aa-9320-52098a49cc0d.jpg

And of course, I loved to see their newest family member, this little furry girl here. She's such a heart breaker! ♥ She tried to eat the bows on my shoes like a hundred times or so, but I didn't have the heart to get mad about it - I mean, see how cute she is?

 photo 61d2a37c-f5c2-4271-95c8-4a80de201e04.jpg

 photo 50f7eb30-c20b-409d-8daa-b58560a444de.jpg

My handsome cousin, the doggie... and my fiance's hand. The usual. I can't believe his an adult already, as he is four years younger, I keep thinking he's a little boy. The truth is, I'm just getting old, haha.

 photo 46c7be5b-98e8-4a22-941e-9d216909e717.jpg

Giving my best pose. And my mom is trolling. Also, the usual stuff. My family is a bit weird like that. ;)

 photo 6dbae1c8-6874-4ed7-9916-fd42eddf24cd.jpg

Seriously, if the dog had stayed like this the whole time, I'd have about ten thousand shots of her. But instead, she ran around the yard chasing birds, butterflies and anything flying, so it was impossible to take really good photos of her.

After the coffee - that lasted for hours since we had so much to talk about - me, my fiance and my parents jumped into a car and drove to the hotel we spend the night in. The place was called Petäys Resort, and it is located by a lake and it's surrounded by trees and nature. Very peaceful location to spend a night - or a week - in.

 photo f053ecaa-2c76-48af-8bc1-ec2854aef010.jpg

Me and my fiance were having of course our own room, and we really enjoyed that. The room was cozy but neat, roomy and filled with daylight, so it was the perfect place to stay in for one night.

 photo c0c34885-d73c-476d-a1eb-4cd412ef6441.jpg

 photo 9042e610-e5ca-44af-ab3c-e6a280ff77de.jpg

We had separate beds, but for one night, that was quite okay. We actually had bigger room than my parents, which seemed funny as they paid for the stay, but I'm not complaining. :D

 photo 4b690e87-0b41-4d68-9c0a-d0cf8b379a48.jpg

View from our room. Gotta love Finnish nature in summer! So green and fresh.

 photo c2b0d0fa-bc77-4916-8256-24f56be33ec0.jpg

 photo d97cc151-043e-478f-b727-b3ad853aa415.jpg

The bathroom was nice, too. You know, because you're all dying to know.

Just kidding.

 photo 1616a27f-2ba1-4d2c-aade-aae5a422ae69.jpg

 photo 25904e5b-0a42-4e83-8e89-519bc1de0113.jpg

After settling down in ours rooms, all four of us headed downstairs to see what the hotel had to offer. We decided to try out the miniature golf course on the yard. None of us had played for a while, so we had no idea if any of us remembered how to hit the ball.

 photo abee7df7-a75c-4fd6-a76b-9b16d774c16a.jpg

 photo 3ff3bd73-7e2b-4fed-ac53-842648f71d68.jpg

Easy shot, huh? :D

 photo 64bbcc13-14a6-46fc-a329-26ce72d422da.jpg

 photo 6bb8c427-4c26-4baa-846c-fa3c9598398d.jpg

 photo cce17e72-1ece-4659-bcda-006a0c1ca643.jpg

It wasn't hard, after all. I kinda sucked, but it's okay, I can handle losing in any games that require any hand-eye coordination. In that case, I'm such a girl. Or nerd. Whichever you prefer.

 photo c0c17035-f18b-4e11-8147-a01a985682bd.jpg
Tunic: Gina Tricot Skirt: H&M Ballet flats: Boohoo Spike necklace: Boohoo Bracelet: Bijou Brigitte
Happy golfer.

 photo 32117f3a-ebf6-4997-8176-bf7e9a21d982.jpg

The hotel building looked like this. Kinda like a lodge, or cabin or something. I really liked it, it was very comfy.

After golfing, we headed inside to eat and have few drinks.

 photo d86a8030-4461-4026-86cb-ba2eb58167e9.jpg

 photo 703abfea-eaea-406c-9778-92a024bf6cc0.jpg

The hotel had different places where you could eat, but we chose to eat in the main restaurant located in the main building. The view was to the lake, and look how amazing the light was outside!

 photo bdaf3670-1ea5-4461-af87-c0be684a5238.jpg

 photo accb3af5-e078-49e6-bdbd-2b38ade414a2.jpg


 photo 6689d1e9-081f-464e-bd4c-cdb163aa9c96.jpg

...and dining. The food was absolutely delicious! It was amazing to enjoy good food with my loved ones, that's always something that I truly appreciate and feel thankful for. ♥

Afterwards, we took a walk outside, checking out the lake, and getting some fresh air before going to bed.

 photo ca5029d1-f507-4764-b1d0-5fe454811abc.jpg

Probably the best vacation-like photo you'll see in this blog for a while, haha.

 photo 89fc2a21-f588-44e0-bc6a-d9fadfa775b0.jpg

Amazing light of the summery sunset.

 photo b590be86-80b5-44fd-ba0e-bbecc1f4b204.jpg

Closer look of my shoes. Luv 'em! ♥

 photo edd37967-5e6a-4b09-a6ba-9e8ccc13ef82.jpg

In the lobby, there was a pool table. You could play it for free. If there's something that I find hard to resist, are things that are free. Free food, free entrance, free round (or five) of pool. So of course, me and my fiance had to have a go on this.

 photo 4811728c-c67b-4635-be2d-07aadfb0a882.jpg

 photo 18677236-2296-4b9b-a500-c50b56d8bfed.jpg

What a concentration, on both of us. :'D Oh well. Anyway, we played few rounds, had a drink or two, and headed upstairs to sleep. This was the point I swore I need to save up some money to really go on an exciting trip sometimes, it would be fun to show you something not so common, but oh well. Life is mostly just... life. Nothing that amazing.

But all in all, we enjoyed our time there. In the next post, I will show you more around the hotel and the yard, as I got to take photos in a daylight. So, stay tuned!

Have a lovely day! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Aw Jo you had me at that adorable puppy face!!! So cute! I love a good summer spent with family and my closest friends...makes me value life that much more :D

    Thank you for the blog visit love! Would love to get your thoughts on my latest!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    1. Haha, that puppy just melts your heart, right? ;) Thanks babe, I'll visit you! ♥

  2. Such a nice place for family vocation! Your doggy is super cute!

    1. Not my doggy, sadly, but she's a cutie for sure! The place was amazing, I totally recommend it! ♥

  3. Long post filled with lovely and beautiful family memories!
    Such a perfect post doll and the lodge is terrific!!!

    1. Thank you, I wanted to post something different for a change ;)

  4. Looks like so much fun. The dog is so cute and I love your flats.

    1. Thanks honey! The flats are fabulous, I hope I find a place to wear them again soon ;) ♥

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  6. Thanks, the place is fab, isn't it? ♥


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