I want that look: Serena van der Woodsen Season 1, Episode 1

Hi lovelies,

Today's post is a little different from my usual ones, but as I love to read posts that tell you how to get a certain look together, I thought it would be nice for you that I tried making one myself. Now, I'm sorry if and when this isn't the coolest possible "get the look" posts ever, but I promise I'll get better at this. ;)

Now, most of you know my love for the show Gossip Girl - which just came to end this Tuesday. End of an era, I must say. So what better way to carry on the fashion legacy of my all time favorite show than to find out how to get some of the looks - and maybe make them yours with little adjustments. Today I'm going to cover the first look ever seen on Gossip Girl, an outfit that was on Serena van der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively) on the first episode.

This look is one of the easiest looks to copy, if you ask me. I went through my closet to find items as close as possible to ones on the original look. Of course, by body is way different than Blake's, so the exact look might not even look as good on me as it does on her.

So, my interpretation looks like this:


I know the boots on my look are different than the ones on the show, but, as Serena wears tall boots so often anyways, I thought it's fine. To more accurate look, go for ankle high boots with a little heel. :)


The scarf is the one many of you have loved on previous posts, and it is a little bigger than the one on Serena, but this was the closest I had. Also, the belt was a challenge as I have too many very wide ones - and not so many ones to wear with jeans.


Blazer: H&M
Denim vest: H&M (lace detail DIY)
Striped top: Gina Tricot
Scarf: mom's old
Boots: Boohoo.com
Belt: thrifted


I even tried to do my makeup the way Serena has it, but I don't know how close this came. :D



And of course this outfit isn't complete without a denim vest - which doesn't show in the inspiration photo, but can clearly be seen on the episode itself. I love the piece on the show, it is a basic denim vest in the front, but it has this delicate lace back. Unfortunately similar one is a bitch to find anywhere, so...


...I transformed my vest into one kinda similar. My sewing skills don't exactly go as far that I could completely replace the whole back with lace, but I added lace on top of the vest and thought it's okay like that.


So, here you have it, my version of the first Serena van der Woodsen outfit ever. If you have celebrity looks, outfits from TV shows/movies, or trends you want me to cover on these copycat posts in the future, let me know what you wanna see. I always like to hear suggestions for posts from you all, that keeps me constantly inspired as a blogger. :)

And, let me know what you think about this post! I still need to figure out a little more neat layout for this kind of posts, but what I really wanna know is what you think about the content otherwise. Share your thoughts on the comments! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. You recreate the look perfectly well!
    I love to see more of S recreated dear.

    1. Thank you so much, I will totally do those more once we get the move done ;) ♥

  2. I was so sad when Gossip Girl ended this week! I loved all the fashion in each season. Serena's first look was so gorgeous. You did a great job on it!

    1. I was so, so sad too! And I really love the fashion, no matter if the first are from six years ago or so :D Thank you for your sweet words ♥

  3. This is an amazing post ! I love Gossip girl so much, all those beautiful clothes make me dream !!!

    1. Thank you, I love GG a lot, too, and I will keep the legacy going even though the show ended ;) ♥

  4. You added the lace yourself.. How awesome!

    Funny post:)

    1. Hehe, thank you so much, it was supposed to be exactly that: Fun. :) ♥


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