Guest Post: Tips And Tricks To Overcome The Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

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Today I wanted to have a little cancer awareness day of my own. Like most of you probably know, the 13-year old YouTube star and makeup guru Talia Joy Castellano passed away last month, after battling two types of cancer and staying positive the whole entire time. I really wanted to do something to keep her legacy alive and make people remember her as the angel that she truly was. So I have two posts for today. This first one is a guest post by David, and it's about proper nutrition while battling cancer. Enjoy!

Tips And Tricks To Overcome The Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

As medical officials know, grappling with cancer can be one of the most challenging things that a patient struggles with. In complicating the fact that the disease engenders a wide variety of enervating symptoms, the treatments designed to cure the condition often generate their own negative side effects. Despite this fact however, there are many remedies designed to alleviate the symptoms caused by cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Here are three:

1. Chemotherapy Causes Anemia, Bruising, and Bleeding.
Unfortunately, chemotherapy can generate the aforementioned conditions. However, there are several remedies for these side effects. First, concentrate on consuming a diet replete with iron. There are numerous iron-rich foods that you can eat, including green leafy vegetables, fish, eggs, red meat, and liver. Additionally, you can consume whole-grain breads that come fortified with iron like rice, pasta, breads, and cereals. When you look for iron-rich breads and cereals, look over the food label to ensure that the food contains at least 20% of the DV for iron.

2. Chemotherapy and Radiation Cause Nausea.
While chemotherapy and radiation can cause nausea, many health experts know exactly which foods can help you rid yourself of this problem. Crackers work very well, and you can keep some near your bedside as ammunition against post-nap or morning nausea. In addition to eating crackers, recognize that there are many cold foods that you can eat if you discover that hot foods cause nausea. Some options include pudding, sherbet, toast, cold cereal, and peaches.

3. Chemotherapy Can Cause Anorexia.
Unfortunately, the experience of chemotherapy can engender appetite changes and emotional shifts that decrease nutrition. To counteract this side effect, be sure to make the experience of eating pleasurable by dining with loved ones and/or playing music when you eat. Also try making your environment aesthetically appealing. You should also be sure to eat snacks containing a lot of protein and calories like peanut butter, cheese, and nuts. Finally, ask your cancer center if they offer any nutritional counseling. Gaining assistance from trained professionals familiar with the nutritional impact of chemotherapy can help you overcome the condition.

While the side effects that result from cancer treatments may seem overwhelming, it is important to note that efficacious remedies exist. By implementing them in your daily life, you will likely begin feeling better and living a much more productive life. 

Thank you David for sending me this article, I find it interesting and informative!

I hope this article was any interesting to you. I don't know many people who are battling cancer, but for the few I know, I really want to spread the awareness. Think about how cool it would be if we found the cure for it. Think about how amazing it would be if no child had to pass away so painfully, getting weaker and weaker for months or for years, but instead they could be cured.

Let's keep spreading the awareness, keep donating to the foundations that actually do something about cancer treatments or awareness. Let's make the miracle happen.

Later today, I will have a little post dedicated to little Talia, the true survivor who kept positively swimming until her last day. She was an inspiration for me ♥

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