March LivBox

Heya babes!

How has your weekend started? :)

Mine has been such a great one so far, I've been enjoying food, drinks, good company and the first F1 broadcasts of this season, and it has been amazing!

As I told you before, our friends are visiting this weekend, so I try to make this post as compact as I possibly can - with still giving you all the info I can about the products mentioned.


Well, the products in our March LivBox! You saw my first one, the February LivBox, in this post. Today, I'm showing you what my March edition had inside it.

Ready? Let's go!

 photo 5762da52-95f2-4285-a664-e23031a62286.jpg

As usual, the box was neatly packaged, having the little bright bow on top.

 photo 2cde3b69-e2e6-4b47-9b76-df5136e4dcfd.jpg

The card within told me the box included eco-friendly products, and that the target of this box was to spread awareness of the brands that might help to save our planet.

 photo d5f8e5ae-03cb-4b95-9174-063b2d93d8d7.jpg

Reading the list, I got pretty excited, as all but one of the brands were previously unknown to me.

 photo DSC09656.jpg

And under the green paper...

 photo DSC09657.jpg

...were five little packages.

 photo DSC09659.jpg

First up, Lavera Liquid Eyeliner - Totally new brand for me, but as the eye makeup enthusiast that I am, I had to open this up and try it out immediately.

 photo DSC09661.jpg

It's easy to use, and you can easily make different lines with it. How this behaves on the lids is still unclear to me, but I'll find out that for you soon enough! First thoughts: I truly like this product, it doesn't smudge when rubbed, but it comes off considerably easily.

 photo DSC09663.jpg

Burt's Bees Hand Salve - This one smells amazing, like eucalyptus or menthol or something, very herbal. The salve includes beeswax and other great things that help your hands to be moisturized throughout the day. The card says that the best results come when you use this by night, but I've been adding this few times a day for a couple of days now, and the skin on my fingers is so soft now. This also keeps the cuticles moisturized, which for me is a big thing, as I blog about the nails so much. This one was the only brand that was familiar to me before, all thanks to the amazing Sherin who sent me a travel sized body lotion once. ♥

 photo DSC09665.jpg

Korres Japanese Rose Showergel - Another brand I wasn't familiar with before. I'm not the greatest fan of rose-scented products, but this one isn't so bad. I'll probably offer this to a friend, or my mom, so that it would get more loving home than it would have here. :D

 photo DSC09666.jpg

Ziaja Goat's Milk Day Cream - This one was not only a brand but also a product I had never ever heard of. It smells like a basic day cream, so not bad at all, and the structure seems great for a day cream as well. I have yet to test this properly, as I have another day cream for now, but I think one can't have too many skincare products.

 photo DSC09670.jpg

Ma Provence Solid Shampoo - Solid shampoo? Seriously? How cool is that for travel? :D I wasn't aware of there being such things - though my mom tells me she had bought one a while ago and that I've even seen it. Oh well. This one is for normal hair, and the card tells that it's enough for 10-15 washes, which seems like a lot, considering how small this is. Once I've tried this out, I'll let you know what I think!

So, any of these familiar to you? Can you recommend some? Do you favor eco-friendly products, and is there some you'd like to warmly recommend to me or the other readers? ♥

So, this is all for today, and now, I'll go spend more time with my friends. I'm trying to get some pictures taken whenever I can, but we'll see how many I'm able to publish after all. :D

I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Awesome products!

  2. Minä (ent. Furi) tein nyt blogiuudistuksen ja korublogin tapaan siirsin pelkät kynsiaiheet omakseen. Jätän muut aiheet taakseni ja jatkan näiden rakkaiden harrastusten parissa. Saapi tulla moikkaamaan, jos kynnet kiinnostavat! :)

    MaxiMUM Nails

    Ja korublogin puolella on muuten arvonta! Tule osallistumaan! ;)

    1. Kiva kun tulit kertomaan, tykkään kynsipostailuistasi sen verran että tulen kyllä seurailemaan :) ♥

  3. Tosi kivoja tuotteita taas, rupeaa kyllä houkuttelemaan tuon LivBoxin tilaus!

    1. Mä kyllä lämpimästi suosittelen tuota jos tykkää testailla uusia tuotteita aika ajoin :) Tuo on kyllä enemmän kuin hintansa veroinen, sillä yksin jo toi Laveran nestemäinen rajauskynä on arvoltaan yli LivBoxin hinnan ;)

  4. I love Korres and Burts Bees, and I have tried goat milk lotions before, and liked them too! I tried a solid shampoo from Lush once, but never went back. It just wasn't for my hair :(
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

    1. Wow, you have tried them all :D I guess that's the perk of living in the US. Here in Finland it's often hard to get your hands on any special products, especially with the student income. ;D Thanks for sharing the experience with the solid shampoo, I'll consider it a heads-up :) ♥

  5. I like boxes like this; it's a great way to discover new products. The eyeliner looks great.

    1. I think so too. :) The eyeliner seems really promising, I agree! ♥

  6. Burt's Bees is amazing and looks like you got some amazing products.

  7. I heard Goat's Milk is the best for skin.
    That shampoo reminded me of my grandmother. She used to only use solid shampoo. :) and has awesome hair.

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    1. Thanks :) I should probably be brave and try it, as I've heard now both good and bad about it :)

  8. Mä rakastuin tuohon Laveran eyelineriin! Ihan huikea, tuolla siveltimellä saa todella tarkkaa jälkeä aikaiseksi ♥ :)

    1. Se on kyllä aivan ihana, ja tuli kuin tilauksesta kun edellinen rajauskynä loppui ;) ♥


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