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Hiya everyone!

So many days of not blogging, it seems. My mind has been on another, more serious things - now, don't get me wrong, everything is well, but it has taken some my attention to stay that way. ;) Also, I've been hooked to Sims 2 after such a long while, so it has taken some time away, too.

Anyway, today it felt like I should really write something for you. I have been reorganizing things, and I think I just might do that same here - not literally, though, but I have been thinking new kind of posts and a little more fresh way of bringing things out here. I will be working on it bit by bit, and it would be nice to know if you notice pleasant changes around sometimes. ;)

However, today's post....

Today's post contains some photos I took at the ice hockey museum we visited a while back, and at the end of this post, you can see the outfit I wore. Enjoy!

 photo 80f78471-84a0-4041-8393-5b28b016a851.jpg

The hockey museum we visited is located at the center of Tampere, in the Museum Center Vapriikki. Vapriikki hosts many different museums/exhibitions, some of which are there for limited time only. We did visit most of them that day, but unfortunately my camera was too tired to see beyond the hockey stuff. (Darn battery...)

In the picture, you can see the Canada Bowl, a trophy that is each year handed to the team that wins the Finnish hockey league - formerly known as SM-Liiga, now just Liiga. My favorite team KalPa hasn't still had the honor of winning this beauty, but maybe next season?

 photo fd3a3410-e824-4e94-8f69-486e9158c115.jpg

The women, too, have their own bowl to win, the Aurora Borealis Bowl. Isn't that a nice name? That is basically everything I know about female hockey in Finland, as I don't pay as much interest to it as I do to men's hockey. (Men play more rough, hence, it's more interesting.) Although, the rules in the Liiga kinda piss me off, I mean, what's with the whole "no fighting at all" thing? They are grown men, they know the risks of waving the fist, and they get heated up because of the game. I realize hockey is not wrestling or boxing, but the whole zero tolerance of fighting is utterly ridiculous. If you can't take it, don't take the fun out of everyone else, just go see a junior game. I'm just saying.

Okay... Getting way carried off here...

 photo 2aa699ee-6ddb-43e5-85bf-23e0361f9863.jpg

Official World Championship medals in their mighty glory. Did I already mention I love hockey? Haha.

 photo 90d576bd-b8ed-49e3-bf62-fbcfa908f1dc.jpg

Different kinds of pucks. Now, I can admit there's a great hole in my knowledge as I don't really know the difference between different pucks, but at least that's a chance for me to learn something new this season.

 photo f055a8ea-ce8d-4912-b68b-34611e0c0aa3.jpg

Some serious goalie gear. One of the facts to know about me is that where the other girls often times know the names of the most popular forwards, I'm a sucker for good goalies. I'm not saying that being a talented forward or a center isn't a super cool deal, but I'm more into the guys that keep the own end clear. Also, it's amazing to see a big man be more agile and flexible than I am, I totally give credit for that. Not that the other players wouldn't be more talented in many ways than I am, of course they are.

Also, my favorite hockey players are mostly goalies or defencemen, like Antero Niittymäki (at least,a few years back when he was awesome), Zdeno Chara (that man is a bull!), Adam Masuhr (I have a shirt with his name on it), Johnny Boychuck, Dennis Seidenberg, Ron Hextall... and many, many more. You might notice that a certain NHL team is there quite strongly. I can totally confess myself as a Bruins fan, I've been like that  for few years now and was very disappointed they didn't win the Stanley Cup. But they were the second best team, and I'm happy for them.

Okay, blabbering again. Cool.

 photo 5f3419e1-bedc-4eb8-9fe1-c94ed24090e9.jpg

The latest gold for team Finland from the IIHF World Championship, the year 2011. That was a day when I was very proud to be a Finn. Don't know when that will happen again, though, as the legends are getting older, but I'm very hopeful for the few of the young, promising rising stars. There really might be a hockey future in them.

 photo 20e7991f-43e2-4e40-8dbb-b78465899236.jpg

And lastly, on oldie shirt of my favorite team. Fun fact: Did you know that NHL player Scott Hartnell owns a piece of KalPa? I hope my team will be worth the money. But of course, they do play well, for now at least.

Tired of hockey talk already?

Okay, let's get to girly stuff.

Here, you can see my outfit for the museum trip, I was trying to dress up a bit, and to look a bit more sophisticated than I usually do. It's up to you whether I succeeded.

 photo 464c3e41-21da-4755-9144-bae125ce9bc2.jpg

 photo 13896b09-4411-41a0-88fe-a0200a6afe18.jpg

 photo c110bf96-2d00-4c94-850c-0481f7b1820c.jpg

 photo cc785936-b8f9-47a8-8bad-11b7040a69a9.jpg

 photo 51be4cbd-7132-41d3-a92d-6cbe0e55fe33.jpg

 photo 9d836a15-8dce-44b8-b8ac-45b6839487c5.jpg

 photo a3b2d2e4-e1a2-4034-882f-f4839c81e092.jpg

 photo 3fcac5a0-9384-4498-b050-4345d26f15a1.jpg

Skirt: Boohoo Cropped Top: Boohoo Leather Jacket: H&M/DIY Heels: so darn old I don't know where I got them anymore Bracelet: Europehouse Bag: Boohoo Cross Rings: Gina Tricot Deer Ring: JC

An all black look with a pop of green and little silver details. This outfit had so much me to it that I just love to look at these photos - even though they are of me, haha. That skirt was such a random find from Boohoo, I never ever thought I'd love a maxi skirt, but here you have it, me wearing a maxi skirt. I always thought I was too short to wear one, but with the right shoes, apparently anything goes.

Now, I would love to know: What do you think about this outfit, yay or nay? And, how do you feel about maxi skirts?

This girl is off now, to watch a movie with my lovely fiance - and some nachos, as well. God how I need to jog tomorrow... Okay, so, anyway, I'm off now. Bye!

Have a fabulous day! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. You are so gorgeous! The outfit looks really good on you. I love how the bag adds a good pop of color to your outfit! ♥

  2. i think you look great in a maxi johanna! and i'm totally in love with the antler ring you have on (and your manicure of course!) always amazes me how talented you are in that department!

    steph /

    1. Aww, thank you Stephanie, you are so very kind :)

  3. The Hockey museum looks great!
    And love your outfit - all black is my favourite to wear, and your skirt is so incredible.

    1. Thank you :) The museum really is fun if you're into sports :)

  4. I know hardly nothing about Hockey so I wish I could say something smart that would c=give me some cred here LOL. I can compliment your outfit though - which is lovely and I am totally in love with your nails!


    1. Haha, it's okay not to know that much about hockey. I do as it is by far my favorite sport. ;) ♥ But thanks for the lovely words!

  5. Jäkisfanina pitäisi ehdottomasti tuolla joskus käydä!

    1. Suosittelen lämpimästi ja lähden mielelläni koska tahansa seuraksi :) ♥

  6. gorgeous outfit and amazing nails as usual.. jealous.. xx

    1. Aww, thanks, don't be jealous though, it just takes practice ;) ♥


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