For Talia

Hi guys,

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I really wanted to dedicate a post for the little Talia Joy Castellano, an angel and a fighter who passed away last month after battling cancer for years. It was shocking to see that a positive 13-year old like her dies that way. But that girl really was a true fighter, keeping her head high and staying positive despite the pain and illness. I'm not overly religious, but I think God had a spot with her name on it in Heaven, and it was time for her to go and be the angel she already was on Earth.

What Talia really wanted was to be known and that way she wanted to raise awareness of childhood cancer and really make a change so that they could find a better treatments or even a cure so that other children wouldn't have to go through that. So Talia, here's a shoutout for you.

Anyone who wishes to know more about Talia's story, visit Angels for Talia Facebook page, check out the stories, see the pictures of Talia's fans making her bucket list done.

Those of you who haven't seen Talia's videos, go do it on her YouTube channel. See what a positive spirit she was. 

And moreover, look at how gorgeous a girl can be without any hair! I know that's a lot of makeup for a girl that young, but like she used to say, makeup was her wig. ;)

Rest in peace little Talia. You've inspired me to be more positive, more open, and braver than I was before. Even though you were so much younger than me, you had insights to life I don't if I will ever learn. You were a beautiful young girl who made so much happen in her short stay on Earth. I wasn't lucky enough to meet you when you were still here, but I promise to keep you in my heart forever. I know many of my readers will think of this as a silly cliché or hunt for glory, but you really touched me deeply.

I hope your legacy will rock on forever.


  1. Fantastic post. She was a definite inspiration.

    1. She truly was. So sad she's gone now - but her legacy lives on :) ♥


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