Aztec & Roses

Hey lovelies,

How are you all today? ♥

We're having a rainy Friday, but I hope it'll stop before tomorrow, as there's a little event we'd like to attend. I really love the fact there's nearly no school stuff to go through before summer! Yay! Today I was just talking about that with my colleague, and we were both pretty relieved that we don't have to sweat the school assignment anymore soon.

Anyway, today it's again time to see some nail art. This time, I got some aztec print and roses for you, so get ready, and enjoy!

 photo DSC00101Medium.jpg

So first up is a very colorful version of aztec print nails. Still not very sure whether I like these or not, but I guess they're kinda cool.

 photo DSC00104Medium.jpg

The neon polishes here are all by China Glaze, and the black one is by Essie. I used a small nail art brush to create thin lines, and a dotting tool for all the dots. Inspiration came from another (and moreover, better) nail artist - whose name I can't recall now, but I'll edit it here if I happen to remember it.

 photo DSC00107Medium.jpg

Lol, I could've probably done this more neatly... Oh well, maybe next time. The lesson here: Always use fresh polishes for prints, and if necessary, use a nail polish thinner or nail polish remover to make it more fluid. Too dry polish makes a big mess.

 photo DSC00108Medium.jpg

Okay, so onto the next mani, which is totally different from the first one.

 photo DSC00236Medium.jpg

Girly roses, pinstripe and glitter.

 photo DSC00239Medium.jpg

I gotta admit, this is not even close to being my best work, but this was fun practice for future summer manicures. ;) And I like the way the glitter shines there in all the colors of the rainbow.

 photo DSC00240Medium.jpg

I think I should make more of these girly manicures, roses, flowers, romantic elements... Maybe I'll get some done already next week. (Stay tuned about that via Instagram - my name there is @silvertigo)

But let's hear you out now, what do you think about these manis? ♥

I'm off now, to play some NHL, to do my nails and to enjoy a cup of night tea. Tomorrow we'll head to Pori, where there's a Finnish championship party in honor of my fiance's favorite team Ässät - and I will have my camera with me, so be prepared for some red-black material after a few days time. ;)

Have a fabulous day!

Blog ya later,




  1. Wow that aztec print is amazing! I love that orange color it's so bright. Have to find that! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, the orange/coral one is Surfin' For Boys by China Glaze - and at least Head2Toe Beauty had those a while back, hope that helps! ♥

  2. Waa! Nails art ><


  3. you've always been the best at insane nail art! you've got some serious talent. You must have such steady hands!
    I love the floral one myself :)

    The House of Shoes

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much, Sara! That's very nice of you! ♥

  4. The aztec print ones look so incredible! You did such an amazing job on them.

  5. I love how bright the Aztec print manicure is! :D The second mani is really pretty :3

  6. Voij molemmat on tosi ihania! Tänään tykästyin enemmän tyttömäisiin glitter & ruusukynsiisi ^^ Hih, mulla vaihtelee nämä mielipiteet aina välillä laidasta laitaan - joskus pitää olla rokkia ja joskus täyttä romantiikkaa.. :P

    Indie by heart


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