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As you're reading this, me and my fiance are heading north to see my parents, taking them along, and going to visit my grandma for a week or so. I'm so, so excited for it, since we have so many fun things planned for this week. Of course, I can't be sitting on the computer at all during the week, but instead, I have written some posts for you beforehand, so in case you'd like to read my musings while I'm having a sort of a break from blogging, don't worry. There will be posts to read. ;)

Also, I'm keeping a live-time on-the-road diary during the trip, so click here to follow my Facebook updates, and here to see snapshots along the way. Of course, there will be longer posts about the trip as soon as possible, but if you're curious, you can tag along as we travel on. (See how I can't really completely leave you readers? Haha, I'm so used to blogging already.)

Anyway, today I wanted to show you another of my bigger hauls this summer. These are all discount items, which I'm pretty proud of. I have mentioned before, but I'll say it again: I love to buy my clothes from sales, as I know how much air there is on the prices. I try not to buy anything at full price if possible, because then I'll have more money to do things. But here you can see what I bought while shopping with one of my best friends:

 photo 3a4414bf-17de-416c-bc1f-fade821aa01a.jpg

 photo 4913b07e-d11e-4de2-a970-629161e1b9ff.jpg

Cross rings - Gina Tricot

I love things with crosses in them, and these two-finger rings totally stole my heart. The darker one is actually the color of rose gold, even though it doesn't show in the photos. I will definitely be wearing both of these so much, they are fab.

 photo 62ad24e7-7548-475b-98dc-206c0024f0e1.jpg

Mint sneakers - Skopunkten

I actually went to find heels or girly shoes, but ended up having these in my bag. But, I love the color and I love sneakers, so I think these were actually the better purchase.

 photo 1436fc4c-f3d1-4fbc-9489-6c57eb27eddb.jpg

Leopard print top - Cubus

I loved the fierce pattern here, and as my collection of tops is in a serious need of renewing, I decided this was the perfect piece to start to define the new lines for my future closet.

 photo 410b9a5a-9d63-43fb-86d7-935527880585.jpg

Neon coral top - Gina Tricot

It doesn't show its true shade here, but it's actually coral/neon orange live. I liked the color so, so much, but haven't actually worn this even once - yet. But as I was typing this, I actually planned an outfit for the road where I could wear this. This is a very simple top with a loose cut to it, so it should be easy to pair with nearly anything.

 photo 3b2fb2b3-c42e-4ecd-aff0-9a1404c9a9d1.jpg

Grey top - Cubus

I have seen similar tops on Rowan from Red Riding Hood, and as she's such an inspiration with her effortlessly chic style, I had to have a top like this too. Maybe later on you will see here an outfit inspired by her. ;)

 photo cbe344f4-5fa7-4032-b972-40d5eb1fad7d.jpg

Cross print capri pants - Gina Tricot

Okay, well, these might be actually more like long-ish shorts, but anyway. These pants are so cool, I absolutely love the print, and the fact they are so easy-going while being edgy is what totally made me buy these.

 photo 3911c7c8-8b5f-4161-ad7e-e0063e812865.jpg

Fake leather vest - Cubus

I already have very similar in white, but the rock chick in me simply couldn't resist this leathery piece which will make a great addition to my pre-fall/fall closet. I believe this will look nice over a girly dress as well as with a pair of skinny jeans and boots.

Have you made any great purchases lately? And, what do you think about my finds? ♥

That's all I have for you today, but not to worry, next piece will come sooner than you think!

Have a fantastic day!

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  1. Looks like you got some great pieces. I love that fake leather vest. I'm due a massive shopping trip too.

  2. I love the vest and shorts! I tend to almost never buy anything full price either, sales are a great way to save $! Hope you're having fun on your road trip :)

    steph /

  3. great things!
    thanks for your comment <3

  4. Ooh great buys! I always search for a good sale, too! You did really well with these pieces! :)

    sorelle in style


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