Nail art and a little announcement ♥

Heya babes,

How has your week started? ♥ 

Mine has started quite well with work and school tasks, but it doesn't feel too heavy. On Thursday, I'll be having one exam, on accounting, and I hope it goes well. And there's also a couple of deadlines on Friday, but that's pretty much it. ;) 

Okay, so some of you might wonder now what's the announcement. Not anything big, but something I'm super proud of. I finally got my own domain name! So from now on you can find this blog on - the other three blogs are still the old ones ( but we'll see if I can change that too.

Now, the main point today was to show you two different nail art styles I had a while back. 



This mani was something that was inspired by one of my Instagram friends. She had all the fingers done the same way, but I had to add a small twist by creating a accent finger. This was pretty classic, and I totally loved it. You can easily do this at home, too. You just need a silver polish, white crackling polish, clear top coat, rhinestones - and if you want to do the accent finger, also nude polish and a silver glitter polish.


You can create this by painting your tips with silver, then let it dry and paint over it with white crackling polish. Attach the rhinestones with the help of the clear polish along the tips, and seal with the top coat. For the accent finger, just paint the whole finger with the nude polish, and add the silver glitter on top of it. Add top coat, and you're done. Pretty easy, right?

The other nail art might be quite the divider with opinions, and I'm not even sure myself if I like it.

This was something I tried out for the sake of, well, trying out things. :D Not my best work, but I'm showing it to you anyways.


Hello Kitty manicure, with bows and lots of rhinestones. The placing could have been so much better with this mani, and also I hate that the HK stamp got kinda blurry. But there are fun elements to it, so it's not a complete waste. :D


With a little tidier creation, this might be the perfect when you want a little "kawaii" for your nails. I will try to make a better version of this some day, I just need to get a hang of the stamping again - it's gotten a bit rusty while I've been bettering my skills at nail art otherwise. ;)


So, that's all I have this time. Not a very long post, but there will be enough other material this week so don't you worry. :D

What do you think about these manicures? Let me know in the comment box! ♥ 

Blog ya later,




  1. First of all congratulations for the domain name. Love the first manicure, it is very glamorous, beautiful one!

  2. So,so pretty! Love how you do your nails, very creative =)!
    - Che

    1. Thank you sweetie, that's one of my favorite hobbies ;)

  3. Both nail designs are amazing. The first ones look amazing! So sparkly and gorgeous.

    1. Thanks honey, first ones are my favorites of these too as well ♥

  4. love them!!! i have not patient jajajaja kisses

    1. Haha, thanks! It's not that hard to have patience for it if you watch your favorite tv show (or a movie) while doing your nails. ;) ♥

  5. Beautiful nails and congrats on the Domain name dear!!!!


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