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Hi peeps!

Sorry for being gone for so long, but I've been taking some time for myself, enjoying the company of the most awesome men in my life - and the sun, of course. A little blogging break has been good for me, as I'm now super motivated to write new stuff for you guys. :)

So, how are you all? And what have you been doing? ♥

I would love to show you photos from the weekend at the cabin, but I have to run the pics through boys first (just so they won't get mad at me, haha). So instead, I have photos from the day a while back when we visited the amusement park Särkänniemi.

The thing I like most about the park is that they have many cute animals there. I know I spammed you with the animal pics last summer, so this time I'll take it easy. Just few pics, but if you want, you can skip them and go straight for the outfit photos on the bottom.

 photo f251830f-720b-4755-aa7f-40926cc3297e.jpg

I love going to see animals, simply because we can't yet afford to have our own. And it's not just dogs, but rather all animals. And that means everything from cute little puppies and kittens to dolphins, horses, elephants, snakes and alligators. Hence, I'm always super excited to see the animals in Särkänniemi.

 photo a95173a4-e152-463c-a246-6094f78a0f70.jpg

This year, the petting zoo has been renamed and re-themed into Koiramäki (Dog Hill) which is a well-known creation of a Finnish children's author Mauri Kunnas. That means that there are all these dog characters, cute buildings and such all around the petting zoo. I should've taken more photos of it, just to show how amazing it is. (Or maybe it just feels amazing to me since I loved those Koiramäki books when I was a child.)

 photo ad503196-4285-4cf5-96bf-73c3d0ee3865.jpg

 photo d4f8be19-711f-42a3-b0f0-d447d378177b.jpg

 photo 8bc3c2f3-b345-463a-b71b-bf32a9ed7c57.jpg

Every summer, Särkänniemi also has puppies there. They stay at the park for a few weeks, after which they are sent to carefully selected homes, preferably as pairs (they have two puppies at a time, so they get pretty attached to one another.) If I could, I would adopt them all!

 photo 1106ea69-e130-4b9a-91ea-1a131842376e.jpg

Woolly little pig ♥ I loved this little fella, so cute!

 photo 42061fb2-b416-4fe2-88fb-07447018a76a.jpg

Exhausted goat. Adorable.

 photo 01c7da01-18d8-444f-83b6-4a564bee5047.jpg

 photo eb778b75-c5a7-4b9c-81d9-64024d03bd40.jpg

See the pretty details?

 photo 7bd577c4-5e24-4c2c-b4d8-b9dd8726994f.jpg

And of course, there's no proper post without some food in it. Look at these fantastic hot dogs!!! Love them! ♥

After this we hit the rides, but for it's own safety I didn't have the camera with me. ;)

But, I have some outfit photos from after the Särkänniemi for you. Ready for it?

Let's go.

The day was beautiful and warm, so I tried to dress for it - but also be at least somewhat creative with it. So, I opted for a maxi skirt for the first time this year.

 photo bc5a762b-4510-4df9-b03e-494ec1136e0d.jpg

 photo 8f818aed-093f-4e19-80a6-efde5c42d687.jpg

 photo 92d39f0e-2b46-44c3-8409-201ed5c73d8f.jpg

 photo 7cedd1e5-63f6-45eb-bc69-1c6ce2a738ae.jpg

 photo fb312d54-8e27-42c5-accd-9e9d0480d49d.jpg

 photo 118698b1-d903-482a-b4da-9e56d49ed74c.jpg

 photo 36ebb9a6-d19c-4870-a3a6-e1bb0f1ed2b1.jpg

 photo 2247f01f-2400-4ac9-af9f-e6cad141cd43.jpg

 photo 8033fa34-b725-43b4-b853-f2f662def893.jpg

Skirt: present from my dad Top: Cubus Booties: Boohoo Bag: Mango Necklace: Gina Tricot Earrings: Bik Bok Woven bracelet: DIY Rhinestone bracelet: KappAhl Other bracelets: Gina Tricot

I don't know about you, but I personally really liked this look. I've never ever liked maxi skirts that much, but the more I look at these pics, the more I want to wear them. (Any tips on where to find nice ones? ;)) I think they actually could go together with my style.

What do you guys think about this look? Where do you stand on maxi skirts, do you love them, like them, hate them...? Share your thoughts in comments! ♥

I'm off now, to relax, listening the age-old MuggleCast episodes (gosh, I'm such a nerd!) and getting inspired by the talented bloggers out there. But this time, I'll be back pretty soon. ;)

Have a lovely week!

Blog ya later,




  1. Beautiful outfit and the animals in the pictures are so beautiful and cute!!!

  2. Those animals are all so cute.
    And I love the maxi skirt. It suits you so well. And it's a gorgeous colour.

    1. Thank you love! I'm desperately trying to find more those ;) ♥

  3. Lovely skirt and accessories, Johanna.
    Do keep in touch

    1. Thank you dear! And yes, I fully intend to keep in touch with you!! ♥

  4. Replies
    1. Hihi, kiitti! Menevät niin lujaa yleensä että mun taidot ei ihan vielä riitä nappaamaan nättejä liikekuvia ;D


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