Share - IN - Style #14

Heya lovelies!

Hope you're all having a fun day ♥

Today I'm super excited for many reasons: the Finnish Hockey League started, the new NHL came out this week, the weather has been awesome (mostly) - and in this post, I get to work together with one of my dearest blogger friends.

Remember the striped look post from two weeks ago with Amparo? (click here if you wanna see it) This week, I'm again pairing up with a lovely lady. The given theme was...

Animal prints

Now, anyone who has read this blog even for a week might have noticed that I absolutely love animal prints, in many, many forms. So naturally, when seeing this theme, many images came to my head when I considered how to approach the theme this week.

As the choice was pretty hard, I came to the conclusion that if you don't know what to wear, take out your trusted pieces.

 photo DSC04578Large.jpg

And so I did. Biker boots, jeans, leather and huge pile of accessories. That's what I know, and that's what I like. I couldn't decide if I should wear leopard print or a picture of a tiger, so I actually wore both.

 photo DSC04587Large.jpg

 photo DSC04626Large.jpg

Bracelets: Gina Tricot,, H&M, Europehouse

 photo DSC04593Large.jpg

 photo DSC04627Large.jpg

Biker boots: Ebay

 photo DSC04610Large.jpg

Leopard print jeans: H&M Tiger print tee: New Yorker Leather gilet: Cubus Belt: Gina Tricot Aviators: H&M Beanie: DIY

I really wanted to have kind of a casual look that is still very much "me", and I personally liked this look a lot.

My lovely partner this week was the fabulous Adeola from She Got Her Own. We've been reading each other's blogs for quite a while now and she is definitely one of the loveliest people I've got to "know" through blogging. One day, I really want to meet you in person, love! (and then we'll do your nails, too, right?)

Adeola's style was more girly than mine, and she definitely had her athletic side there, too. ♥

 photo AnimalPrintsScarf.jpg

 photo Share-IN-Style14.jpg

Cute and simple Autumn look, and I especially love the skirt and the scarf. I love reading her blog as she has a very nice personal style, and she's always so kind and optimistic. If you want to see the details of this look, head over to her blog.

So, what do you think about this kind of posts? And, if you want to see more takes on this theme, go to Aminta Online or Mis Papelicos to get the links to other blogs that are taking part to this challenge this week! ♥

Now, I need to get this place ready for guests (=two friends of my fiance and a hockey studio at home), which means cleaning up and baking, so probably you won't hear more from me today - but tomorrow I have a little something planned for you. ;)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Blog ya later,




  1. Wonderful as ever, my dearest Johanna. Will you please link yourself in my post.
    I am try an easier way, see if it works.
    Much love.

    1. Thank you Sacramento, the new way seems awesome! ♥

  2. Adolescence is a time to gain your own fashion identity. Experiment with different styles to find the type of clothing that represents you best. Once you have figured out your style, look for fashion ideas in magazines, see what celebrities are wearing and look at the girls in your community.

  3. Thank you so much for the sweet words dear and yes we got to meet up something and get my nails done and do girls stuff in general!
    I really love "working: with you and getting to partner in this fabulous look of yours!!!
    Animal print is all your in this look!!!
    You look fabulous!!!

    1. Hehe, the pleasure is all mine, honey! ♥ Let's do this again when your camera issues are sorted - and yes for meeting up someday, that would be so awesome ♥

  4. Me encanta tu look, y que te sientas tan cómoda con él hace que lo luzcas. Adoro toda esa cantidad de accesorios. Un gran abrazo.Te invito a ver como yo resolví el reto. Un gran abrazo.

    1. Gracías, Juan! Me encanta tu look también, y estoy muy entusiasmado a ver qué es el próximo desafío. ♥

  5. You and Adeola look super cool! Love all your accessories!

  6. You both look so amazing here. I love your leather vest so much.

  7. Gorgeous ladies!! Looking both great on leopard print :)

    1. Thank you, beautiful lady! We were apparently thinking alike with Adeola and both decided on the leopard, hehe. :) ♥

  8. it's great to have u sharing style again!
    kisses from India,

  9. I could wear every bracelet you own ! And the leo leggings + biker boots = awesomely rock !!!
    Your blogger friend has a super cool style !

    1. Thank you honey! ♥ I love Adeola's style too, she's gorgeous :) ♥


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