A Day With Me & Boys: Trip to Powerpark

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all having a great day today ♥

I am, although it seemed at first that things aren't going so well this week. Our car broke down two days ago and even though the damage wasn't much, it was impossible to drive the damn thing. So, no other option than to tow the car to a repair shop. I was expecting a very expensive check after this, and only to get our car back next week.

But what do you know, this morning when my alarm went off at nine, I saw a message from our repair shop saying the car was ready to come home. AND that it wouldn't cost as much as I was afraid it would. So, you can imagine how happy I've been about that. So now, we have the chance to see some friends this weekend, because without the car we couldn't make the trip at the moment.

But, talking about trips, here's a little adventure with the boys that I haven't shared with you before. This was last month, when we hit the road and visited the amusement park Powerpark in Härmä. It is kinda in the middle of nowhere, but if you like fast rides - and kart racing, it's definitely worth the drive.

We started our journey early in the morning so that we would reach the destination by noon. I was being hyperactive with the camera, so this post will have a plenty of pics... Sorry! :D

 photo 1a101529-7d74-4a0c-a9de-667e486c6984.jpg

 photo f94569af-90fd-42c7-bf59-8b52c9241bda.jpg

 photo 48f1476a-c21a-422c-9c5d-2129e21cbef5.jpg

 photo c54309e8-1aef-4201-8c4d-25edd9a70b9e.jpg

The ones who have read my blog for a while now know I have a thing for road trips. That's why I love to try and catch nice shots along the road, and this time, I actually managed to get some nice ones. :D

About at noon, we finally reached the park. We were so excited to get on the rides, and had a hard time deciding which one should be the first. I like how the park kind of has this Wild Wild West theme to it, but yet it's not overpowering, so that the rides can be pretty much anything and there are not that many cowboys running around.

 photo 7b763afa-eaef-40bf-bfac-1e3adda2d223.jpg

 photo 2a3148fd-6269-43e6-a963-a605fe5d965f.jpg

 photo 2db71c2b-546f-46cc-86ff-f6aa47cf68b0.jpg

Pirate ship! Haha, not really, though.

 photo 1a02c61b-42d8-469a-b94a-a087418a42fb.jpg

I was not going to post this, because of the dude on the left, but decided it's too hilarious not to show. Look at that face he's making! :D Whoever you are, you made my day when I was going through these photos. Thank you.

 photo 6a9a8542-317d-4eda-bdd6-a268fc865734.jpg

 photo 1e343981-0edd-4de4-87c1-652cdeb936d7.jpg

The fiercest ride we got on. The most scary one wasn't working when we visited (boo, that was the whole point when we agreed to go there) so this is the bad guy of our day. Booster. It goes super high, and you are in this tiny seat and the ride spins you around like crazy. And you feel like hitting the ground head first. So that's a great chance to get rid of your previous meal, as you can feel it moving around inside you. Gross.

Note: I did not throw up, nor am I scared for this ride. But I gotta say, I have seen more comfortable ones. Still, I recommend this - well, at least if you like it rough.

 photo ffcbff8b-9b0a-4853-b9bd-6053a4b5e7f2.jpg

Then, the four of us had a romantic ride on the Ferris wheel. I love these things as you can see so much from up there - and take a fun pictures, as well.

 photo eabb104d-be8c-44cb-b2e7-fbf0423c3418.jpg

 photo fc5f30e3-65c5-4cd6-bc35-137a21d3f854.jpg

Our friends J and T. I don't have a clue what T was focusing on so intensely, but this was probably the best pic there is of him from the whole day. :D

 photo 9928eb02-449b-416d-aca1-3be978914944.jpg

See what I mean when I say "a great view"? This. I like having the big picture of everything, it makes everything so much easier - you know, also metaphorically.

 photo 2481583c-8bfe-45f1-87fe-cfba0c6f6f4d.jpg

 photo 552d464a-ea2c-48e6-a37b-e23b5fe4140c.jpg

I've looked better, but, well, at least I'm super excited, haha. Though that's probably because I'm about to get some food on my plate.

