Summer Feeling ♥

Hi babes!

How are you all? ♥

Sorry for being MIA so much, but this week has been more hectic than I ever thought it would be. We're heading north in the morning, to spend the midsummer in a cabin by a beautiful lake - and we're having a pit stop in a big event along the way. But more on that later. ;)

Anyway, as we celebrate the midsummer this weekend in Finland (we call it Juhannus) it's likely I won't be spending much time online. I try to catch up a bit, but if the weather is as sunny as it should, I can't be using my phone instead of enjoying the weather - you know the thrill! I still wanted to leave you with some nice summer photos - which I hope I'll have more after this weekend. ;)

 photo 5f783b7d-1760-4c68-aa69-ce4adbe24ea6.jpg

 photo f5978ded-f72a-4d6e-94ad-36cf8e4f3aa3.jpg

 photo 17476e4e-8f17-48ec-a531-4907d3d3ccb9.jpg

 photo 82cfabb5-fd81-416f-9149-d297ffd23023.jpg

 photo 9306b268-3ec5-4474-b7bb-956f7d376554.jpg

 photo e92fe87c-9bb4-4647-9139-a05ff33c3dff.jpg

 photo e622253b-6fd8-4dce-aac8-f05220999554.jpg

 photo 49c520c2-f40e-4eef-b3a7-c7f0f9794f0e.jpg

 photo 4d61c2ea-f507-4ecf-b246-9b0eb15b8d85.jpg

 photo 6ae5dfd1-c4a7-4ae6-99e9-756e0fc3c91c.jpg

 photo 708dba93-9cd3-411a-bacf-9095fdf25830.jpg

 photo 638050e3-74d8-4c2e-bb1d-b12f7db7c596.jpg

 photo 251ee7e7-e367-4f8a-9f2b-f624ce1496ec.jpg

 photo 3abd9822-b30d-4d45-bc76-3267e28602bb.jpg

Shorts: SpiritStore Bra: H&M Lace top: DIY Headband: H&M Ballet flats: Skopunkten Bag: Mango Star necklace: Accessorize Pink necklace: H&M Jelly bracelets: Seppälä Chain bracelets: Seppälä Other bracelets: Accessorize

This is a look I could easily wear to a festival, beach party, or any other summer event. I love the elements here - casual shorts, neon pink details, easy-going hair... Pure love. Also, here you can see pieces of the Finnish summer, which I hope I can show you more after this weekend!

But, I would love to hear your thoughts: What do you think about this look? ♥ And what are your plans for this weekend?

I'm going to try and catch some sleep now, but see ya later!

Have a fantastic rest of the week!




  1. You look so beautiful and I love the pictures! The lake looks so nice! <3 Hope you both enjoy your summers eve! xo

    1. Thank you love! We live near that lake, so I will try to get more photos of it ;) Our summers eve was awesome! ♥

  2. I love these beautiful summer pictures. You look so pretty.

  3. Mahtavia kesäkuvia nämä ja oot ollut nättinä! :)

  4. Oot kyllä ollu superkaunis juhannusmorsio! ;) <3 Tuo tukkapanta sopii sulle tosi hyvin, käytä ihmeessä useamminkin! :))

    1. Kiitos ihanainen! ♥ Inspiraatio siihen tuli sinulta ;)

    2. Aaii, ihana! :) <.3


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