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Hiya peeps!

Hope you're all doing well today! ♥

You know how I rarely do any haul, shopping, or such posts? Well, today is one of those rare days I actually post such a thing. I know, I'm crazy, lol. No but seriously, I manage to grab few so neat items from sales that I can't help but to share them - as the sales are still on, so you can get cool pieces of your own as well!

And mom, if you're reading this, yes, this is part of my closet project - so I did throw away old stuff from my closet before buying these. Not trying to drown myself into a huge pile of clothes. (Although if you think about it, it wouldn't be that bad... Just kidding.)

Anyways, here are my sale finds:

 photo 998e2788-5ef0-4ca4-a8cf-d2a97183d1c4.jpg

 photo 19bdfcea-820f-40e8-ae24-5ad1ec4d0cff.jpg
Denim Hotpants - Boohoo
Because I have shorts obsession. You should see my closet, I have too many.

 photo 452654da-48e1-4b72-8d55-37c104906fff.jpg
Black Highwaisted Shorts - Gina Tricot
See above for explanation.

 photo e826dc9d-2025-4e75-b58b-71decad5a737.jpg
Pleated High-low Chiffon Skirt - Boohoo
I really don't have nice maxi skirts, so I was over the moon when I found this! Can't wait to style it!

 photo 1fba883e-b4bc-428f-97b3-9213c73c99a3.jpg
Skull Print Knit - Boohoo
It's girly and it has skulls. A.k.a. Perfection! I can see this baby in so many outfits.

 photo bd1d3d9d-90e2-4806-8a08-7254b56e57f2.jpg
Mint Green Jumper - Boohoo
This was the last piece in gorgeous mint color - and in my size!! I can't believe I was lucky enough to snatch it before they were gone. Btw, the color is more green in real life, the camera didn't capture it, though.

 photo 09286121-319b-44af-9fc5-48cfd3e45402.jpg
Headbands - Boohoo
 photo 06b06d4e-8b8e-4112-833f-02dcfd51cb09.jpg
Animal Print Headbands - Boohoo
I have maybe watched too much GG lately, but I think every girl needs headbands. They are a great accessory, no matter what anyone else says. These little things can totally make the hairdo! (And see how the two below have animal print on them?? Totally fab!)

 photo e31a95b6-0aba-4dd1-8a74-8d20dcd42ac4.jpg
Golden Cuff Harness - Boohoo
I've never owned a piece of jewelry like this before, but somehow this one caught my eye. I'm sure you will see this in many outfit posts in the future! ♥

 photo 44949d23-14ab-48be-9f12-404859be416b.jpg
Chain Bracelet - Boohoo
Another obsession of mine - bracelets. Just yesterday I tried to clean up my box of bracelets, only to find out I really love them all. Although there were few that are in desperate need of a little makeover, but that's a whole another post. ;)

 photo d90b5a66-62e2-4736-be82-d9f9b7e0b924.jpg
Earrings - Gina Tricot
Skulls, spikes... Well, I guess most of you realize why I bought these.

 photo f6fa33c9-dc9f-423e-9ac4-5a4e3223c805.jpg
Cross Earrings - Gina Tricot
I have been eyeing these beauties for a while and wishing they'd be on sale - my wish came true! You will most likely see these so much you'll start to hate them, but that's okay. :D

 photo 532ca48e-1170-426f-b27e-c1db9d2448a0.jpg
Arrow Ring - Gina Tricot
Because I always need new cool rings. I just do. Really.

 photo 8b24e98b-12f2-46e5-a698-70819ac57674.jpg
Charm Necklace - Gina Tricot
I'm a sucker for nice necklaces, that's why. Skulls, crosses, they're all my game. Hoping to find more items like this later on.

Have you been finding great items on sales lately? And, what do you think about these items? Share your thoughts! ♥

Now, it's time for me to go and eat a little something before heading fairly early to bed (trying to make my schedule a bit more human-like, haha), but see you guys soon!!

Have a fabulous day!

Blog ya later,



P.S. Remember that you can submit your questions at the end of this month here in this post. Hit me with your best shot!


  1. Love those shorts!

    Check out my blog?


    1. The shorts are amazing, right? :) I will sure check out your blog! ♥

  2. hey hun

    I just found your blog and I love it!
    it looks amazing!You look nice in your outfits!
    hope to see you soon on my blog!!
    keep in touch:)

    1. Thank you so much dear! :) I'll make sure to visit yours, too! ♥


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