And That's Why I Smile

Hello lovelies,

Wasn't really going to post today, but I felt so happy for so many reasons, that I couldn't help but to share with you! Besides being able to go to school after a while, I had an awesome day :)

First, I got dressed up, put my make-up on (though it's not anywhere to be seen in photos) and did my hair (okay, have a little mercy on my look, it was, after all, only 6:30am when I did all this)




(once again, don't ask what I was doing, I have no clue... That's only one of the reasons why I'm not a model :D)

T-shirt: GinaTricot, Knit: Seppälä, Jeans (with studs, not showing much): GinaTricot, Bracelet: Thomas Sabo (gift from my fiancé, as well as:), Heart necklace: Timanttiset, Earrings: H&M.

Very casual one for school, just a little bling from my favourite accessories. I love those jeans so much, they're pretty and comfy, and they've got studs in them. Perfection!

I wanted to be extra nice for my study group (or learning corporation, however you want to say it) for being away so many days, so I took them my Halloween cookies (featured here), which turn out to be a great move. Guys, I'm so happy you liked them. And I'm happy I got about twenty of them away from home, as I still have about 100 back home :D (yep, I made them small, I guess)....

After school, I did my nails. Not a perfect outcome, but enough to feature as

Manicure of the day


Bottom: IsaDora Wonder Nail, shade Dazzling Ocean (683)


Top: Make Up Store, shade Asun Sparkling (002)

The light isn't doing it justice (again, I need that good camera desperately!), but it's really cute. At least, as I'm not having any place fancy to go to. (Meaning that it's cute enough, you know.)

I've also been overly happy with postcrossing. Just today, I received two lovely cards, which totally made my day. And few weeks ago, I got this one:


Isn't it so cute? <3 A lovely lady from France (who incidentally shares the birthday with me, 5th June) sent me this, and I fell in love instantly! Just look at it! Adorable.

And then the ones I received today:


A private swap card from Japan, thank you so much, Chiaki! Look at all those different Hello Kitty characters... Isn't it awesome?


And an "usual" postcrossing card from Belarus. My first Gossip Girl card! Oh my, this was so cool!

See why I'm having a great day?

Thought so.

Also, after school I thought I'd pamper myself a tiny bit, so I bought a little snack for me (and a similar one for the fiancé).


One of my favourite chocolate bars and a smoothie I had never tasted before (lime-apple-kiwi). They were so delish, though I usually love more natural snacks.


Must-reads each month (well, maybe not each, but still...). Though I've been a fan of Glamour for a long time, I'm kinda going for InStyle nowadays. ;) But you know, old habits die hard.... These are really something that make me relax.

And then my daily treat for weekdays:


Fairglobe Cappucino (with a hint of cocoa). Seriously the best coffee you can make at home without any fancy machine. ;) I recommend this warmly to anyone. :)

And last but not least, in the list of things that make me happy:


My new shoes (er, sorry for the manic face, been all over the place - positively, though - the whole day... But aren't these just awesome? I can't wait to post you an outfit with these on it!

As I'm writing this, it's 12:22pm in Finland, and I should be already sleeping. :D But I couldn't not come here and share my day. I know it might not be as interesting and inspirational as you might expect, but I really wanted to share my happy day with you!

How has your week started? What will you be doing this week, anything interesting ahead? :)
Feel free to tell! Or maybe you've had today something, big or small, that made you especially happy?

Blog ya later, honeys!




  1. Cute boots and in e strip cardigan!


  2. glad you posted. loving your nail polish. great post, love. thanks for sharing. I've got a brand new outfit post. Love to hear what you think. Also don't forget to sign up for my amazing jewelry giveaway. xo

  3. Glad you had such a great day! I absolutely love your cardigan.
    And love the cards you got. The Gossip Girl on is amazing.

  4. love your nail polish! your shoes are gorgeous!! ♥

  5. what amazing shoes and very cute top.
    i just saw how many followers you have now! amazing in so little time!

  6. Onpas nätin väriset kynnet !

    Mä ostin muuten muotimessuilta kynsileimasimet, noi mintunvihreät on valkoisella pitsillä höystetyt :) En oo vielä tarpeeksi hyvä, että voisin ottaa lähikuvia kynsistä. Kyllä se päivä joskus tulee !


  7. thanks so much for your comment babe!!! love your nailpolish :))
    The Shabby Labels, New Outfit Post!

  8. I LOVE that sushi shirt! you already know that though! hahaha. and you knew I would totally be mesmerized by all the Hello Kitty stuff you put on the post! aaaaaaa!!! I should do a swap with you! maybe when I have money -_-

    your nails look so pretty! I am now reminded that I have to fix mine!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  9. Thank you so much for all the sweet comments! You're amazing, people!

    izzyR, I know exactly what you mean, it's totally mindblowing to me, to see my humble blog get people that interested in it. :')

    Ulrika, luotan sun kykyihisi täysin ;)

    Laura, I was totally mesmerized too, can't deny that :D my fiancé always has a great laugh when I get cards, as I get so excited for every single one of them ;) especially for the cute ones.

  10. Glad you had a great day. I love it when the day begins on a happy note. things just tend to fall into place after that, don't they?

    I just love that nail color and the hello kitty cards.

  11. I love that nail polish especially with the glitter over the top of it!! xx

  12. Love your nails! Cute post!



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