Family Trip, pt. 2

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How are you all today? ♥

I'm doing fine, we're prepping with the boys for tomorrow, as we are taking a road trip to an amusement park 300 kilometers away. It's gonna be a lot of fun, although we need to get up super early. I try to take some photos from the trip, but won't promise a great post or anything. :D Meanwhile, please submit more questions to the Ask Me Anything post - I really want to make you a proper post, but I need your help a little bit ;)

Anyway, today I just really wanted to share the rest of my family trip photos, so here we have day two of our trip (to read about day one, click here!):

 photo 6a0c499d-3a57-4d06-8945-a122edf4d561.jpg

The day started out with a hotel breakfast - my weakness, I love having a big variety of things in the table in the morning, but of course there's no sens of having much of that in the home of two. So, everytime there's a chance to have that in a hotel or such, I tend to eat loads. :D

After breakfast we decided to walk around the hotel lot, to see better the beach and get fresh air before getting into the car. My mom needed to fetch her camera from upstairs, so I took the chance to walk around the lobby and take photos.

 photo bb4c9bd8-80f6-4dd9-9634-a5a79ada2a72.jpg

The reception and bar.

 photo 2920d2c5-4e32-40f5-a119-4096733c0ca9.jpg

Cute corner with a fireplace in it - I'd love to have that in our own future home, too!

 photo afb336f7-740a-4572-9f3a-ae0120efd246.jpg

Cute little booth for meeting up or reading a book or something.

Finally, our posse was complete, and we could go outside.

 photo c941f584-2189-40df-ba83-0bed7292175d.jpg

 photo 41bf12c0-26bd-43b0-8131-49e46b14ff79.jpg

We walked to the beach, where there was a big sauna, restaurant and a terrace. The view was impressive, taking into account that the hotel isn't that big.

 photo 54e5cbdb-87f0-46d6-97d5-11da326a2004.jpg

 photo 3fdc0ea9-49e4-4941-b6d6-a8b93e6ee659.jpg

I loved the fact there were simple flowers around the place, made it feel so much more comfy and homey.

 photo 11b57c90-f0c4-45f8-bcff-b460800d9a32.jpg

Next to the restaurant there was also this outdoors kitchen, so I guess it's possible to have a sort of a barbeque night there, too.

 photo af5de810-dcea-4dde-a3a5-f19412bed7d2.jpg

The sauna itself was pretty amazing, I loved the dark wood that had been used to build it, and the design was simple and clean. I could definitely take one of those, too! Haha.

 photo 8df8b0c8-0203-472b-ba49-539ae1ed3b07.jpg

Next to the sauna, there was a nice jetty for people to get into the lake - and of course, out of it. And in keeping with the sauna, this one, too was simple to the point. Which is perfect, in my opinion.

 photo b22efc39-b6ba-453f-9a9d-726c5e91e274.jpg

Also, there was this kind of a tub next to the sauna. I have always wanted to try out one of these, but haven't had a chance so far. Maybe later this summer?

 photo 569734a6-a797-483b-a8a4-3be0aeabeef5.jpg

 photo 061031b3-3825-40a0-89f2-c9ac0a5e94b9.jpg

And the terrace looked like this. Very nice, and if I get to visit Petäys again in some summer, I will definitely try that one out!

 photo 02cb3d14-654a-422c-8231-f34baf2d75c6.jpg

 photo 57df7e05-9ebe-48bb-826e-091aaa49d7b5.jpg

Like I said, I really loved the plants and flowers around the lot - like this gorgeous tree here! Look at the beautiful flowers ♥

 photo 6044fe8f-4502-4155-a365-a88af4e46010.jpg

Top: New Yorker Shorts: SpiritStore Bag: Boohoo Sneakers: SpiritStore/DIY Sunglasses: Citymarket Bracelets: Gina Tricot

Simple outfit for the travel day. Nothing much to say about it :D

 photo 763498d1-5945-45d5-99d4-8872e2cc8e00.jpg

After this, it was time to go into our rooms and get our stuff ready. On the way, I took couple more pics of the hotel:

 photo bb5839e5-00ae-492a-b324-3603411017b9.jpg

 photo 2389c746-62a2-4b44-b7e6-b12c9bdd9953.jpg

A look from above.

Then, we drove a while to the small city of Iittala, where there's the home of one of the most treasured Finnish brands, Iittala. They make all kinds of dishes and such, you know, cups, mugs, glasses, plates, bowls.... I was searching a graduation gift and something for our own place, too, so I was lazy and didn't take photos, sorry! :(

 photo 6b49da5d-8e73-4f7d-a8f8-42b72b625bc1.jpg

The Lasimäki of Iittala (Glass Hill of Iittala) is a lovely place full of small buildings, that all house all sorts of handicraft shops. There's also some Finnish art displayed, so it's a great place to visit if you drive by withing opening hours.

 photo b2d2cf81-0868-4995-ba77-bec75c04a657.jpg

My favorite thing there (after the plates, of course) was the Kultasuklaa chocolate shop. A little boutique filled with amazing chocolates and candy, and I think it's clear that I really liked the chocolate there. (Like I didn't love all the food I can get my hands on, haha.)

 photo 84cf2e5f-c7a3-4b65-a9a3-495e390719d7.jpg

After Iittala, my parents drove us home, where we left our stuff, stretched our feet, and continued our journey to Pori where we had promised to meet my fiance's brother's family, for their younger daughter had just graduated as well. But before we saw the relatives, we had a drink with our friend J in the rooftop terrace Soma.

 photo 1a3356fb-d199-4b26-945f-3a558feaa4c0.jpg

Cold dry cider ♥ Gotta love that.

 photo f51bf610-786b-4f50-b68f-0715773293f6.jpg

Haha, looking so smart.... Oh well.

 photo 51b9631a-ec2b-4408-a49f-8ddc35a78af2.jpg

Soma is such a nice bar - at least on daytime, when there's not that much crowd everywhere. I haven't seen that many rooftop terraces in Finland, which is a shame as the summer nights are pretty beautiful in Finland. Maybe this will encourage others to create more of these, though!

 photo aa970314-6f0f-4fdf-93e4-51d3f7d70991.jpg

Just look at it, fantastic environment, isn't it?

Then, we headed to the relatives and had a blast there. We also agreed to go out and play minigolf a couple of days later, but that's a whole another post. ;)

But now, I'm off to hang out with the boys (who apparently are having a huge Olympic tournament on PS3, nerds... Just kidding, I'm like that, too.) But see you later with other posts! If you want, you can keep up with me through Instagram, the name is @silvertigo.

Have a fantastic day! ♥

Blog ya later,




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    1. Isn't it lovely? And yes, we had a lot of fun! :) ♥

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  3. great place!

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  4. Wow, you really inspire me. I just can't get enough of you and your blog. It's pretty amazing here, my dear! :) <3

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    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Katta! Nice to know I've posted anything good :) ♥

  5. This place looks so amazing. I love the look of it and the lake looks lovely! I want to live here!

    1. It is pretty amazing, isn't it? :) We should both go to live there, haha! ♥

  6. Beautiful pictures, I bet you guys had an amazing time!


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