Trip To North, Day 3

Hi everyone!

How has your weekend been? ♥

I've still been curing my flu, but luckily the worst seems to be over by now. I've been planning some future posts today, and taking some pictures as well, and I hope I get to post them soon enough for you. According to the little poll that was hanging out on the right hand side for the past week, you'd like to see more posts about the simple daily life things and also more DIY stuff, so I try to make that happen here as well as I possibly can. :)

Today, I'm going to relive the third day of our trip to north - which was very, very casual, just spending time with the family and not doing that much. (Don't worry, I'll have a truckload of photos about the next day, so they will quite make up for the fact this is a shorter one. Also, you can click here if you want to see yesterday's post, which is all about makeup.)

 photo DSC03502Large.jpg

That day, we visited Ruka, place known for it's outdoor sports possibilities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile riding... It's a popular place to spend your winter break in, and it's pretty full of different cabins and other vacation apartments. 

 photo DSC03503Large.jpg

So here we were at the Ruka Peak, top of the whole mountain - or fjeld, it's probably called? We admired the nice view (and me and mom took way too many photos) and just enjoyed the fresh air.

 photo DSC03526Large.jpg

On the top, there was also this radio and TV station, which of course was pretty restricted area, but then again no one seemed to mind that we were there.

 photo DSC03512Large.jpg

 photo DSC03520Large.jpg

Like I said, I took also many quite pointless photos - well, pointless for the blog, but warm memories for me. My grandma was also with us, and I'm so happy to see that she still has the energy to go around with us. Not that she's that old, but still.

 photo DSC03533Large.jpg

T-shirt: Linkin Park gig Shorts: SpiritStore Shoes: Puma

My look that day wasn't much to see. Just an old tee, one of my favorite pairs of shorts, and comfy shoes. I didn't feel the need to dress up that day either, as we were just hanging out as a family. 

 photo DSC03541Large.jpg

A view of the skiing resort of Ruka. No snow yet, but wait just a few weeks and they'll start making some snow there artificially, when the winter season starts. Then, in my opinion, it really looks amazing. I do like Ruka slopes a lot, I have been both skiing and snowboarding there and I've always had so much fun.

 photo DSC03556Large.jpg

Men in the front with their longer legs.

 photo DSC03554Large.jpg

Dad's concentrating.

 photo DSC03545Large.jpg

We didn't get far from the slopes, when these little fellas jumped on the road. Luckily dad saw them and had the time to stop and wait for them to cross the road.

 photo DSC03548Large.jpg

And then there were bigger fellas that came to say the hello.

After this, we went to see some local shops, like Kuusamon Uistin (fishing gear shop), Riipisen Riistaherkku (local food) and some souvenir shop, that sold sorts of fur things. I found the cutest little hat there, but I just can't bring myself to wear real fur, so it didn't come home with me.

 photo DSC03562Large.jpg

In front of one of the shops, there was this wooden bear, and some of us really wanted to take a picture with it. Again, I chose to stay behind the camera, but I do like photographing people, so...

 photo DSC03563Large.jpg

And there was this group of gnomes hanging around, too. Me and mom don't really like these, they are just way too kitsch and plastic looking for our tastes. But they were colorful so it made kind of nice picture, though.

 photo DSC03564Large.jpg

And how cute is this reindeer? It's all white! Okay, it's also a bit sad as it is dead and stuffed (which is kinda creepy to me), but if you can get past that, it is cute. 

If you like cute alive animals, make sure you'll check out the next part of our trip, which I'll be posting in a couple of days. :)

But now, this girl will go have some precious me-time with tea cup, knitting and a bubble bath for my feet ♥

Have a great start for your week!

Blog ya later,




  1. Replies
    1. Thank you honey, I love that kind of trips, too ♥

  2. ruka looks really interesting! and so good that you get to spend some time with your grandmother ;) i miss mine a lot! (she's in a different country)

    steph /

    1. Well, it kinda feel like mine is, too, since I usually can't find the time to visit her as we live so far apart. ♥

  3. everyone is sick lately! it's gotta be the change of weather! great photos though and ahhh yaaa reindeers are adorable!

    1. I think so too - it's getting better for me, though. ♥

  4. Great pictures and I like your outfit, how cool are those little fellas?
    Its great your dad is a good driver, to have noticed them.

    1. Hehe, yeah, dad's awesome ;) And thanks, it's nice that you like the pics! ♥

  5. Replies
    1. Oh my, thank you so much, Elsa! I'll pay you back a visit ♥

  6. The little gnomes are adorable; and I LOVE your casual look!! :)

    1. Hehe, they're lovely unless you bring them to my yard ;D But thank you so much love! ♥


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