White Dress

Hey lovelies,

How is your weekend going? Anything exciting or unusual happening? :)

I thought I'd share an outfit with you before going to bed. I was cleaning the house the whole morning while the man of the house was at work. I washed lots of laundry, recycled magazines, arranged my stuff (and put loads away, why I can't do that more often?) and... Well, basically, tried to do everything. :D It was fun, though at some point I noticed there's not enough boxes to put everything neatly in place.

Time for some IKEA shopping. Again.
(For some reason, my fiancé finds this really amusing. No idea why, it's perfectly normal to go twice in a week to IKEA to buy boxes... Right?)

Because of this needed shopping trip, I felt like wearing a bit cuter outfit than my old sweats. :D Not that I don't like them, too, but they're just a bit... untidy.

So here's what I wore instead:










Dress: GinaTricot, Belt: SpiritStore, Butterfly ring: GinaTricot, Bracelets: Nelly.com, Leather jacket: VILA, Shoes: some random store - also painted by me.

That dress was on first time today, and I loved it. The fabric is cute, light and flowy, so it would be a perfect summer dress. But since I've never been one to give up, I won't stop using summery things in Autumn.

Call me stubborn, I can take it. :D

Also, this dress was something I bought for 5 euros, which is pretty little for a cute dress like this. And the belt was something my fiancé bought me after seeing me eyeing it in SpiritStore one day.

Although I've always been more jeans and t-shirt girl than dressy lady, I think some of that is actually changing. It has become harder and harder to resist a beautiful dress. (And I guess watching Gossip Girl with all the amazing fashion in it doesn't help too much...) I was also having a glittery eyeliner, which I have to photograph in a much better light (yep, sorry for the quality. again.) so that you can see how it looked. And I noticed that the crackle polish doesn't look great on the close-up above. I'm guessing it took some damage while I was cleaning the house.

But anyways, I'll be off now, and tomorrow I hope I can at least schedule a post for you darlings. Have to check my calendar and work out the best option, I feel I'm having kinda busy life. Well, that's what you get when you're studying and working the same time. :D I've been planning a shoe post, and I think tomorrow I can at least take the pictures for it (and hope my cell doesn't ruin the photos once again).

Oh, and one more thing (yes, I know this belongs closer to the photos) You see the silly expressions on my face on couple of the photos above? I was goofing around when shooting the pics, and then noticed that they were the only unblurry ones of the bunch. I just love that irony.

But blog ya later, honeys!



  1. Hi honey, love the blog.
    Very good!
    What do you think of following each other?

  2. Oooh it's so pretty!
    You look wonderful!
    The leather jacket goes perfectly :D

  3. Very beautiful dress! :) I really like it and I'm following

    Check my blog and follow me if you like :)



  4. Love your dress! I'm following you!

  5. Pretty white dress! I love the ruffles and pleats.

  6. Wow!You look stunning! What a beautiful dress, and perfectly accessorised!
    Looking forward to whats to come!

  7. Hi dear, thank you for visiting!
    I wish you a great weekend!
    I'm following you ♥

  8. cute dress! love the butterfly ring!


  9. Looking SUPER CUTE babes!!! Love the pictures.

    P.S. About your question, I eat natural sugar. Only Banned the 'added sugar' :) Have a good week ahead.

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  10. Tanvi, I thought so ;) Just checked ;)

    And to you all: Thank you! It wouldn't be the same to write this blog without your support :)


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