Trip To North, Day 5

Heya babes!

How are you all today? ♥

Sorry for the mini blogging break, I had this awful migraine that kept creeping up every time I opened my laptop. That's luckily history for now, so I could finally sit down and write this post.

So, today, I'm going to share the fifth and final post about our trip to north. Those of you who are tired of seeing these, don't worry, there'll be no more. ;D

On that day, we went hiking. In Kuusamo, there are lots of great hiking tracks, and we were going to walk around one that was short enough to complete in few hours. Of course, many might say that that isn't exactly what you call hiking, but oh well.

 photo DSC03720Large.jpg

 photo DSC03721Large.jpg

Karhunkierros - name of the big, famous hiking track (or rather, group of tracks), part of which we walked as well.

 photo DSC03722Large.jpg

Reminders of the war time. Not dangerous, though.

 photo DSC03729Large.jpg

 photo DSC03733Large.jpg

 photo DSC03734Large.jpg

A beautiful monument that has been "built" for Reino Rinne, who was known for his work for protecting the rapid Kiutaköngäs. Much thanks to him, the rapid still stays as nature meant it, not harnessed for human consumption.

 photo DSC03735Large.jpg

 photo DSC03736Large.jpg

 photo DSC03741Large.jpg

Kiutaköngäs. Such a beautiful landmark. I tried to take a nice panorama shot but it looks ridiculously small when fitted into the blog.

 photo DSC03744Large.jpg

Hot day means lots of water intake. And breaks. (Yeah, I know, aren't I sporty?)

 photo DSC03752Large.jpg

 photo DSC03754Large.jpg

I can't believe how gorgeous the views were, and I could feel my lungs getting more fresh air into them than they had had in months.

 photo DSC03766Large.jpg

 photo DSC03778Large.jpg

...and of course, more food. To be fair, this was as good as our lunch got that day. :D

 photo DSC03780Large.jpg

Dessert. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best ones.

 photo DSC03781Large.jpg


 photo DSC03787Large.jpg

100% natural snack, hand-picked. I love blueberries so much.

 photo DSC03794Large.jpg

Duckboards - thanks for the swamps, we got to walk on these part of the way.

 photo DSC03807Large.jpg

As raising reindeer is a big thing in northern Finland, places like this are not an uncommon scene. These are for marking the reindeer, and checking the herd in general. I can only imagine how tough job it really is.

 photo DSC03813Large.jpg

 photo DSC03826Large.jpg

After the Kiutaköngäs track, we headed to Myllykoski - another rapid. It is known for the mill (mylly = mill) that's located there, but nowadays people might know it better for the rafting possibilities. We were lucky enough to witness one group going down the rapid (and guess how badly I wanted to try!).

create animated gif

My first ever attempt to make a gif...

 photo DSC03882Large.jpg

How cool does that look? (Okay, Sherin, not as cool as you coming down a side of a building on a rope, but still. :D)

 photo DSC03899Large.jpg

 photo DSC03902Large.jpg

 photo DSC03905Large.jpg

Near Myllykoski, there are these suspension/cable bridges. They are pretty high, compared to the river below, but not too scary. We had a little breakthrough there, as my mom got over her fear of these bridges and actually crossed them without a problem. I am still so proud of her. Your my hero, mom! ♥

 photo DSC03908Large.jpg


 photo DSC03913Large.jpg

My attempt to look somewhat sporty.

 photo DSC03917Large.jpg

 photo DSC03928Large.jpg

More lovely views. Seriously, I had to leave so many pictures out in attempt to make this post readable and interesting, but I can tell you I have many, many nature shots on my hard drive from the trip. Which is pretty nice, as I can look at them when the winter comes.

 photo DSC03930Large.jpg

Simply loved the light in this one. The way the sun comes between the branches and lands over my dad. :D

 photo DSC03934Large.jpg

After getting back from Myllykoski, it was time to head back to my grandma's. The next day, we hung out with some old friends, went shooting and just relaxed. So, that didn't really make it into a blog post. But, I still have so much other stuff to post for you - first real Autumn looks, new nail posts, couple of hauls, some DIY stuff... Really, I need to get into writing first thing tomorrow morning. :D

But this closes the trip to north chapter on the blog, I hope you have enjoyed it, sorry I didn't have the time to post this earlier - and, I can't wait to get more travel done so I can make new posts like these.

Anywho, I need my sleep now, so, I'll be back soon!

Have a fabulous day! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. This has been an amazing trip and these pictures were terrific!!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect hike. The route looks so pretty and scenic. I wish there was somewhere in london like this - fresh air is always good.

    1. Hehe, the hike really was lots of fun :) I love getting some fresh air, too, it makes me feel so amazing :) ♥


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