Trip to North, Day 1

Heya lovelies!

Having a nice start for your week? ♥

I sure am, the weekend was super relaxing as I got to see my friend S after such a long while. She took me to an event I had never imagined attending - Stellar City, which is an electronic music event where people go to listen to the DJ's and dance their heart out. So in other words, I attended my very first rave party ever.It was a quite small one, but I think that was a good thing as I was pretty confused the whole night. :D But in the end, I enjoyed myself, even if that wasn't really the type of music I listen to. Alex M.O.R.P.H. was pretty darn good, even. So thank you again, S, I had a lot of fun!

Today's post, however, is a different kind of fun. I'm bringing you some chosen photos of our trip to north, starting today with the day 1 of our adventure.

 photo DSC03288Large.jpg

We started our journey on a Saturday afternoon. We packed our car, and started to drive to my parent's home 3-4 hours' drive away from our place. We were supposed to drive so that we could avoid the Neste Rally event that was going on at the time, but our timing was a bit off so we had to drive through all the madness. Okay, it was pretty fun to see rally cars up close, but when one tried to run us over, I didn't think it was that fun anymore.

 photo DSC03293Large.jpg

One of my stupid habits: shooting awkward selfies while travelling. You never really get to see them - oh yes, they're that awkward - but for the sake of more personality, I gave in and shared this.

 photo DSC03298Large.jpg

In the middle of the journey, we stopped and switched drivers. Not that it's very hard to drive for three hours, but as we both actually can drive, we make the most of it and at least try to drive equally much.

 photo DSC03296Large.jpg

Stopping for some water, on a bus stop in the middle of nowhere.

 photo DSC03348Large.jpg

Almost at my parent's finding the spot for outfit pics. I love how there's so many beautiful lakes in Finland, it's impossible not to get beautiful landscape photos when travelling in summer.

 photo DSC03352Large.jpg

 photo DSC03317Large.jpg

Neon tee: Gina Tricot Camo pants: Zara Shoes: Puma Beanie: KalPa shop Sunglasses: H&M Bracelets: various charity campaigns

 photo DSC03332Large.jpg

When traveling, I try favor laid back looks to ease the stress that body can go through while sitting in a vehicle for hours. I wasn't really planning on sharing this, either, but again, can someone out there claim they never wear laid back looks outside their home? Because I can say I do that quite a bit. Most of them are simply just too sloppy to share here, though. But maybe on some "Day with me" post later on...

Anyway, about the outfit, I tried to combine camouflage/army print with neon, as it is a super fun combo in my opinion. And again, I'm wearing a tee that is one size too big. I like many shirts that way nowadays. :D

After taking outfit pictures, we headed to my parent's house, to sleep there for one night and then, the journey seriously started. But more on that on the next post. ;)

Now, I need to go eat a little something and then clean up a bit so I can concentrate on more fun things for the rest of the week. Remember: If you have requests about the future content of this blog, make sure to vote on the poll up there on the right side of the blog. I will keep your wishes in mind while planning new posts. ;)

Have a great week, everyone ♥

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  1. lol i ALWAYS wear laid back stuff in the car while road tripping... why dress up when you're sitting for 7 hours straight! you look fab!

    1. Exactly! Comfort over fashion - though, there's loads of stuff that are both at the same time, haha :D Thanks love! ♥

  2. I love road trips. Your outfit is perfect for it!

  3. Hihi, hauskoja tilannekuvia ja kauniita maisemia! :) Ihanan rento myös tuo sun asu.

    1. Voi kiitos, hauskoja nää matkapostaukset toivottavasti ovatkin, kyseessä kumminkin oli rento perhereissu :D Ite kans tykkäilin tota asua kun se oli niin simppeli ja mukava ku mikä ;) ♥

  4. Beautiful photos, you look great..Hope you're having a great time on your trip!

    1. Thank you girls! And the trip sure was fun, hope you'll enjoy the other posts about it as well ;) ♥

  5. Beautiful place, amazing pics and perfect outfit for road trip! you look amazing as always dear.<3

    1. Aww, thank you beautiful! I hope the other posts will be as nice to read as this was :) ♥

  6. Beautiful pictures ! I love neon colors !!!


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