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Hi again!

I don't know if this is a post anyone is interested to see, but as I see them frequently requested on other blogs, I decided to give a try. So, welcome to an ordinary day of mine. (This was Monday this week, to be exact)

 photo DSC04333Large.jpg

I woke up at 9am,which is quite early to me - I know, my schedule is messed up. This semester I'm not attending school, but working instead, so no early wakeup for me for a while.

 photo DSC04337Large.jpg

Not many of you may know, but I'm blind as a bat without my glasses. I need to wear some seeing aid all the time. When I'm at home, it's usually glasses. But I prefer contacts when I go out, as they are easier with activities of all types. But first thing to do each morning is put on glasses or contacts, just to see the world clearly.

 photo DSC04341Large.jpg

In the mornings, I don't usually have much of an appetite. I still try to eat a little something, and I always at least drink something with some calories in it, just to wake up my body. Notice the big tea cup? I'm so obsessed with tea I usually make a big cup - I don't mind drinking it cool as well, so I don't care if I can't drink it while it's warm. Tea is tea. (Yup, one of my weird habits. Just deal with it.)

 photo DSC04342Large.jpg

Before noon, I usually take some time for myself and just chill out watching series or a movie. Sometimes I also just read a book or craft something, depending on my mood, really.

 photo DSC04343Large.jpg

And like any other addicted blogger, I can't resist the urge to check on my "baby" via mobile. (Notice how lazy I've been with the other three blogs? Whoops.)

 photo DSC04345Large.jpg

Part of my "me time" is also prepping my hair and makeup. Though that day, I didn't do anything to my hair, but instead, I played a bit with my makeup.

 photo DSC04347Large.jpg

 photo DSC04351Large.jpg

I know it might be a bit much in someone's opinion,but like I said, I was trying out things. I really liked this makeup even if the hair didn't quite do justice to it :D If you'd like a tutorial for this look (with a better hair), leave a comment down below telling me so!

 photo DSC04352Large.jpg

And like any illogical being, I only went jogging after putting on the makeup. Because, you know, people care so much how you look while running. Can you tell my favorite color is pink? Of course you can't.

 photo DSC04353Large.jpg

Ready to jog. I would've loved to take photos while jogging but I didn't really want to take the big camera along, so... No photos from the woods. Sorry!

 photo DSC04356Large.jpg

After some exercising, I felt I deserved my computer time. So, I opened my laptop and sat on the couch. (Yes, I do have a table for this, too, but sometimes I prefer to nerd out here because I just love the couch.

 photo DSC04357Large.jpg

Playing The Sims 2 like a true nerd. Don't judge, I love it, end of story. ;)

 photo DSC04359Large.jpg

I was alone at home then, so I put on the TV in the hopes of there being something nice on, and decided on Animal Planet, where there's 24/7 more or less nice shows. Sorry about the mess in front of TV, you can see there how much of nerds we really are, haha. (Note to self: put all the video games in place in the morning.)

 photo DSC04362Large.jpg

And, like on every night, it seems, some blogging stuff. I have so much inspiration going on right now for the blog, I just hope I can bring out even half of it with the quality I can stand myself. (Yes, I'm my own worst critic, I know.)

 photo DSC04363Large.jpg

When my fiance got back home, it was time to cook. At that point, I realized I had forgotten a proper lunch - bad me - and was super hungry.

 photo DSC04364Large.jpg

After a quick change of clothes, I was off to work first time in many weeks. This was my first day back after my vacay, and I was both excited and nervous about the evening.

 photo DSC04365Large.jpg

I put on a good CD (self-made mix) and started driving. My shift started at 6pm, and I would get off at 10pm.

 photo DSC04366Large.jpg

What I usually do at the breaks: read a book. And drink water or whatever fluid I have along for the day - and whenever I have a snack with me, I eat that then as well. I like to have it quiet as the space we work in is quite noisy. Here you can also see my chic must-have accessory at work, the dirty gloves! ♥

At ten o'clock, I headed home to my man, to eat a little something and relax before going to bed.

 photo DSC04378Large.jpg

Usually, I just watch TV and keep the laptop closed - unless I have some blogging to do - but that day, I wanted to read a little more before bed.

After that, it was just the regular stuff, showering, brushing my teeth, and reading a book before sleeping.

So, what you can say after this is that I don't live that exciting life - on normal days. But then again,when I do more special stuff, I usually write about it. This post is mostly about the things that happen behind the scenes.  If you'd like to see more these, let me know, and I'll see what I can do. ;)

I hope you liked this post, even if it is so very ordinary. I'm having more inspiring stuff in store for you very soon, though!

Have a fantastic day ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Loved this insight into your day. And you look gorgeous without make up too.

  2. I think this is a fantastic post! I love to see what an ordinary day of another blogger is!


    1. Thanks Rebecca, I enjoy this kind of posts from other bloggers too so I decided to give it a go ;)

  3. Kaikkea sitä bloggaajasta paljastuukin tälläsissä postauksissa ;) Oli mulle aika ylläri että sulla on lasit! Mä en taas voisi millään pitää jatkuvasti piilareita, koska päätetyössä mulla kuivuu silmät.

    Muutenkin tosi kiva postaus ja vähän erilainen sun blogissa kun on aina aika paljon esim. kynsijuttuja :)

    1. Kiitos ihana :) Erilaista mä juuri tällä hainkin, pitää vähän vaihdella rutiineja ettei lukijat taikka kirjoittaja ihan puudu sisältöön :D Plus että vaikka niitä kynsijuttuja tulee varmasti aina olemaan paljon, kun se on mulle se oma juttu, niin se ei tarkoita et kaikki niitä haluaa lukea ;) Eli kiitos palautteesta, hyvä tietää että nämä arkisemmatkin jaksaa kiinnostaa ihmisiä ♥

      Ja joo, lasit löytyy ja ne on joskus aikapäiviä sitten vilahtanut postauksissakin :)

  4. Love this post and getting to know of your regular day!!!

    1. Thank you :) I would love to see a similar from you hun ;) ♥


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