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Hello lovelies! How are you? ♥ It's been a week since I last posted, which feels like forever. Taking outfit photos has proven to be a real challenge and that postpones my posting a bit. Hope you all understand. What I've been up to? Well, this week I was a bit sick, but once I got that under control, I started a new workout routine. It feels amazing, and once I get some results with it, I will be posting more about it. Today, I got on the skates for the first time this year which felt amazing (yet a bit painful for the feet). I didn't recall liking it that much, but now I can't wait to go again!

In today's post, me and the hubby are doing the Girlfriend/Boyfriend tag, as it marks 6 months from our wedding day today. I hope you'll have fun reading this, as we had fun answering the questions. The things in brackets at the end of the answers are things we had to comment on each other's answers.

When/where did we meet?

Husband: Face to face, we met on July 2009, when you were visiting the festival Sonisphere in Pori.
Me: Technically we got to know each other the year before on F1 related group in IRC-galleria (an internet platform where teens used to hang out and put their pics before FB and IG). So I'd say that. 

When did you meet my parents?

Husband: When I was visiting you the first time in 2009.
Me: Later the same year when visiting you.

Where/when was our first kiss?

Husband: On my first visit to your home. 
Me: Yeah, this one was sneaky and pointed out I had soda left in my glass when watching movie so he could put his hand behind my back and cuddle. And then kiss.

Who said “I love you” first?

Husband: Me.
Me: Agreed. It took me quite a while after that to say it (oops).

What is the first thing I wish you didn’t do?

Husband: I don't know. (Leave his clothes on the couch?)
Me: Swear. I'm like a pirate. (Husband confirms.)

Where was our first date?

Husband: Visiting amusement park Särkänniemi in 2009.
Me: Yup, that's the one.

What eye color did you wish I had?

Husband: Well that's stupid question.
Me: His eyes are just perfect like that.

What TV show do I seem to always forget?

Husband: Again, a stupid question.
Me: I'm guessing that means we don't really forget the shows we follow since they get recorded automatically.

What clothing do I always wear?

Husband: Ripped jeans. (True.)
Me: Hoodie. (He agrees.)

Which food I like/ don’t like?

Husband: You like chicken and sushi, and Nutella. Chicken at home, sushi at restaurant and Nutella always. You don't like beetroot, but that's about only thing you don't eat. (He knows me well.)
Me: You like my homemade chicken sauce and rice noodles, and the chicken burger with extra chicken at Coyote. You don't like fish, mushroom, bell pepper, blue cheese, olives... and many other things. (Correct, except the chicken burger must have ranch dip with it.)

Which drinks I like/ don’t like?

Husband: Crowmoor cider is the favorite. No light sodas go for you, ever. (True, I don't drink any light drinks because I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners.)
Me: You love Coca-Cola, and certain beers. Whiskey is a no-go for you. (Correct.)

What is my shoe size?

Husband: 36/37, depending on the brand.
Me: 45/46, usually the larger one though.

What are my weird habits?

Husband: You put Nutella on bread. And you put a ton of marshmallows on you hot drinks. (I don't see how that's weird, but I do that.)
Me: You wear your socks halfway on your feet at home. (Guilty as charged.)

What would I eat every day if I could?

Husband: Sushi. (Indeed.)
Me: Pizza. (Yes.)

What am I good at?

Husband: Painting nails. (Aww.)
Me: Entertaining. (Laugh.)

Which kind of music do I like most?

Husband: Linkin Park. (Also other metal, but yes.)
Me: Nightwish. Spotify told me. (True.)

Which song do I like most?

Husband: Anything Linkin Park. (True in a way, but actually Poison by Alice Cooper, but Numb by Linkin Park is the close second.
Me: It has to be something by Nightwish? Maybe Wishmaster? (That's right.)

Which sport do I like?

Husband: Football, tennis, badminton... Just kidding. You love ice hockey and Formula 1. (Haha, yes.)
Me: F1 and ice hockey, no doubt about that. 

Which sports team do I like most?

Husband: KalPa (Liiga), Boston Bruins (NHL) and Red Bull (F1). And Daniel Ricciardo, if he was a team. (Haha, yeah, he knows me.)
Me: Ässät (Liiga), Chicago Blackhawks (NHL) and Ferrari (F1) but also Mercedes (F1). (Correct!)

Do I play sport?

Husband: Not actively, but you are eager to go along to play hockey or drive go-kart. (Yes. I get my exercise elsewhere.)
Me: Floorball once a week. (True.)

What is my eye color?

Husband: Green, like an emerald. (With a bit of hazel, but yes.)
Me: Mix of everything, but mostly light brown. (It's the fluorescent lights, babe.) 

Who is my best friend?

Husband: You have all-star field of many people. 
Me: We both do. It's quite cruel to rank people.

Where does my family come from?

Husband: Your dad is from Savo region and mom practically from Lappi. (That's quite right.)
Me: Your dad is from Pori and your mom close of it. (Yup.)

What I often do on my free time?

Husband: You do your nails, play video games and hang out with friends. (And I obviously blog.)
Me: You play video games, chill with friends and watch sports. (Yes, true.)

How long have we dated?

Husband: Over six years.
Me: Yes, that's right.

Do I often make you angry?

Husband: Not often.
Me: Not really, we're married after all.

Which film do I like most?

Husband: Pirates of the Caribbean. All of them. (For example, yes.)
Me: Rush. Because F1. (You'e right.)

What is my pet peeve?

Husband: Outdated websites and unappealing presentation of things. (Quite right, that's high up on my list.)
Me: You get annoyed by so many little things I don't know which one to pick. (I have many about foods, like mixing things together on salad buffets, which ruins the good stuff.)

Those are all the questions we had time for today. If you want us do more (maybe someday in a video as well), let me know in the comments!

I'm heading to bed now, but it was lovely to talk to you guys again. I still love blogging, don't worry, I've just been bummed about not getting outfit pictures. I will do my best to fix that soon, and I do luckily have other things to post. If you are curious to learn about my current workout routine (which I will do tomorrow morning again as I'm in love with it), let me know so I can try to work on that post already. I will post again soon, but in the meantime, follow me on social media for more updates!

Have a lovely day ♥


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