Bun & Lace

Hi babes!

How are you all today? ♥

I'm so happy because my weekend has started already, and now all I have to do is tidy up the place a bit as my mom is coming over on Saturday. :) (So, more time for writing stuff here... and well, for writing a school case, as well.

Today, I was thinking that before we go to the outfit, I'd shares some of my go-to products with you.

 photo DSC09620.jpg

Favorite dry shampoo: Klippoteket Styling Dust Spray - definitely my life saver when it comes to bad hair days. ;) Makes your hair less greasy looking without making it all heavy. Totally saves my day many times every week.

 photo DSC09624.jpg

Sometimes my vanity gets the better of me, and that's when I like to make my look healthier (as I'm pale as ever without) with these bad boys. I feel like the mousse is perfect for tanning, as it is - for me at least - the easiest to apply, and it stays on pretty well, too.

 photo dae8f578-8297-4231-b957-3cafede2aead.jpg

The most heavenly smelling shower gel I've found (well, excluding maybe the ones from Body Shop). This also makes the most perfect body scrub when mixed with sugar. ;)

 photo ffa3c01a-82fb-4ce0-b48d-aa93c8b1e656.jpg

Seriously the best shoes I've bought in a long while! Comfy, warm and stylish all in one. You'll be seeing this pair in many outfits in the future, so be prepared for that. ;D

Anyway, here's an outfit from not so long ago - still with my old hair and all. There's so many elements I love about this look, the lace, the accessories, the bun... See for yourselves what I mean!

 photo 8a536481-7cbe-4518-83f0-8a3905e554ad.jpg

 photo 17188324-8629-4b0c-a7e8-c80d7732651b.jpg

A couple of pictures in my winter coat, something I don't usually photograph as it would get boring :D

 photo f39db1cf-f818-4f5f-a3e6-0133b639ebf8.jpg

 photo DSC09734.jpg

 photo DSC09724.jpg

 photo DSC09735.jpg

 photo DSC09731.jpg

 photo DSC09738.jpg

 photo DSC09751.jpg

 photo 82efb88e-7e5f-4ec8-bf72-c8c9e71d742b.jpg

Coat: Boohoo Scarf: Mango Jeans: Cubus Lace top: DIY Cropped top: Boohoo Headband: Accessorize Biker boots: Ebay Earrings: Bik Bok Cross bracelet: Bik Bok Other bracelets: H&M

So, a simple, a little bit girly - and even a bit edgy outfit. I personally liked this look a lot, and might give it another chance with a twist of some kind later on.

Your turn: What do you think about the look? ♥

I'm off now, to read blogs and enjoy some food ;) But I'll be back soon - probably already tomorrow - with more (hopefully) fun posts for you :)

Hope you're having a nice day! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Amazing beauty products and I love your outfit!

  2. Hey Johanna! You look great! I love that lace top on you and your hair looks so pretty up :D It's a great look. L'Oreal makes some awesome products. Looks good!

  3. You're looking particularly gorgeous in these pictures. I love your make up so much. And really love your boots too.

    1. Thank you so much, my love! ♥ The boots are awesome, right? ;)


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