Midsummer With My Loved Ones

Hiya everyone!

How are you all today? ♥

I'm getting more and more excited for the upcoming vacation, the day after tomorrow we will start our week long trip up north. We will go visit my grandma and I haven't been there for three years, but have luckily seen her elsewhere. But anyway, I'm so glad to get to visit the places I have spend so many weeks in my childhood, and we have so many plans for the week. But a bit more about that on the next post. ;)

Today, I want to share my midsummer photos with you. There's quite many of them, and they're not really style related, but instead, they're bits and pieces of my midsummer with boys and my mom and dad.

We headed on the road early in the Friday morning, and our first stop was going to be Keuruu, where they arrange this huge get-together for Christian people every year (though everyone else is welcome, too). Boys have been there many times when they've been younger, but I had never seen the event, so it was fun to go and see it, and that way to get to know the boys little better as well.

 photo dd180a52-c6f7-468e-80ae-38ff209e0646.jpg

Having a bite at the Keuruu ABC. Not too fancy, but it was food alright.

 photo ee7ddc46-42d7-428a-a77b-a4e05a6935ed.jpg

 photo f6e4f4b5-31ac-46f6-992d-88a5ca959dfa.jpg

Walking around the huge area, hundreds of caravans and trailers and such, even more cars, and countless amount of people.

 photo 83dc987f-3beb-4288-a3ac-fd0ab54c7b84.jpg

 photo 0fcaa2df-1add-49e0-816c-3121de398b70.jpg

The area was pretty, especially the beaches, but I was a bit disappointed for the lack of activities they had for young adults and teenagers. But I got to meet loads of new people, very briefly, though, but still. So that was cool.

 photo 2c533a30-b984-41b5-806f-ce5ff31df568.jpg

And for the first time in the history of my blog, someone came to me and insisted that I take their photos and put it up for everyone to see. I'm sorry I didn't get your names, girls, but what I can say is that you both looked very beautiful. :) And you made me smile that day, you were so adorable.

 photo d710ba53-ec04-45b1-9217-82f5cf81276a.jpg

Before the three of us (me, my fiance and J) headed back on the road, we took our friend T to have pizza with us. What you see here has chicken, pepperoni, tomato and feta as toppings, which is our favorite pizza at the moment. Try it out, it's so good!

So then, the journey continued to my family's cabin. We had to drive along this super small rally road to get there because there had been an accident on the main road and we couldn't use it. I was being the driver and I can admit I was a bit scared to drive the narrow road with loose stones, sand, lots of turns and hills... It was a nightmare for a road, but I did it. I drove through it, despite my fear, and nothing bad happened. Thank God.

 photo 36ab613c-605f-4b97-b58d-739a1a27f884.jpg

I love the lake view there. It's so calming and pretty.

 photo 44dd1bf6-4656-4ea6-9732-a5fad85c7f02.jpg

 photo 1f8ce0d9-38fd-4901-970d-bbba8f3a73df.jpg

Wine, good food.....

 photo b71c9dec-2e23-4991-ab2c-9877b32d9e5e.jpg

 photo e63684d0-2c60-49a5-b300-0c9a000d537c.jpg

...even more food....

 photo 959712c4-39b3-4ceb-b279-f16df7d94e09.jpg

Me trying to be a cook (notice the fabulous hair there, haha.)

 photo 632d34e2-9dd7-428a-ae1e-7e21e78b9297.jpg

Love ♥

 photo 74626adb-b87c-49b1-89db-82022a6e1cef.jpg

 photo cf6f8830-4d71-47fb-bd10-b422418338a0.jpg

Cute little birdies on the corner of a building, they were just about to fly off the nest.

 photo be9c725c-2d89-47a0-b0df-716fc7f43f35.jpg

Playing cards...

 photo b28f1987-0360-452b-b6ea-33a17550d212.jpg

...and playing pool on a miniature table (so fun memories of that one!)

 photo 886fdde1-e10d-44b2-b4e2-9833b3f88ee2.jpg

View from the porch.

 photo 98ede041-688f-4785-ae1c-8de61821f971.jpg

Look at them! So freaking adorable!

 photo 30721f82-bb45-4b28-8fe0-f95cdc86a976.jpg

 photo ab977f09-f4cc-4597-8ee6-d4d408f75781.jpg

 photo 70946908-2616-4b08-b00d-c77dd71e80cb.jpg

Flip flops. The only appropriate cabin shoes on summer.

 photo 4d1d1eb9-dfe2-4f93-b6df-7e90d536f884.jpg

 photo f9c0abae-5c1e-4130-957f-1f540ae8175e.jpg

New favorite summer drink, who would've known I'd like the combo of beer and lemon? (And kids, don't drink unless you're old enough. I'm so old no one cares what I drink.)

 photo 5d502823-c73a-47fd-9954-3efcde0a94fe.jpg

 photo 19e951a4-d3a7-4413-8208-559a96edde74.jpg

 photo bdb447bc-601c-4f3f-8c73-8d6e6fdd8192.jpg

After the weekend, me and the boys headed back to home. J stayed at our place couple more days after that, and so we took the chance to go and play some minigolf (pretty much that for this summer, huh? :D)

 photo 9f81e841-7e1d-4fe9-96ca-6f4ca6afed3a.jpg

 photo ad3257b9-1c01-43d0-885e-96fceefc825f.jpg

 photo 9ca4c365-a103-4fa6-b89f-198fdc71c753.jpg

So, we had a pretty relaxed midsummer, instead of going to a festival and partying really hard, but that was the best part of it. This year for me is all about finding balance in my life and getting my life more stress-free, so the more I have these relaxed events, the better it is for me. ;)

Hope you liked these photos, we had so much fun when they were taken! ♥

I need to go now, to get everything ready for the trip (still not sure what clothes to pack, oh no!) but I'll be back with you very soon.

Have a lovely day ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Such a wonderful holiday!!
    Love your pictures!!!

  2. Ooh, nyt mie haluan mökille! :D

    Sinulle on haaste blogissani!

  3. I love these pictures. Such amazing summer pictures. Love the one of you cooking.


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