After food, we headed for more rides. We would've wanted to go on the hunt in the haunted house or whatever it's called, but all the kids in the park had decided that too, so we passed and hit some other rides instead.

 photo c71b8bfb-f490-400a-b140-fdaad42df8b0.jpg

Next, J wanted to go try out the karting. We others didn't, as we didn't have extra money at hand at the time, but it was pretty fun to watch, too. The course there is called Mika Salo Circuit - there's also an inside course, but the weather was lovely so we headed to the outside course.

 photo 038139c6-b1de-44e4-8b0e-b1188651e619.jpg

 photo efc84b57-81a2-49c5-8851-b730684d583f.jpg

When J was getting his driving gear on, we others took a look around on the cafe next to the course. There were some fun Formula 1 themed items as a decoration, and as boys (except T) and me are F1 fans, sure we had to see what there were. I'm sure Mika Salo has had something to do with the fact there's so many items.

 photo 2d2fd25b-fd7c-4058-930e-2c5322dac1c4.jpg

 photo 081400c8-ae5a-4641-aad8-597e6a758ba6.jpg

 photo 46583e4b-32fb-44fd-855e-5795b8dbc892.jpg

 photo 76515b9b-161b-4654-8c87-9266e31cea09.jpg

 photo 966cda8e-e6fa-496c-8f32-8064e5900845.jpg

Soon enough it was time to go see J driving. I gotta say, watching the guys drive around it totally made me feel like I would want to try that out. I have tried karting once in my life, in Malta when I was 15, so it's not a very recent thing. Maybe when I get a full-time job, though?

 photo a85a225f-3f9f-43ad-bf41-0dfa8877fca5.jpg

 photo e3921fb3-03ba-4508-9531-f94afcde4d7d.jpg

Our driver, nr. 12.

 photo a7517c83-a67e-4bb7-9a99-ac85f59076d1.jpg

Seriously, how fun is that? I need to make sure that next summer, I get to try that out, too. (Writing that down to my Summer '14 Bucket List)

 photo 9bcdd4b4-8637-41f5-b088-77c7096912a2.jpg

Lastly, my fiance and T wanted to go and have one more ride before getting into the car and heading home. J was more keen to sit that one out so we stayed down talking while the other two waited in line to hit the Booster again. (The ice cream in my stomach told me to sit out, too. Lol.)

 photo 9a7edd85-7a94-4518-a015-5918b598dab7.jpg

So me and J hung out with this cool dude here. He was a bit icy, I admit - what with not moving or talking, let alone breathing - but at least he was a good listener.

 photo f739f957-b38f-480b-852e-38f0d9e74afc.jpg

If guys who are like 6'5" look that small on Booster, you can just imagine how tall it is. Yup.

After this, it was time to head home. Everyone was tired but happy, and we were pretty excited we had made that trip. Even though I love spending time with my girlfriends (like I did last night) there's something about hanging out with the boys. I know there are many girls out there who know what I mean. I'm not saying I rather hang out with boys, I just say it's often just so much easier and relaxed.

 photo d0b0e55b-239a-4bcd-9616-9bad57064e50.jpg

 photo 2e4f5018-854a-4bf9-b7ba-f1d2937121dc.jpg

Unhealthy little snack. I discovered this chocolate bar only this summer, and I must say I've been missing out. It's so good!

 photo 5eb57e96-5119-4d3d-a491-af63f6e41079.jpg

I was "forced" to the back seat when J took the wheel. Boo.

No, really, back seat is fine, I'm just kidding.

So all in all, this was one of the most fun days I've had this summer, and wouldn't change it for anything.

Have you had an amazing trip this summer? Or will you have one in the future? Tell me about it! ♥

Now, I need to get going as we're going on the road again, haha. But I'll be back soon before you'll have the chance to miss me ;) Check my IG (@silvertigo) if you want to keep up with my travels and doings in real time.

Have a lovely weekend!

Blog ya later,




  1. heeloo dear!!! love ur pics....looks very fresh...
    good weather good place good pics....

    btw do check out my new post'
    stay in touch

    1. Thank you Antee! I'll make sure to visit you! ♥

  2. Love your trips with the boys and yes I am so with you on hanging with boys, so much fun and effortlessly amazing!!
    You should be happy for the back seat at least you didn't have to drive back.

    1. Haha, it's so fun with the boys, very different from hanging with the girls - which I love, too, since then I get to be the girly girl more than with the boys. :D I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, babe! ♥

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Your photos are so refreshing, they make me wanna go to an amusement park too! :)


    1. Haha, you should go with a group of friends, it's so much fun that way! ♥

  4. Thank you Anna! ♥ And the comment was more than deserved, your blog is very fun :) ♥


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