Trip to North, Day 2

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I was supposed to post this one yesterday, but unfortunately I was feeling under the weather so much that I couldn't. Today, I'm only slightly better, but I didn't wanna have any more gap between posts so I made myself tea and sat down to type this. I can also proudly say that after I kill off this flu, I have so much time to do different kind of posts - so if you have wishes about future posts, please vote on the poll that can be found on the right side of the page! I'm happy to do more the kind of posts my readers want to see, but unless you tell me, it's difficult to know. ;)

So, today I have more pictures from our trip to north. I try to not make these overly long, but I have literally hundreds of photos from there, so... :D (For those who rather see just simple outfit posts, just wait for Friday ;)) 

 photo DSC03354Large.jpg

Day two of our trip was Sunday, we had planned it that way as we figured there wouldn't be that much traffic then. We would drive from Kuopio to Kuusamo, which makes about 4 hours' drive - if you don't stop at all in between. My parents were going to stay longer than us in the north, so we were waiting for them to pack the car for nice while.

 photo DSC03359Large.jpg

And of course, I took the chance to photograph around the yard. I really loved this lantern mom had turned into a home for a flower, it looked so adorable.

 photo DSC03363Large.jpg

And, as we were going to visit our relatives along the drive, I got the important job of creating a little bouquet of flowers for my great aunt. 

 photo DSC03381Large.jpg

Finally, everyone was ready and we got on the road. Mom and dad took the lead since it had been forever since I had been where we were headed.

 photo DSC03383Large.jpg

I know you're thinking it's not very good for environment to go with two cars when there's only four of us, but like I said, me and my fiance were going to come back way before my parents, so it was just easier that way.

We stopped at Kajaani to visit our relatives for a couple of hours (and had a superb meal with smoked salmon and mushroom soup, loved it!) and after that, it was time to get back on the road. 

For a while.

 photo DSC03392Large.jpg

As my fiance had never gone up this road, we decided we should show him the places a bit. So our next stop was Suomussalmi, the place where a certain Finnish F1 driver is from. You know you that is?

 photo DSC03399Large.jpg

 photo DSC03394Large.jpg

 photo DSC03395Large.jpg

Those of you who either follow F1 or saw the pictures of this trip before know the answer. Of course, Suomussalmi is the home of Heikki Kovalainen, Mr. Niceman. There was this car representing that and as my man is such a fan of F1, he was delighted we visited there.

After this, we drove a little further, to see this:

 photo DSC03400Large.jpg

 photo DSC03403Large.jpg

Hiljainen Kansa - Quiet People, is a big piece of outdoors art by dancer Reijo Kela, and it is quite famous here in Finland. I remember this from my childhood, and it seems like some of these people still have the same clothes as back then. 

 photo DSC03408Large.jpg

I know this might be weird art for some, kinda like looking a bunch of scarecrows, but you know, art is art. I've heard that when you visit, you can leave old clothes on the people (a.k.a. you can help them be more fashionable) and rumor has it that you can even switch items with them (give yours, take theirs). I certainly wouldn't as I feel is a bit unhygienic, but I don't know, if someone gets a kick out of it...

 photo DSC03412Large.jpg

As you can see, there are many, many of them. I think next time I know I'll pass them, I will reserve an old piece to give to them. Just for the sake of art. They also keep changing their clothes for seasons, so I suppose that on winter you'd spot thick coats and old jumpers on them. Don't know for sure, though. There's also a cute little café next to it, and you can get crêpes and such from there. I warmly recommend getting a coffee and a crêpe there, you also support the art that way.

 photo DSC03419Large.jpg

And of course, with this many fashionable dudes around, I had to take the outfit shots here. Since at least once I could feel like I'm not a dwarf. ;)

 photo DSC03434Large.jpg

 photo DSC03439Large.jpg

Jumper: Boohoo Shorts: DIY Headband: H&M Aviators: H&M Top: Gina Tricot/DIY (seen in the pic below)

Just hanging out with my buddy, the captain. Look how we share a hairstyle - he almost looks better than I do, lol.

 photo DSC03451Large.jpg

 photo DSC03461Large.jpg

Bracelet: Boohoo Earrings: Boohoo

 photo DSC03467Large.jpg

 photo DSC03472Large.jpg

Have I mentioned how I love these flats? They're one of the most precious things in my closet, but it's already time to pack them up to wait for the next summer as it starts to be too rainy for them already. 

After outfit shots, the journey continued to north yet again.

 photo DSC03478Large.jpg

First sign of reindeer, now we're really getting to the north.

 photo DSC03484Large.jpg

 photo DSC03487Large.jpg

We had one more stop before we got to Kuusamo. We all wanted to have some ice cream, and this was one of the few places that were open that hour. And where were we at this point? On Kylmäluoma.

 photo DSC03490Large.jpg

 photo DSC03488Large.jpg

The place was called Kylmäluoma Camping, and I could see myself spending a night or two there at some point. Very relaxing looking place and the guy who was at the front desk was very, very friendly. We got our ice creams and enjoyed them before getting into the cars again.

 photo DSC03494Large.jpg

Taking a shot of mom taking a shot. 

Finally, we were on the last leg of the journey, and soon we would be at my grandma's.

 photo DSC03499Large.jpg

What happened the next day? You'll find out soon enough. ;)

Have a great day! ♥

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  1. Hope you're feeling better.
    This seems like such a perfect road trip. I really want to go on one now. I love that you saw the F1 car too!

    1. Thanks love, honey, I'm getting there! There's still so much to show from the trip, I'm so excited to write about it. ♥

  2. Such an interesting place! Love the photos! Kiss

  3. Great pictures

  4. These photographs are GORGEOUS, Johanna! I love your outfit; and those scarecrows are so fun!! :)

    1. Hehe, they really are :) Thanks love, I'm having a hard time choosing the pics here as I obviously can't post them all :D ♥

  5. cant wait to hear what happend nxt day!! lucky you who gets to go on so many trips.. xxx

    1. Haha, oh well, they are very small trips, but I do try to make the most of them ;) I'll post more during the weekend ♥

  6. so many cool pics! love your shoes!!
    check out my latest outfit post:


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